1. Inform the patients that distant healing will be done on
what date and at what time. Instruct them to just relax at the
specified date and time, to silently or verbally say the affirmation
for receptivity several times and to wait for about five minutes.
2. The healer is expected to have pictures of the patients. At
the specified date and time, go through the pictures by touching
each one of them. This is to establish stronger etheric links with
the patients.
3. Silently pray for divine healing and divine protection.
4. Concentrate on your crown chakra and heart chakra.
Drawn (aspiré) divine energy from above down to your crown
chakra, to the heart chakra then to the hands. Project electric
violet light to the pictures. This is done for one or two minutes.
5. Mentally instruct the divine healing energy to remain with
the patient until it has been fully utilized by his body.
6. Treatment has to be repeated twice or thrice a week for
as long as necessary.

Healing is done en masse or on individual basis. The healer
says a short prayer asking for divine healing energy and divine
protection. The healer verbally says aloud with firm conviction,
"Lord, thank you for healing this patient (or all the patients). You
are being healed. You are mentally, emotionally, etherically and
physically being cleansed and healed. Your _________ (specify
the affected organs or parts) are being cleansed, energized,
and healed.
With thanks and in full faith". This is done once or several
times. The patients have to cooperate by silently or verbally
reciting the affirmation for receptivity.

20-5 Distant mass healing Based on clairvoyant observations. .Fig. the healer is projecting divine healing energy to the patient whether he is aware of it or not.