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The Ocean’s calling

The Ocean’s calling

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Published by: Chocochip28 on Feb 25, 2010
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The Cave

While I permitted myself to be comforted by Malakaih, I rested my head on

Malakaih s chest and I felt my legs give way from under me.

Julia, what s wrong? Are you okay? He quickly responded to my

weakness and lifted me into his arms. He walked a few steps and he sat me gently

on one of the boxes that were neatly piled against the stone wall. What seemed

like minutes were actually hours.

Malakaih I said as I looked out at the wide opening of the cave, How

much longer do you we have to wait here? I crossed my fingers hoping that it

wouldn t be long till I was safely home.

Well, his brow furrowed I ll head out in a bit and check up on things. If

everything is well-controlled then we can head back this evening

What if things are not well-controlled? the thought of being alone in

this cave sent chills up my spine.

I ll keep you informed of what s going on. I won t leave you alone for


How he knew exactly how I felt was a mystery to be solved. He began

shuffling around the boxes and pulled out a can of peaches. Are you sure that s

safe to eat? I asked wondering how long these boxes had been lying in here.

Yeah, it s safe to eat. His tone sounded aggravated at my distrust. He

pulled open the top of the can and handed me a plastic spoon. The peaches

melted as soon as they touched my tongue. The tartness made my face pucker

and Malakaih laughed at my expression. It felt good to finally have something in

my stomach, but I still felt uneasy not knowing exactly how my parents were


Don t worry I m prepared he smiled. I guess my face showed concern.

He continued to open boxes as I enjoyed the rest of my peaches. Do you need me

to help you with anything? I asked as I examined the empty can.

- 53 -

I found what I was looking for. He pulled out two sleeping bags. My

eyes grew wide.

Well, you seem surprised. He laughed as he threw one of them at me. I

caught it despite the lightheadedness I still felt. Good catch! He seemed excited

and his eyes were a lighter shade of green. He moved from box to box quickly,

pulling out flashlights, matches, more canned food, a small radio, batteries and

new unpacked toothbrushes. I wasn t surprised when he also pulled out a hair

brush and toothpaste. He was too prepared.

Why do you have all this stuff in here? I said as I nibbled on the spoon.

Well, you aren t the first family that needs to get off the island. Do you

remember, Geoffrey, from high school? He said replacing the batteries on the

flashlights. I smiled vaguely remembering the bucktoothed redheaded boy that

stalked me every day for two months, begging me to go to prom with him. Yeah, I

remember him. Did you throw him off the cliff? I tried to sound funny but to no

avail. The look on his face showed anger.

No, I didn t throw him off the cliff! But my father almost did his tone had

changed as he paused remembering the incident.

From here? I asked pointing to the edge of the opening of the cave.

Nope, from up there he said mimicking me but pointing to the ceiling.

Oh I tried to picture it But, did they make it safely off the island?

Yes his whole family made it out he grinned. I wondered how they

managed to escape, but somehow my family couldn t get out. I raised my legs and

wrapped my arms around them. I lingered on that thought for awhile. Maybe

they didn t want to leave

Malakaih continued to put away the boxes he had opened. Making sure

that each one was arranged exactly how he had placed them before.

Are you always so organized? I asked as I moved the hair out of my face.

He lifted one brow and half smiled, I have to be organized . He sat down

beside me. His sweet, but manly scent of cologne began to take effect over my

emotions. I wrapped my arms tighter around my legs resisting the urge to touch

- 54 -

him. Julia he said softly. I raised my head to face him. Our faces were only

inches apart, the shape of his lips were tempting. Yes I whispered. He quickly

stood up and started to walk toward the exit of the cave. I m sorry; umm he

brushed his hair back with his left hand I ll come back soon. I ve left a few more

cans of food out for you to eat. The flashlights have new batteries in them... Oh

and there are saltine crackers in the box you are sitting on he turned to walk away

but turned around on his heels and walked up to me. He bent down and gently

kissed my forehead. I ll be back before night fall He took of his watch and

placed it beside me

The warmth of his gentle kiss on my forehead lingered. I sat motionless

for a few minutes feeling scared of moving anything around. My body felt

exhausted as I stood to stretch out. Maybe I should take a nap. I would need the

rest if we were going to head out into the night. I picked up the sleeping bag he

threw at me, unfolded it and laid it near the center of the cold floor. I unzipped it

making sure it had no insects inside. I looked down at my aching feet and

remembered I had no sneakers. I had been barefoot the whole time. I cleaned off

my feet and stepped into the sleeping bag. It was cozy and it smelled like

Malakaih s cologne. I closed my eyes and dozed off to sleep.

- 55 -

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