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B=Born D=Died W=Wed F=Funeral CH=Children B/S=Brothers/Sisters SPC=St.

Patrick Church-Imogene
SMC=St. Mary Church-Shenandoah MCC=Mount Calvary Cemetery-Imogene MTC-Monroe Township Cemetery-Imogene
RHC=Rose Hill Cemetery-Shenandoah I=Imogene RO=Red Oak S=Shenandoah Iowa unless otherwise indicated
FREDERICKA HAACK B-4/8/1828 D-6/4/1900
WILHELM HAACK B-5/23/1823 D-12/6/1893
BERNICE NAOMI HALBERT B-I 5/24/1897 Miner & Viola (Scheibeler0 Halbert
CLIFFORD W. HALBERT B-I 2/1900 Miner & Viola (Scheibeler) Halbert
DALE G. HALBERT B-I 1906 Miner & Viola (Scheibeler) Halbert
DORIS MAE HALBERT D-4/19/1908 age 7d
HORTENSE ELIZABETH HALBERT B-I 4/14/1909 Miner & Viola (Scheibeler) Halbert
MINER M. HALBERT B-1871 W-I Viola Scheibeler 6/14/1896 D-1933 Imogene drug store...Imogene mayor
VERNON ROWE HALBERT D-4/11/1899 age 7m
VIOLA BLANCHE SCHEIBELER HALBERT B-Zwingle 8/1877 W-Miner Halbert 6/14/1896
WILLIAM JAMES HALBERT B-Hancock County, IL 6/24/1842 W-Sarah Amelia Morgan D-Montgomery County
6/24/1900...Imogene druggist
ALFRED WILLIAM HALE B-I 4/26/1929 Edward William & Amanda Baucam Hale D-5/17/2008 Shenandoah
AUTHOR MERVIN HALE B-I 11/8/1933 Edward & Amanda Baucam Hale D-4/15/1995 Red Oak
JAMES FRANCIS HALEY W-Margaret Carr 8/12/1943 Maloy D-6/25/1955 age 45 lung cancer
JAMES RAYMOND HALEY B-I 4/1/1889W-Mildred Welch D-8/7/1929 Shenandoah
MARGARET ALICE CARR HALEY B-3/26/1907 Beaconsfield- fifth child of ten born to Patrick & Katherine
(Ward) Carr W-James Francis Haley at Immaculate Conception Church in Maloy on 8/12/1943...graduated with a
B.A. in education-1928...taught school in Salix & Bussey before going to work for the Social Security in Washington,
D.C. when it originated...later worked in the serviceman’s record department in St. Louis. Losing two premature
children, she adopted James Patrick and Kathleen Patricia from Ireland. After various jobs she returned to teach in
Shenandoah-1963...taught 5th grade...principal 5/6 building...taught high school math... started working for the Soil
Conservation Service about 1966 until retiring in 1972. D-6/6/1995. F-SMC 6/9/1995 Rev. Michael McLaughlin St.
Mary Cemetery, Maloy B/S-Kathleen, Ed, Helen, Marie, Jimmie, Frank, Maurice, Gene
CHARLES O. HALL W-I 1/5/1910 Anna M. Germer
EDWARD M. HALL B-7/26/1952 D-12/23/1952 MCC
GLEN R. HALL B-3/29/1924 Randolph Elmer & Effie (Rubenking) Hall W-SPC 6/1/1946 Margaret Dorsey D-S
6/9/2000 F-6/12/2000 Selby Funeral Chapel MTC...Worked for the Wabash, Norfolk & Southern Railroad for 40
years. CH-Rose Marie Berney, Jo Ann Hummel, Robert, John, Edward Michael B/S-Clyde, Everett, Harold, Amanda,
Lillian Pace, Frances Cyran, Margaret Fritz, Barbara May, Charles
MARGARET ANN DORSEY HALL B-8/27/1927 Frank & Pauline (Wiman) Dorsey W-Glen Hall SPC 6/1/1946
D-9/25/2007 Sidney...graduated St. Patrick high School-1944...homemaker and in-home care giver
ROSE MARIE HALL B-Shen 11/23/1942 Glen & Margaret Dorsey Hall D-Lincoln 5/10/2015
MYRTLE MAXINE WEIHLER HAMAKER B-I 3/20/1889 John George & Mary Jane Bartlett Weihler W1/16/1907 Henry David Hamaker D-Wood Lake, NE 1/2/1911 fever/hemorrhage ...funeral 1/5/1911 Strahan
Church...4 children-three preceded her into the spirit land...united with the Randolph Methodist Church in 1910 and
during the remainder of her life she tried to live as she thought would please her Master
AMOS HAMBSCH W-Mary Kelsie 1/1910 CH-Edmond Phillip-5/26/1912, Lawrence Joseph (11/25/1913), Francis
Daniel (9/20/1925), Faye Lucille (8/8/1928), Fern Louise (8/8/1928)
BENJAMIN BERNARD HAMBSCH B-3/4/1875 Phillip Hambsch near Strahan D-5/17/1901 26y2m13d ruanway
horse accident
BERNARD HAMBSCH D-5/17/1901 26y2m13d MCC
BERNICE HESTER DAVIS HAMBSCH B-6/5/1885 Oakland W-I 1/1905 Louis Hambsch D-7/5/1957 Alliance,
CHARLES HAMBSCH B-12/5/1867 D-3/27/1945 MCC
DELMER HAMBSCH St. Patrick Academy
EVELYN FRANCES HAMBSCH B-9/6/1916 Mills Co. D-11/13/1997 Hemingford, NE SPA 1925-1926
HOWARD AMOS HAMBSCH B-3/30/1911 Amos & Mary (Kelsie) Hambsch D-1/8/1913 21m F-conducted by
Father Hayes MCC...the little chap was left alone in the house for a few minutes while his mother hung out the is thought the little fellow found a can containing kerosene that they kept under a shelf and used for lighting
fires...the little lad evidently took the can and poured the contents in the stove...his parents heard screams and ran

into the house finding him with his clothes nearly burned off...he had run into the sitting room and was standing with
his hands holding onto the couch while little pieces of clothing had dropped from him leaving a trail to the stove
MARY E. HAMBSCH B-8/1/1842 W-J. Frederick Hambsch D-3/26/1923 MCC
LOUIS M. HAMBSCH B-2/12/1877 Mills County W-I 1/1905 Bernice Davis D-10/29/1969 Scottsbluff, NE
LOUIS RAYMOND HAMBSCH B-I 8/11/1905 D-1/23/1987 Scottsbluff, NE
MARY OASTRACKER HAMBSCH B-8/(1)4/1842 Baden, Germany W-Philip Hambsch 11/11/1866 D-3/26/1923
PHILIP HAMBSCH W-Elizabeth Ch-Charles, Amos P., Emma, Mary Johnson, Rose Chamberlain, Louis M, J.F.
The family home was on lots 289 & 290 in Strahans addition to the town of Malvern. Emma inherited the homestead
after the death of her parents because she care for them until their deaths.
PHILLIP HAMBSCH-B-4/13/1839 in Baden, Germany W-11/11/1866-Mary Oastracker D-4/11/1913 Malvern MCC
...immigrated at the age of 15 with his parents to America...lived in Troy, NY for 3 years, moved to Warren County, IL
for a short time then going to Knox Co, IL... enlisted in Co A, eighty-third Illinois Infantry-August 1862...participated
in the Battle of Fort Donelson and numerous skirmishes...discharged 7/5/1865 and returned to Knox County and
farmed there for 5 years before moving to Section 25 in White Cloud Township of Mills County...1881-owned 240
acres, farmer, stock raiser, breeder of fine horses & cattle...Postoffice-Clark CH-Charlie, Rosa, Philip E., Bernard,
Michael L. and John F. He farmed 240 acres.
TERRANCE D. HAMBSCH-B-9/20/1925 D-3/25/1926 MCC
NETTIE MABEL HAMM B-I 5/4/1893 John & Ruth C. Hamm
LEWIS ANDREW HAMMACK-B-I 12/8/1872 Callaway & Tilitha (Vowel) Hammack W- 9/13/1898 Loie Parmley,
Julian & Alice (McGee) Parmley D-Mercy Hospital Council Bluffs 5/15/1953 ; buried in the Woodbine Cemetery
5/19/1953. Loie was buried there on 1/10/1970. CH-Inez Marie (3/12/1899-1/10/1995 W-W. F. Laurence and Eddie
Reed), Cal Howard (1/6/1903-5/9/1987), Ralph Wallace (born on a farm north of Woodbine 6/29/1905-6/11/1980),
Edith May (6/30/1907), Ward Andrew (5/12/1910), Lee Laverne (1911-1912), Kenneth Dale (7/9/1914) and Cecil
Jerome (1918).
ALFRED E. HAMMERS B-5/7/1895 Henry County, IL W-Julia York 2/15/1922Nebraska City, NE D-S 2/3/1987
F-2/6/1987 Hackett Funeral Home, Farragut Cemetery
ALFRED LAWRENCE “JUNIOR” HAMMERS, JR. B-4/14/1929 Fremont County, near Sidney Alfred &
Eleanor (York) Hammers W-Mona Haley 7/12/1980 D-4/28/1982 Council Bluffs Funeral-Hackett Funeral Home
5/1/1982 Farragut Cemetery...lived on a farm near Sidney until age 12 then moved to a farm 4 miles SW of Imogene
in March 1941...Honey Creek School...Farragut High School...farming fulltime when his father became ill...1951-US
Army Korean conflict...discharged 1953 and returned to farming...1967-purchased the family farm...siblings-Mary
Skahill, Mildred Hammers, Alice Arends and Arlene Skahill...Pall bearers-Bernard Hughes, Joe Hughes, Marty
Laughlin, Carroll Martin, Jim McDonald, Jim Nebel
JULIA ELEANOR YORK HAMMERS B-5/6/1902 near Sidney W-Alfred Hammers 2/15/1922 Nebraska City, NE
MONA JOANNE MILLER HALEY HAMMERS B-1/22/1930 Corning Clarence & Len (Crouse) Miller W-Alfred
Hammers, Jr. 7/12/1980 D-11/4/1999
HELEN HANAN D-6/2/1895 2 years...4 miles SW of Imogene
MARTIN HANLEY W-Margaret Ganigan (Gavin) CH-John James (11/19/1906), Mary Anne (8/12/1909), Martin
Thomas (10/10/1911)
THOMAS HANN B-3/31/1830 D-1/9/1895
L. HANNAWALD-B 8/24/1842 in Germany W-6/29/1869 Theresie Hahn...received his medical training at the
College of Saxony...emigrated to St. Louis in-1862...after four years he moved to Nebraska...1878 -moved to Red Oak
and two years later to Fremont County...physician in Imogene... CH-Emelie and Teresie.
THERESIE HAHN HANNAWALD W-L. Hannawald 6/29/1869 D-1878
JAMES LEE HANZLICK B-S 5/25/1947 D-9/30/1989 Omaha, NE Imogene rural postman
JOHN HARBOR & KATHRYN LAUGHLIN W-SPC 11/23/1984 Jack B-CB 11/10/1959 Morris & Dorothy Harbor
Kathy-B CB 3/5/1959 Lou & Mary Katherine McDonald Laughlin
BERNARD FRANCIS HARMAN B-I 10/5/1903 Frank & Lydia (Retelsdorf) Harman W-I 5/27/1930Neola Irene
Coy (B 1913 Keytesville, MO James & Flora Halloway Coy) W-Fern Davenport 8/23/1972 Fort Worth, TX D5/30/1995 Hamburg F-SPC 6/2/1995 Fr. John Clarke MCC He farmed all his life. CH-William B/S-Dolly, Fred,
Orville and an infant sister
FERN DAVENPORT HARMAN W-Bernard Harman 8/23/1972 Fort Worth, TX
FRANCIS WILLIAM HARMAN B-9/27/1932 Fremont County Bernard & Irene (Coy) Harman W-Barbara
D-4/2/2003 Sunrise Beach, MO Graveside MCC 4/5/2003 Rev. James Kleffman...attended school in Randolph and
the University of Nebraska...served as a lieutenant-military police Ft. Gordon, GA...general contractor in commercial
and residential real estate in the Azle, TX area. CH-Heidi, Hunter, Step/CH-Susie

FRANK C. HARMAN B-1869 W-I 11/11/1893 Lydia Retelsdorf D-1929
FREDRICA HARMAN B-12/18/1847 W-Louis D-8/8/1918 MCC
HARTWILL (HARTWELL) IRA P. HARMAN B-I 7/6/ 1895-Frank C. & Lydia Retelsdorf Harman
D-3/26/1920 age 25 pneumonia...joined the Catholic Church a few years before his death...F-Father Maher of CB in
absence of Fr. Hayes MCC
IRENE N. COY HARMAN B-1914 W-1930 Bernard Harman D-1969 MCC
LOUIS P. HARMAN B-11/20/1846 W-Frederica D-3/28/1922 after a long illness F-SPC Father Troy
LYDIA J. RETELSDORF HARMAN-B-1871 (3/21/1874) Henry Retelsdorf's in a covered wagon on the trail west
W-Frank Harman...parents homesteaded 160 acres of virgin prairie in 1871...their first home was a sod house partly
built into a hillside (first farm southwest of Imogene on J18) was held near their house...teacher had quite a
challenge teaching the Retesldorf children because they only spoke on the prairie was not an easy
one...sickness and crop failures were common...about 1874, the only food the family had to eat after frost was lore says that Jesse James would water his horses at the Retelsdorf farm. One night, after
stopping near dusk, he threw a sack of money into the soddy and rode away...worked for the Protestant minister. She
would light the fire to warm the church and would pump the organ for the organist. She worked for a tailor and a
milliner and could cut and fit clothing without a pattern. She lived to be 97 years old. D-9/1968 MCC
MABLE IRENE HARMAN D-7/18/1900 Riverton 1y4m14d ...buried in Riverton
ROBERT JOSEPH HARMS B-4/16/1933 Mead, NE Irvin D-9/2/1992 Glenwood
NAOMI HARPER B-1795 D-2/2/1884
AMOS HARRELL B-8/14/1900 D-1/1972
GEORGE J. HARTZELL W-I 1/2/1901 Anna E. Prange
JESSE L. HARTZELL B-I 1/5/1902 George & Anna E. Prange Hartzell
JOHN W. HARVEY B-9/16/1904 D-6/15/1994
JOE HARVILLE had a grocery store in Imogene
HAYES INFANT B-after 1867 Fremont County William Henry, Jr. & Ruth McMillin Hayes
HAYES INFANT 1869-Eilliam Henry, JR. & Ruth McMillan Hayes
HAYES INFANT B&D I 10/18/1878 William Henry, Jr. & Ruth Ann McMillin Hayes
AURORA HAYES 9/20/1869 Deer Creek Township-Mills, Co. William, Jr. & Ruth McMillin Hayes W-7/1/1888
Mills Co. Robert H. Barker D-9/22/1931 Benkelman, NE
BENJAMIN FRANKLIN HAYES B-I 3/10/1866 William & Eliza Biddlecome Hayes W-I Ida Blank 12/14/1887 D12/20/1944 Hamburg, IA
BENJAMIN F. HAYES B-I 9/24/1897 Frank & Ida hayes
BILLY HAYES D-5/1898 73y9m8d
BIRDIE HAYES 1882-1883
BUD HAYES Mineola W-Julia Ness 12/1896
CHARLES FREDERICK “FRED” HAYES 10/18/1868 Deer Creek Township-Mills County William & Ruth
McMillin Hayes, Jr. W-Sidney 4/29/1891 Lena ChristensenD-6/16/1943 Shenandoah RHC
CHARLES M. HAYES W-Julia store and undertaking parlor in Imogene later owned by Mike
DANIELWESLEY HAYES B-I 9/16/1870 William H. & Eliza Biddlecome Hayes W-I 9/16/1890 Salome
Kammerer D-4/10/1955 Corning, CA
FATHER EDMOND (EDMUND) HAYES B –Ireland 7/1851 (1852) Patrick & Catherine Hayes...he studied at the
Christian Brothers School until the age of 15...came to the US in 1867 from Liverpool...graduated from St. Mary
College in San Francisco-1871...studied theology at the Grand Seminary in Montreal, Canada...ordained-1878...taught
at a college in Dubuque...came to Imogene in 1888 after serving at Melrose, IA for a short time...naturalized citizen at
Sidney 12/7/1893...traveled extensively through Europe, the Holy Land and India...had interests in Nevada silver
mines, gold and oil interests in California, and was an early investor in the Omaha, NE stockyards and the Union
Pacific 1906, the Tabor paper reported that he increased his wealth by $100,000 due to an upturn in his
railroad stocks...William (1906)and Ellen (1909) Hayes were the last of his siblings to pass away and the wealth they
made running a general store and campgrounds for silver miners in Ely, Nevada went to their brother Edmond...he
had their bodies brought to Imogene and the Calvary statue at Mount Calvary Cemetery south of Imogene is their
tombstone...was influential in getting electricity to Imogene and gave money for city lights...pledged money for a
town water system and a town library but never saw his desire for these fulfilled in his lifetime...worked with the
bishops across the country and in Europe to bring Irish and German settlers to Iowa...purchased farm ground around

Imogene and sold it at a moderate price to settlers...held the mortgage on numerous farms in the area...1922 passport
issued inOmaha, Ne lists his name as Edmond. The passport was issued for a year of travel to the British Isles,
France, Italy, Germany, Norway and Sweden...after serving Imogene for 40 years, he passed away on 2/8/1928.
MCC...sailed from Liverpool in 1867...naturalized in Sidney, IA 12/7/1893...passport 5/9/1922 for British Isles,
France, Italy, Germany, Norway, Sweden and Gibraltar
ELIZA HAYES B-Virginia, IL D-11/27/1933 age 89
GEORGE WESLEY HAYES B-I 12/27/1934 Raymond & Isabel Miller Hayes D-2/2/2001 Boynton Beach, FL
GLEN HAYES Imogene beer parlor owner
HATTIE HAYES 1884-1957
JAMES HAYES B-I 1876 William H. & Eliza Biddlecome Hayes D-4/10/1955 Corning, CA
JAY G. “BUD” HAYES B-I 8/16/1875 William H. & Eliza Biddlecome Hayes D-1930
JOHN J. HAYES B-3/7/1848 D-11/19/1923
JOHN R. HAYES B-I 5/24/1902 wes hayes
JULIA NESS HAYES B-4/2/1877 W-Bud Hayes 12/1896 D-3/31/1915 MCC
JULIA SKAHILL HAYES W-Charles Hayes B-4/2/1877 D-1926
MAUD HAYES 1880-1881
RUTH ANN McMILLAN HAYES B-1850 W- William Henry Hayes, Jr. D-1917
STELLA HAYES 1879-1884
SUSAN MARGUERITE HAYES B-I 7/26/1894Wesley & Salome A. Hayes
VERNON J. HAYES B-I 4/30/1898 W-11/10/1925 Velma Bolton D-11/1984 Griswold, IA
WESLEY HAYES W-I 4/27/1892 Salome A. Kammerer ...Imogene beer parlor owner
WILLIAM HENRY HAYES B-7/22/1824 KY W-Sedonia Harding D-4/30/1898
WILLIAM HENRY HAYES, JR. B-8/14/1846 Barren County, KY D-6/8/1908 Shen of cancer RHC W-Ruth Ann
McMillin 3/12/1867 RO...height 5’8”
WILLIAM O. HAYES 1877-1878
ANTHONY “TONY” JAMES HEAD B-I (4/25) 8/24/1909 Dan & Carrie (Saner) Head W-9/30/1931 Helen
Maher D-RO 2/14/1991 F-SPC 2/16/1991 Rev. John Clarke MCC
BRIDGET CURLEY HEAD B-3/3/1844 Temple Hill, Jones County Dan & Mary Curley W-Martin Head
6/30/1865 D-2/6/1929 gangrene of right foot MCC
CATHERINE AGNES O’BRIEN HEAD B-1/9/1877 Percival Matt & Bridget (Quinn) O’Brien W-John Head
6/19/1900 D-6/25/1957 MCC
CLARICE ANNE WINKLER HEAD B-5/30/1937 Hamburg W-Dan Head D-9/14/1973 Lincoln, NE F-SPC
9/17/1973-Rev. Daniel Delehant MCC
CLETA G. HEAD B-7/20/1912 Sidney Ora & Iona (Barret) Kearns W-10/26/1932 Frank Head at St. Joseph, MO
D-7/14/1997 Omaha, NE Graveside MCC 7/18/1997 Fr. Donald Bruck...raised in Sidney and schooled there...farmed
in the Shenandoah/Imogene area...upon retirement in 1962, they moved to Omaha, NE...worked for her daughter
part time at Mary’s Book Store. CH-Charlene Canobi, Patricia Maher, Carolyn Huelle and Mary Ann Head
DANIEL C. HEAD & BETTY M. WEAK W-SPC 3/7/1981 Dan B CB 5/10/1937 Anthony & Helen Maher Head
Betty B-Mills Co. 11/16/1934 Oliver 7 Gladys McKay Weak
DANIEL J. HEAD B-1/23/1873 Martin & Bridget (Curley) Head W-1/3/1904 Carrie Saner D-I 2/9/1920 pernicious
anemia which he had for a year...1919-took treatment at Mayo Brothers and found relief...returned a second time but
did not recover MCC
FRANCIS “FRANK” L. HEAD B-I 5/20/1907 John & Catherine (O’Brien) Head W-Cleta Kerns 10/26/1932 St.
Joseph, MO D-5/2/1986 Omaha, NE F-SPC 5/5/1986 Rev. John Clarke & Rev. William Whelan MCC
8/11/1933 Anthony & Helen Maher Head D-1/12/2015 Omaha, NE F-1/15/2015 SPC MCC Army 1953-1955 farmer
Pat B-rural Imogene 11/24/1935 Thomas & Catherine Sweeney Maher
HELEN M. MAHER HEAD B-10/6/1913 Matt Maher W-Tony Head 9/30/1931 D-1967
JAMES HEAD & BECKY ALBRIGHT W-SPC 7/15/1972 Jim B-RO 11/6/1953 Jerry & Pat Maher Head Becky BRO 6/29/1954 Harry & Sandra Albright
JOHN HEAD B-Shen May 31, 1949 Martin & Vivian Stooker Head
JOHN JOSEPH HEAD B-2/29/1868 Cascade, Jones County Martin & Bridget (Curley) Head W-Catherine O’Brien
6/19/1900 D-9/25/1959 F-SPC 9/28/1959 Father Francis Doyle MCC
JOHN VINCENT HEAD B-I 5/10/1909 John & Catherine (O’Brien) Head W-Lorene D-Lincoln, NE
11/25/2004...graduated Shenandoah High School...1935-Juris Doctorate of Law-Creighton University...agent with
the FBI...Army Air Corp-WWII...assisted Catholic Social Services in sponsoring Vietnamese refugees

MARIE G (MARIA) HEAD B-3/6/1908 D-3/8/1908 MCC
MARTIN M. HEAD B-I 7/19/1905 John J. & Catherine (O’Brien) Head W-1Nebraska City, NE 6/30/1931 Vivian
Stooker Nebraska City D-S 5/8/2006 F-SPC 5/11/2006 Rev. Kenneth Gross MCC...went to Sunny Slope Country
School, completed high school in Shenandoah and studied at Iowa State College...he was studying at Creighton
University when his father’s illness called him home to operate his father’s farm... purchased a farm northwest of
Essex-1928...was on the leading edge when it came to accepting changes in of his greatest causes
was soil conservation. CH-Martie Marie Rose, Robert, Vivian Ann Wanetka, John, James B/S-Mary Durbin, Barbara
Tutor, Frank, John V
MARTIN WILLIAM HEAD B-11/1/1837 Ireland W-Bridget Curley 6/30/1865 D-12/9/1919 10am senility MCC
His parents died shortly after the family landed west of the Mississippi River leaving three sons and a daughter.
John, the oldest son, went to California with the early flood of gold seekers and was never heard from again. Martin’s
youngest brother became captain of a Mississippi steamboat and died of yellow fever at New Orleans. His wife had
taken the disease and he fell ill while taking care of her. At an early age, Martin went to work on a farm for $4 a
month. He bought a calf, saved money for a second calf and the two made a yoke of oxen that he turned into an 80
acre piece of government land he purchased for $1.25 an acre. It was very poor land. While a young man, he went to
St. Louis. He hired on at $20 a month to drive teams for a large contracting company. He sprinkled the streets of St.
Louis and handled 4-mule teams in heavy freight. He transported soldiers and military goods to the front lines at the
beginning of the Civil War. He was doing this in August of 1861 when General Lyones was killed at the Battle of
Wilson's Creek. (2nd major battle of the Civil War-8/10/1861-12 miles SW of Springfield, MO) He and Ed McGargill
came together to Imogene in 1875 with many others from the Dubuque/Zwingle area. In 1874, Martin came and
purchased 160 acres west of what would be the town of Imogene. The Head & McGargill families lived together until
they got homes of their own. In 1909, he built a home closer to town. 1914-owned 1,040 acres of land. He engaged in
raising and handling horses and other stock on a large scale.
MARTIN WILLIAM HEAD B-3/5/1870 Martin & Bridget (Curley) Head D-6/15/1959 F-6/17/1959 Rev.
Monsignor Paul Marasco MCC...Imogene druggist
MARY CAROLINE “CARRIE” SANER HEAD B-1/22/1873 Zwingle Mike & Johanna (Sweeney) Saner W-Dan
Head 1/3/1904 D-3/2/1944 MCC The wedding was scheduled for early morning since parties had to fast from
midnight. Banns of marriage had to be published on three consecutive Sundays, but in Imogene the custom had
been to publish the banns only twice. The diocese decided to tighten the rule and a dispensation was needed if the
banns were not published three times. The wedding party remained in town until 11pm the night before the wedding
in the hopes the dispensation would come through. At midnight, the father of the bride, although in ill health, made
a trip to town to see what he could do. Many guests did not know of the predicament and gathered at the church at
the appointed hour. They were disappointed the wedding did not take place. Father Hayes received the dispensation
about 10am but did not tell anyone until noon. About the middle of the afternoon, the groom’s brother John started
a movement to have the wedding take place that evening. The bride was summoned and he went to tell his
disappointed brother who was busy putting down carpet at his home. The ceremony finally took place at 6:15pm.
Afterwards the guests got into their sleighs and sleds and went to the home of the bride’s family two miles from town.
They feasted on turkey and chicken and danced the night away.
NELLIE HEAD B-8/29/1877 Martin & Bridget (Curley) Head D-10/14/1955 F- SPC 10/17/1955 MCC
VIVIAN MARIE STOOKER HEAD B-5/11/1910 Nebraska City, NE to Robert & Emma (Wirth) Stooker W-Martin
Head at St. Mary Church in Nebraska City on 6/30/1931. D-3/20/1993 Essex Funeral-SPC 3/23/1993 Rev. John
Clarke MCC... educated in the Nebraska City schools...graduated from Peru State College...taught first grade in
Nebraska City... lived her married life on a farm NW of EssexCH-Martie Marie Rose, Robert, Vivian Ann Wanetka,
John & James Head Her brother passed away as an infant.
WALTER HEAD B-8/26/1910 John J. & C. Head D-9/7/1910 2 weeks MCC
WILLIAM HEAD B-3/5/1870 D-6/15/1959 MCC
WILLIAM B (R) HEAD D-I 2/25/1888 65y10m1d ...buried Scotia, IL
HANNAH GERTRUDE CLITES HECKMAN B-I 10/14/1893 Martin G. & Millie R. (Honn) Clites W-Charles
Wesley Heckman 11/31/1911 Redfield D-1/28/1986 Uniontown
RUTH CHARLOTTE ABBOTT HENTSCH B-I 4/13/1905 Charles & Jennie Straight Abbott W-before 1929
Wendell Stuelke W-before 1948 Martin Hentsch D-1/4/1997 Villisca
CHRISTIAN HERSTINE W-Anna Marie Smilie Leighty 4/9/1857 Monmouth, IL
DOC HIATT Imogene rural mail carrier
LORANE DORENE HIATT B-I 3/7/1910 Vance & Lorane Edna Hazel Ponte Hiatt
RUSSELL MILTON HIATT B-I 12/11/1913 Charles & Edna Harpster HiattD-9/5/1942 Salida, CO
ROBERT S. IRWIN “BERT’ HICKS B-I 8/23/1873 Silas & Anna Hicks W-1898 Grace Rauch Pendleton, OR D6/22/1941 Portland, OR
CATHERINE HIGGINS B-1843 W-Patrick Higgins D-4/1928 MCC
FRANK HIGGINS D-Omaha, NE 1/23/1945

LEO F. HIGGINS B-7/27/1910 Easton,KS James & Wilhema (Marsh) Higgins W-6/17/1936 Lucy Agnes Laughlin
LUCY AGNES LAUGHLIN HIGGINS B-8/7/1916 Lucy Agnes (Hughes) Laughlin W-6/17/1936 Leo Higgins
PATRICK HIGGINS B-3/17/1833 County Kerry, Ireland W-Catherine D-3/25/1888 MCC
NEWTON J. HILLIARY W-I 12/13/1893 Ida M. Hayes
LEO HILLINGS W-6/1922 by Fr. Troy to Marion Van Way
DALE HEBER HILLYER B-I 6/18/1917 Heber Harry & Ethel Alma Bishop Hillyer
MILDRED IRENE HILLYER B-I 8/9/1915 Heber Harry & Ethel Alma Bishop Hillyer
JAMES HILTON B-8/24/1942 D-8/25/1942MCC
MARY VERONICA “WAUNSIE” HILTON B-I 6/23/1916 Arthur & Holly (Saner) Leahy firstborn of 12 children
W-8/31/1940 Robert Hilton Our Lady of Loretto Church-Los Angeles, CA. D-5/23/2002 Omaha, NE F-SMC
5/25/2002 Rev. Donald Bruck MCC...graduated from St. Patrick Academy...moved to the Imogene/Shenandoah area
shortly after her marriage...worked for Mount Arbor Nurseries before her children were born...worked for Dr. Donald
Lewis until her retirement. CH-deceased infant son, Louise Grant, Bill, Bob, Marianne Sullivan, Kathleen Nammari,
Angela Krieger, Stephen, Vince, Marie, Patty Suiter, Jerry B/S-Jerry Leahy, Irene Flores, nine sisters and brothers
deceased before her
ROBERT “BOB” HERMAN HILTON, SR. B-3/16/1914 W-Waunsie Leahy 8/31/1940 Our Lady of Mt. Loretto
Church-Los Angeles, CA D-4/5/1998
EILEEN MARIE MALLOY HIXSON B-Emerson 6/10/1921 Raymond & Eva Malloy W-11/30/1940 William
Hixson-Randolph D-4/15/2009...St. Patrick Academy...1963-moved to Colorado
CHUCK HOLMAN & LINDA McKAY W-Shen 3/26/1967 Chuck B-Hamburg 10/18/1945 Ed & Neta Holman
Linda B-Clarinda 7/9/1946 Clair & Donna McKay
Mrs. S. H. HOMAN B-Shenandoah D-10/14/1902 23y6m
ELMER JAY HONN – B-I 6/16/1889 Charles & Sarah Clites Honn D-8/18/1916 Newkirk, OK
MARY HONN B-Decatur County D-11/12/1898 age 38
TOM HONN built the Imogene Free Methodist Church with white pine lumber he ordered from Chicago; in 1905,
after the church disbanded, the building became the Hibernian Hall
ANNA A. HORRIGAN B-1886 D-1905
ANNA AGNES O’CONNOR HORRIGAN B-12/26/1852 LaSalle, IL Thomas O’Connor W-Cornelius Horrigan D6/19/1928 MCC
ANNA (ANNIE) BLANCHE HORRIGAN B-I 10/22/1883 D-7/23/1889 MCC
ANNA CARTAN HORRIGAN B-11/10/1844 W-Michael Horrigan 1863 Des Moines D-1/27/1908 Lexington, NE
ANNIE HORRIGAN B-1849 D-8/20/1911
BRIDGET PRINTY HORRIGAN D-1/7/1924 CH-Michael, Mrs. Anna O’Connor
4/24/1912 Thomas J. Horrigan D-7/23/1941 MCC...Fremont County school teacher for many colors
were green and white...attendants were her sister Pet in tan silk with a wreath if flowers in her hair and Ed
Horrigan...Nellie was gowned in embroidered batiste silk and carried a shower bouquet of white roses. A four-course
dinner for 100 at the home of the bride followed the service. The couple left about 5pm to the well-wishes of all in
CORNELIUS HORRIGAN (HORIGAN) B-1848 W-Anna Agnes O’Connor D-7/31/1888 sunstroke MCC
ED HORRIGAN B-1889 W-6/15/1920 Evelyn Lynch Denver, CO D-11/8/1965...came to Imogene with the
railroad...1937-moved to Denver so the children could get a Catholic high school education and because Evelyn
wanted to return to a big city...5 sons & 3 daughters-Anna Grace (10/19/22), Gerald Edward (7/25/1927), Joseph
Bernard (1/9/1930), Thomas Vincent (8/19/1931), Msgr. Leo Richard (11/20/1934), Rita, Francis
ELLEN HORRIGAN B-1804 D-5/10/1889 Age 85 MCC
EVELYN LYNCH HORRIGAN W-Ed Horrigan 6/15/1920 Denver, CO
FRANCIS “FRANK” CORNELIUS HORRIGAN B-I 6/25/1924 Ed & Evelyn (Lynch) Horrigan W-Erla Englert
1949-moved to Houston...worked in construction till retiring in 1986
J.C. HORRIGAN B-7/1/1895 Fremont County, IA
JEREMIAH C. HORRIGAN Appointed Imogene, IA postmaster 7/31/1893
JERRY HORRIGAN B-1871 Pottawatomie Co, IA
JERRY EDWARD HORRIGAN B-7/25/1927 D-8/24/1997

MONSIGNOR LEO R. HORRIGAN B-Edward & Evelyn (Lynch) Horrigan, lived in Imogene until the age of
3. The family moved to Denver, Co in 1937. He studied at Regis College and St. Thomas Seminary in Denver before
being ordained in Rome on 12/20/1959. He has been the parochial vicar at parishes in Colorado Springs and
Denver. He also served as pastor of various parishes before becoming the pastor at Notre Dame Church in Denver.
MAE HORRIGAN B-Cornelius & Anna O’Connor age 14 walked with another girl through the fields
and streets of Imogene collecting money to purchase a bell for the 2 nd St. Patrick Church; after the fire, the bell was
retempered and is the only item saved for the third church...she later became Sr. Olivette
MAY C. HORRIGAN B-1/1884 D-1904
MICHAEL HORRIGAN B-Tralee, Kerry County, Ireland 1/1838 (1833)(1836) W-1863 Anna Cartan Des Moines DI 4/23/1906...had been incapacitated for some time after a car wreck, but was walking with a grandson when he
suffered a stroke at age 73 MCC
RISTORI “STORA” HORRIGAN B-2/27/1875 (77) D-1/27/1908 Lexington, NE of typhoid at age 26 MCC
THERESA W B-10/1879 Mills Co., IA
THOMAS HORRIGAN B-Ireland D I-1/6/1924 age 80 CH-Bridget O’Connor
THOMAS H. HORRIGAN B-1840 D-1/(9) 19/1910 Wayne, NE age 70 (75)
THOMAS J. HORRIGAN B-6/14/1886 Mills County Cornelius & Anna (O’Connor) Horrigan W-SPC 4/24/1912
Nellie Maher D-I 4/29/1952 MCC
ERVIN HOUCHIN B-12/5/1918 D-4/28/1997
KATE HOUSTON D-4/16/1896 age 30
CHARLES TROY HOWARD B-I 1903 Chauncy & Margaret Bellis Howard W-Eva Cartmill D-after 1940 IA
LUCILLE CAROLYN HOXIE B-I F. M. & Daisy Teachout Hoxie W-I 6/20/1931 Glenn A. Carlson
WILHELMINA HUELLE B-Germany D-4/7 (15) 1897 deer Creek Township age 67...buried at Imogene
ORION MANSEL HUFFER B-3/28/1925 near Imogene Ray Nelson & Charlotte Maude (Depuew) Huffer W- Iowa
City 6/12/1946 Anna Graber D-12/23/2005 Ames buried North Hill Cemetery north of Wayland ...drafted into US
Army at age 18...allowed to graduate from Shenandoah high School...served with the 13th Armored Division (Black
Cats)in many countries in Europe...studied engineering at University of Iowa...employed by the Iowa Highway
Department (now DOT) until he retired at age 70
AGNES M. McCARDLE HUGHES B-1/21/1898 Mills County Mike McCardle W-9/1920 Tony Hughes D-6/(5)
6/1974 Omaha, NE F- SPC 6/8/1974 Father Daniel Delehant MCC
ANTHONY G. HUGHES B-8/2/1921 D-4/23/1963 MCC Iowa PFC 212 Base Unit AAF WII
ANTHONY JAMES (TONY) HUGHES B-1/22/1893 Fremont County Pat Hughes W-Agnes McCardle 9/1920 D2/20/ 1974 Fremont County F-SPC 2/22/1974 Father Daniel Delehant MCC
BILLY HUGHES B-4/21/1940 Leo & Lucille Regan Hughes D-3/30/1951 MMC
BRIDGET “DELIA” WALSH HUGHES B-1868 Ireland Arthur & Ellen (Hall) Walsh W-Patrick Hughes D-1947
CATHERINE DALY HUGHES B-County Mayo, Ireland W-Thomas Hughes-New Orleans, LA D-12/15/1893 age
70 Grippe MCC
CATHERINE MARGARET HUGHES B-I 7/30/1913 Jerry F & Nellie (McGarry) Maher W-SPC 1/22/1941 Francis
Hughes D-1/1/2010 Council Bluffs F-SPC 1/4/2010 Fathers Ken Gross, Donald Bruck, Paul Monahan, Ryan Lewis,
Vern Smith, Dan Kirby MCC...Grew up on a farm in Mills County...attended Union Grove School and graduated from
St. Patrick academy-1932...cared for her father and brothers after the death of her mother. CH-Mary Rose Gillett,
Jerry, John, Jim, Mike, Theresa Kemp, Bernie, Ruth Spencer, Raymond, Rita Whannell, Steve B/S-Pat, Frank,
Donald, Jerome
CECILIA M. HUGHES B-I 9/15/1904 Mike & Bridget (O’Keefe) Doyle W-I 9/10/1940 George Hughes D8/25/1974 Omaha, NE F-SPC 8/28/1974 Father Daniel Delehant MCC
EARL EDWARD HUGHES B-2/10/1936 Randolph D-4/20/1977 Omaha, NE F-SPC 4/23/1977 Rev. Daniel
Delehant MCC...Cpl US Marine Corps
EARL T. HUGHES B-1900 D-1934 MCC
EMMETT JAMES HUGHES B-I May 12, 1899 John & Mary (Gilmore) Hughes W-10/22/1930 Helen Regan D-S
5/23/1986 F-SPC5/26/1986 Rev. John Clarke MCC
FRANCIS EDMUND (EDMOND) HUGHES B-5/12/1899 Fremont County John & Mary (Gilmore) Hughes WSPC Catherine Maher 1/22/1941 D-8/13/1976 F-8/16/1976 SPC Rev. Daniel Delehant MCC

GEORGE GERARD HUGHES, JR. & PAMELA CARTER W-SPC 4/28/1979 Jr.B-Shen 7/16/1950 George &
Cecilia (Doyle) Hughes D-Randolph 6/24/2014 F-SPC 6/27/2014 Fr. Ken Gross MCC ...Honey Creek country
school...St. Patrick Academy...Farragut High School-1968...Senior Class President...farmed until 1989...Army 19701971...ConAgra-1989...owned Emerald Isle 1998-2001...Mr. H’s Discounts 2006-2007 CH-Amanda Blackburn,
Thomas, Paula, Barbara, Andrew B/S- Kathy, Connie Vondra, Joyce Swanson, Veronica Barry, Martha Fritz, Nora
Vondra, Pat Pam – B Belvedere, IL 6/17/1954 John & Eleanor Huffman Carter
GEORGE PATRICK HUGHES SR. B-I 4/22/1904 Pat & Delia (Walsh) Hughes W-I 9/10/1940 Cecilia Doyle W11/5/1977 Mildred McGinnis O’Dowd D-8/12/1988 Omaha, NE F-8/16/1988 Rev. Wayne Gubbels MCC
HELEN AGNES HUGHES B-I 4/11/1910 Thomas & Bertha (Saner) Regan W-10/22/1930 Emmett Hughes D-S
1/4/2001 F-SPC 1/8/2001 Fr. Don Bruck MCC...graduated St. Patrick Academy-1928...received a teaching certificate
and taught in country schools. CH-Agnes Brunetti, Jeanne Schriefer, Virginia Matya, Tom, Lila Breedlove, Paul,
David, Donna Hughes B/S-Tommy, Mike, Jerome, Edward, Lucille Hughes, Margy James, Gert Eggers, Rita
Skalberg, Jean Martin, Kenneth, Robert
HENRY J. HUGHES B-1888 D-1923 Co C 350 Inf
JERRY FFRANCIS HUGHES B-I 6/15/1943 Francis & Catherine (Maher) Hughes W-CB 6/15/1968 Janice
Quandt D-8/8/1999 Omaha, NE F- Holy Family Church 8/12/1999 Rev. Ken Gross
JOHN HUGHES B-5/14/1852 Cascade W-Mary Gilmore D-1941 Walnut MCC...came to Imogene about
1876...1899-owned 160 acres of land
JOHN L. HUGHES B-I 12/26/1928 W-6/18/1952 Phyllis Maca D-RO 8/11/1993 F-SMC (Red Oak) 8/16/1993
Evergreen Cemetery (RO)
9/24/1932 Leo & Lucille Regan Hughes Jackie B-Shen 7/30/1933 Bob & Dorothy Allen Reed
JUDE MICHAEL HUGHES B-I 1/7/1945 Leo & Lucille (Regan) Hughes D-S 8/17/2009 F-SPC 8/21/2009... MCC
graduated Farragut Community Schools...served in the Army in the Vietnam War until 10/7/1971...worked for John
Gowing Plumbing. CH-Billy (infant), Barbara (stillborn), Paul, Amy Isaacson, Heather Laughlin B/S-William “Billy”,
Johnny, Mary Ditmars, Joe, Irene Maca
KELLY HUGHES B-Shen 12/8/1958 Joe & Jackie Reed Hughes
KENNY HUGHES TERESA LYN WOLF W-SPC 11/11/1995 Kenny B-Shen 4/3/1963 Teresa B-Audobon
KIM HUGHES & BECKY CONNERS W-8/26/1983 Kim B-Shen 1/16/1957 Joe & Jackie Reed Hughes Becky BShen 2/5/1956 Tom & Sally Riley Conners
LENORA HUGHES B-5/22/1930 Randolph D-2/7/1988 Omaha, NE F-SPC 2/10/1988 Rev. John Clarke MCC
LEO HUGHES B-I 7/9/1893 John & Mary (Gilmore) Hughes W-SPC 2/16/1928 Lucille Regan D-S 6/1/1963 F-SPC
6/4/1963 Rev. F. W. Doyle MCC
LUCILLE VERONICA HUGHES B-I 1/6/1904 Thomas & Bertha (Saner) Regan W-SPC 2/16/1928 Leo Hughes DS 12/5/2000 F-SMC 12/9/2000 MCC...educated in Imogene and attended West Normal College in Shenandoah...
moved to Shenandoah-1968 and took up oil painting about the same time. CH-John, Mary Ditmars, Joe, Irene Maca,
Jude, Billy B/S-Mike, Tommie, Edward, Jerome, James, Margy James, Gertrude Eggers, Kenny, Bob, Helen Hughes,
Rita Skalberg, Jean Martin
MARGARET LENORA HUGHES B-Randolph 5/22/1930 Anthony & Agnes (McCardle) Hughes D-Omaha, NE
MARY GILMORE HUGHES B-2/1/1859 (1860) IL George Thomas & Mary (Kelly) Gilmore W-John Hughes D8/27/1923 MMC
MILDRED O’DOWD HUGHES B-Mills County 6/7/1912 W-George Hughes 11/5/1977 D-RO 11/29/2006 F-SMC
12/2/2006 Fr. Vern Smith MCC
PATRICK H. HUGHES B 1859 Jones County W-Delia Walsh D-6/1919 F-SPC Father Hayes celebrant
MCC...prominent farmer living 4 miles SW of Imogene worked in the cornfield until Tuesday noon when he was
taken ill...his condition did not become critical until operation was performed between 2-3pm by
Doctors A. V. Henneffey of Council Bluffs and A. O. Wirig of Shenandoah...died 8:30pm
PAUL JAMES HUGHES B-5/22/1945 Emmett & Helen Regan Hughes D-7/25/1979 MCC
PETER HUGHES D-7/5/1893 29y3m MCC
THOMAS HUGHES B-1823 (1817) County Mayo, Ireland W-Catherine Daly in New Orleans, LA D-12/25/1887 age
(70) 74 pneumonia and heart failure MCC
THOMAS HUGHES B-T & C H Hughes D-3/12/1895 age 31 MCC
WILLIAM H. HUGHES B-1/16/1988 Jude & Debbie (Alexander) Hughes D-2/2/1988...twin to Paul
L. S. HULLINGER B-7/24/1841 Clark County, OH W-10/18/1868 Louise O’Neil...moved to Fremont County in
1881...farmed section 31, Farmer’s City post office
FRANKLIN THOMAS HUMMEL B-I 12/30/1909 Jesse & Etta Shamblen Hummel W-7/22/1935 D-11/26/1973
Council Bluffs

FREDERICK HUMMEL B-I 6/8/1916 Jesse & Etta Shamblen Hummel D-1923 Malvern
ROSA ESTELLA BURR HUNT B-8/20/1893 Coburg, IA Albert & Helga Ekdahl Burr W-6/4/1914 Coburg Alonzo
William Hunt D-11/1986 I, burial-RedOak
DAN HURLEY W-6/5/1922 Ellen Lynch
ELLEN HURLEY B-Patrick & Bridget Lynch W-6/5/1922 Dan Hurley
ALBERT W. HUSTON B-I 6/4/1904 William & Mary Huston
GEORGE EARL HUSTON B-I 11/17/1892 (twin) William & Mary Huston
HARVEY MORTON HUSTONB-I 1/17/1889 William & Mary Huston
HAZEL GERTRUDE HUSTON B-I 1/7/1898 William & Mary Huston
JENNIE V. HUSTON B-I 6/6/1905 William & Mary Huston
JOHN HUSTON B-1885 D-4/1910 MCC...worked for Matt O’Brien...killed by a Wabash train
LULA PEARL HUSTON B-I 11/17/1892 (twin) William & Mary Huston
WILLIAM F. HUSTON W-I 9/5/1888 Mary M. Kammerer
L. K. HUTTON first Imogene mayor 1881-1883
ELMER IRVINb-5/27/1911 D-10/1980
LOWELL HOWARD IRVIN B-I 12/12/1927 Luster & Opal Young Irvin D-9/7/1992 Des Moines
EMMET ERNEST IRWIN B-I 7/26/1886 William & Anna Bleakley Irwin W-Bethel Barth 5/19/1910 D-1/26/1973
Arlington, CA
FRANK L. IRWIN B-I 6/26/1884 William & Anna Bleakely Irwin D-3/10/1893 Council Bluffs
HENDERSON CARLISLE IRWIN B-I 6/18/1879 William & Anna Bleakley Irwin W-Imogene 12/17/1902 Mary E.
Adams D-11/29/1964
JAMES A. SHIRLEY IRWIN B-I 5/18/1881 William & Anna Bleakley Irwin W-9/9/1916 Pearl Brown New York,
NY D-8/23/1950 Cambridge, OH
MERLE IRWIN-Merle worked at the Frank Foutch Barbershop...enlisted in Co. E 168th Infantry-Rainbow
Division...Rainbow Division was composed of National Guard units from 26 states and the District of Colombia. It
also included infantry regiments from NY, Ohio, Alabama and Iowa along with men from many other states. They
were the first divisions to reach the battlefields of the western front in November 1917. The Division played a notable
role in 6 major campaigns. Merle was killed in action in France on July 1, 1918. His was the first gold star on the
service flag for Imogene. The Rainbow division had over 12,000 casualties in WWI.