12th Grade English

Lisa Chambers
Course Description: This course is a study of British literature with a focus on reading, writing,
research, and presentation skills. The goal is for students to learn to communicate clearly and
effectively, think critically about the world around them, and hone their close reading skills.
Additionally, we will practice metacognitive habits of thinking, meaning we will learn about our
own learning by doing a lot of reflection and self-questioning. We will also build collaboration
and discussion skills in tandem with analytical thinking skills.
Texts: We will read a variety of texts this year, including ballads, Beowulf, Canterbury Tales, A
Tale of Two Cities, and Macbeth as well other short stories, poems, and nonfiction. We may add
some other texts depending on how the year goes.
Literature, by its essential nature, allows us to explore places, cultures, values, beliefs, attitudes,
and ideas that we may not encounter in the course of our own daily lives. This is the wonder of
books— their power to transport us to worlds outside our own.
Measurable Learning Outcomes:
The student will be able to
1. Identify major authors and works of literature
2. Describe the major historical and cultural influences evident in primary works of literature
3. Analyze literature for historical, cultural, authorial, and literary value
4. Model certain genres of writing in their own writing
5. Discuss the presence of universal themes and make comparisons to today’s world
6. Read for understanding and application
7. Research effectively and follow a specific process
8. Write to meet the needs of a specific audience and purpose
9. Speak knowledgeably and effectively on pertinent subjects
Expectations: My utmost priority is creating a classroom environment where everyone can learn
effectively. You are crucial in creating such an environment—it’s up to everyone to make our
class the kind we’re excited to come to every day. Here’s a synthesized version of our classroom
1. Be friendly and help create a strong classroom community.
• Be mature and manage your decisions and actions.
• Treat everyone in a friendly and professional manner.
• Respect others’ and classroom property and keep the classroom clean.
2. Arrive prepared.
• Come in focused and ready to put in your best effort.
• Be punctual and use time efficiently.
• Have work and materials ready.
3. Respect everyone’s right to listen and be listened to.

• The goal of discussions is to understand, not necessarily to reach consensus.
• Give full and quiet attention to whomever has the floor, and share the floor
• When speaking, be insightful, polite, and on-topic.
• Respect others’ opinions; if you disagree, critique the idea, not the person.
4. Contribute to a positive learning environment.
• Be enthusiastic, interactive, authentic, and open to change.
• Exercise your creativity.
• Respect other learning styles and needs.
Additionally, I have a couple of rules as per school policy:
 Cell phones: We may use phones occasionally for academic purposes, but personal cell
phone use is not allowed during class.
 Plagiarism: Engaging in any type of cheating or plagiarism will result in a consequence.
Possible consequences include no credit for the assignment, redoing the assignment or a
different assignment for full or partial credit, or an appropriate alternative consequence. I
will also contact your parents/guardians and a referral will be put in your file. It makes
everyone’s lives easier if you just don’t do it! If in doubt, cite your source or ask me.
Supplies: Please bring the following supplies to class every day:

Pen or pencil and eraser
Your copy of whatever text we are reading, unless otherwise stated
A binder with tabs for vocabulary, grammar, composition, class notes, bell work, and
reading logs

I deduct points from work for each day it is late. I give assignments for a reason, so it’s
important that you do them with your best effort, regardless of timing. I do not believe in busy
The Grading Scale:
A 90 – 100
B 80 – 89
C 70 – 79
D 60 – 69
F 0 – 59
Absences: It is your responsibility to find out what you missed when you were absent. You can
also ask classmates about what we did while you were gone. There is also a spiral notebook in
the absentee file which will list what we have completed each day. I am more than happy to
catch you up if there is time during class or passing periods, but those tend to be busy times!
You may have to come in before or after school for a more detailed explanation. If you have an
excused absence, you have as many school days as stated in the student handbook for full credit.
On the top of make-up work, write the assignment name and the date of the assignment, and

make sure you write “ABSENT” and the date(s) you were absent at the top of your assignment;
otherwise, I assume it is late work.
Revision: Revision is the single most important thing you can do to grow as a writer. You may
submit revisions of major writing assignments and projects for a new grade up to the two weeks
before the end of the nine weeks. I will require you to submit a revision on a major writing
assignment if you earn a D or F. If you would like to revise a homework/classwork assignment,
ask me first.
Here’s what you need to do for me to accept your revision:

On your revision, highlight changes and additions in yellow or another bright color. Put a
star next to omissions. This lets me see what you changed faster.
Staple previous version(s) of your work behind your revision so I can compare old and
new drafts.
Write a brief reflection explaining what you changed (you don’t need to list every single
change; just give me an overview or select the most important ones), why you made these
changes, and why you think your revision improves upon your last draft. Staple this on

Website: You can find my website at www.chambersenglish.weebly.com. I update the website
often with our learning targets, agenda, materials, resources, and due dates. Anything you need,
you should be able to find there. If there is something which you need on there, just ask.
Remind: I also use Remind, a service that lets me send one-way messages and reminders to
students and families via text message or email. See the class website for more details and
instructions on how to sign up for Remind if you would like to receive these notifications.
Contact Information: Email: lchambers@wynneschools.org
Email is usually the best way to reach me. Phone: (870)238-5070, Tuesday-Friday, 7:30-7:45
AM and 1:45 - 3:40 PM. In person: Room 107, Tuesday-Friday, 7:30-7:45 AM and 1:45 – to at
least 3:40 PM. If these hours don’t work for you, please let me know, and we can schedule an


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on our class website in case you lose this copy. I am looking forward to having a great year

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