Fossil Ridge High School

English 9 / Instructor: Mr. Grant Campbell
Email: Class Website:
Office Hours: 1, 6, & by appointment
Office Location: North Wing (2nd Floor)
Course Description:
English 9 standards call for the student to communicate effectively in writing and speaking; to read, analyze, and
interpret literature; and to use appropriate resources and skills to conduct research. Students
build writing skills in many forms. Literature study, which focuses on the concept of theme within various literary
genres, includes short stories, novels, and plays. Students will read Romeo and Juliet and To Kill a Mockingbird. All
students will take all district common assessments.
Common Core Standards:
The Common Core Standards for 9th grade will be addressed in this course, which primarily focus on college and
career readiness. Skills that students will practice include reading, writing, speaking and listening, and language.
Required Texts: To Kill a Mockingbird, The Lord of the Flies, The Tragedy of Romeo and Juliet, and the Odyssey, in
addition to a selection of independent reading novels, short stories, poems, and nonfiction work. The reading
materials will be provided for you.
Required Materials:
Here’s what you need to have every day to be successful:
 School issued laptop
 Notebook or loose leaf
 A folder to hold all
paper in a binder
handouts (like this)
 Highlighter
specifically for class
 Writing instrument

 Whatever texts we are
 Your brain

Policies and Procedures:
Beginning of Class: We will typically begin each class with 10 minutes of reading or writing. If you are finished
with the assigned reading you may bring a book of your choice for reading. We will work until the bell rings, so
please remain seated until I dismiss class.
Homework and Grading policies: As a student in this class, you will be expected not only to complete the work
assigned but also to turn in papers, assignments and tests on time to receive credit. Late assignments are not
accepted for credit. In the event of an unavoidable, extenuating circumstance, extensions may be granted to
students who conference with me outside of class. Communication is key!
**Note: a non-functioning computer, printer, or classroom partner is not considered a legitimate excuse for
having a late assignment. Your future employer will not accept this excuse even if your parent writes a note for
you, nor will I. If all else fails, use a pen, paper, and your best handwriting!
Attendance Policy: The school attendance policy will be followed for all excused and unexcused absences.
Test and Homework Makeup: In the event you are not present during a test or quiz, please make time as soon as
possible to make it up in the Mind Center. Tests will be sent to the Mind Center the day that the test was given and
will remain there for 2 weeks.

Assignments will be posted on an online outlet of some types (class website, BlackBoard, etc…). Check those sites
first to see assignments. I recommend making friends in class who you feel comfortable contacting to find out what
you missed. Make sure to copy notes and be caught up on reading.
Grading Policy: Grades are calculated each semester. The grading scale for final grades is as follows:
A = 90% and up B = 80%-89% C = 70%-79% D = 60%-69% F = 59%-50%
As an experienced teacher of English, I try to evaluate assignments as quickly as possible, but please understand
that I will have approximately 200 students to manage over the course of this year as well as a life and home outside
of school. The average turnaround time for longer assignments is three weeks. Please use Synergy to keep track of
your grades. Grades are updated the moment assignments are completely graded.
In order to be successful in this class, you must do three things:
1) Give your best attitude and effort everyday
2) Be seated in class when the bell rings and follow directions
3) Respect your peers, teachers, and building
If you do these three things, YOU CANNOT FAIL MY CLASS! However, if you fail to follow these rules, you and I
will have a conversation with your parents/guardians, the administration, or both.
My commitment to you is to help you be successful. Any time you have questions or need help, let me know. Talk
to me before or after class, before school, in my office (located in the East wing), or email me.
Electronic Devices: Cell phones, iPods, and other electronic devices are to be turned off and put away unless
otherwise instructed by a teacher for academic purposes. It is our goal to learn electronic etiquette: when is it
appropriate to text, listen to music, etc.? It is to the teacher’s discretion if electronics are being abused – at that point
the teacher will confiscate it up to the end of the day. A second infraction will require students to get their phone
back from a dean. A third infraction will necessitate a referral, a phone call his/her parents, and possibly a meeting
with an administrator.
Student laptops will be used as a learning tool. If the laptop becomes a distraction or if the student abuses laptop
privileges, students will be given a technology violation referral after a repeated offense.
Google Docs: Most papers will be turned in via Google Documents. Your teacher will walk through this process
with the class. Some papers may be required to be turned in via hard copy.
Standard Paper Heading: All assignments will be turned in with the standard heading. After September 1st,
assignments not turned in with the correct heading will not be graded.
Example (written in the top left corner of the paper):
First Name Last Name
Class Name and Period
Name of the Assignment

Grant Campbell
English 9 Period 3
Compare/Contrast Essay Draft
August 27, 2015

Agreement: Please show this syllabus to your parents/guardians. After both you and your parents/guardians have
read the syllabus, sign and return the attached page no later than August 26th.

Fossil Ridge High School
English 9 / Instructor: Mr. Grant Campbell
Email: Class Website:
Office Hours: 1, 6, & by appointment
Office Location: North Wing (2nd Floor)

I have read and understand the expectations for Mr. Campbell’s English 9 class for the 2015-2016
school year. In the event of a student/teacher/parent conference, this syllabus will serve as a
reference guide for determining the result of an academic or behavioral inquiry. The syllabus is
available at



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