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The Ocean’s calling

The Ocean’s calling

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Published by: Chocochip28 on Feb 25, 2010
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A few months passed by and our home was starting to feel more like heaven.

Craig visited off and on and I wasn t surprised that he kept true to his promise.

Alex was also very busy; when he wasn t sleeping he was working out in the yard

or taking some night courses that Craig had suggested. Since, Malakaih worked at

home, we had more time for each other.

I hadn t been sleeping for a few nights and Malakaih decided that I should

spend my sleepless nights doing something I would enjoy, like a past time. When

he stepped out to run errands he bought me a gift . It was wrapped in silver lining

and tied with a purple ribbon.

Kaih, you shouldn t have! I said when he held out the box for me. He

smiled with enthusiasm. I took the gift from his hands it was a bit heavy.

I hope you like it. He said as I opened the packaging carefully. I looked at

it puzzled it was another box and inside, it had two very thick books. I examined it

carefully. The cover said My Perfect Stranger by Lunna S. I read the prelude and

was suddenly thrilled. I couldn t wait to start.

Malakaih loved how I received the gift.

So is that the way you are always going to receive gifts? he asked as I

served dinner.

What do you mean? I was confused.

Well, he laughed. You opened the gift carefully and folded the wrapper

neatly and put it to one side. Then you examined the gift with cautious and

perplexed eyes. I could have sworn your eyes changed colors. You eyed it and

studied it over and over and out of the blue your excitement burst. It was like a

finale with fireworks. He explained moving his hands like bursting fireworks. I had

to set the casserole dish down before I laughed hysterically.

I guess that s how I react to books, especially this one. I had read about it

on the internet and its super popular I giggled.

- 227 -

We enjoyed our little candlelight dinner since Alex was having a school

night. We talked about the books we had read in high school, like Shakespeare s

Romeo and Juliet, Hamlet and a few others. Malakaih especially liked the Count of

Monte Cristo, but he preferred mystery and scientific books. He loved math and

science and I was all about the arts, and just like my mother I enjoyed cooking.

We cuddled on the living room floor listening to a few CD s that Malakaih

had bought when he was out searching for my gift, when a thought occurred to


Kaih ? I asked softly

Yeah, babe He was reading the lyrics to a song he liked.

Will I ever be able to be out and about on my own someday? You know

like running errands or doing last minute groceries or something like that? I

realized I was never alone. Is there a reason why you and Alex coordinate so that

I m never left alone?

Jules, isn t it kind of obvious, why we don t leave you alone? It s still not

entirely safe for you. What if you were to run into Jerrod, for example? What

would you do? he tried reasoning with me.

I m not that worried about Jerrod. I rolled my eyes remembering our last


You are too trusting. Remember that he can be cruel if he has too. Alex s

scars are proof of that. I shuddered remembering Alex s bloodied body hanging

from his arms in the torture room. Malakaih was right and I couldn t argue with

him, but there was something else I had in mind.

I understand but sooner or later I m going to have to go the gynecologist

and I don t think either of you want to be there with me. This was just a hunch. I

didn t ever think about going to a doctor s but television was having its effect on


He was totally silent for two whole songs. When they finished he lifted my

head from his chest and sat crossed legged to face me. I mimicked him.

You know something, I ve been observing you since I was eleven and I

thought I had everything covered, but can you believe me when I say that I never

- 228 -

thought of that? he gave me one of his spellbinding half smiles. I wanted to

forget the conversation and head to a more biological topic.

I threw my arms around his neck and kissed the tip of his nose So does

that mean that you will go with me to see a gynecologist?

Yep, your health is important to me. I m there to support you

emotionally too.

Wow I was impressed. He lifted both eyebrows at my expression.

You are a perfectionist when it comes to your husbandly duties. I


Oh, yes I am. But there are some things that need constant practice.

Oh, really, and what are those things ? I was serious. If there was

something I could help him with I would.

He put his hand on my neck and pulled me closer to him. His lips were only

a hairline distance from mine. I was mush when he did that.

Let me show you he whispered. I blushed at my innocence.




Malakaih leaned over the kitchen counter watching as I ate my breakfast.

He was wearing a permanent smile for the past few days. He just stood there

watching me. When he was working in his office over the sketches and I would

take him coffee or juice he would do the exact same thing. I felt like he wanted to

tell me something but he didn t. It was driving me insane.

I felt moody and after eating my cereal I ranted about my jeans not fitting.

Kaih, I m starting my diet today! I confessed.

He put down his coffee cup and standing behind me, he wrapped his arms

around my waist. He leaned his chin on my shoulder. Why? You look wonderfully

and deliciously healthy it s almost a crime he whispered into my ear.

- 229 -

I don t know. I think I ve better get a docs opinion and maybe a

nutritionist too. I don t want to get chubby I worked hard to get the body I had.

My jeans are a bit too tight. I argued.

He swayed me from side to side. Oh, Jules, you sure are silly. But I m a

step ahead of you today. I remembered what you said about the doc and I already

made an appointment. he kissed my jaw and nipped at my ear lobe sending hot

flashes through my body. It took me a second to compose myself.

For when?

For today at three o clock. He turned me around pressing me against

him. But there is one thing and I know you re probably going to get annoyed

about it. His eyebrows furrowed.

What? I asked curious.

I can t go with you today. he pressed his lips.

Why? I inhaled holding back my annoyance. I had to be patient.

Craig wants me to stop by at his office. Alex is going with you and he s

excited about it too. It s like you re his mother and your taking him out for ice

cream. He chuckled.

Okay I sighed.




Alex its cold in here I complained. He threw his arm around me. We arrived an

hour early since it was my first time here. I filled out the paperwork and handed to

the receptionist. The doctor s office was cozy but cold. There was no one left

except Alex and me waiting to see the doc.

A nurse opened the door that led to a hallway; she was very pretty with

black hair and pitch black eyes like my mothers. Mrs. Lucians, the doctor is ready

to see you she called out. We stood up together. Alex winked at her and the

nurse glared at Alex... No wonder he wanted to come.

- 230 -

I will only be in a moment. He said with a smile. His grey-blue eyes

glowed but the nurse ignored him. Malakaih had warned me that Alex would go in

to make sure everything was okay. So, I was expecting it.

The nurse nodded and motioned for us to follow her through the hallway.

We passed several rooms which the nurse opened for Alex to check.

When all was done, I entered alone to the doctor s office. He was an older

oriental looking gentleman, maybe in his late sixties. His hair was almost all white.

He smiled and motioned for me to sit on the bed. The paper crackled under my


Hello, Mrs. Lucians. I m Dr. Sung. I m happy to finally meet you. Your

husband has been calling me and telling me about his concerns and yours of

course. I ll get to those in a moment He said warmly.

Hello, you can call me Juliana I said. I was very nervous. Dr. Sung asked a

lot of questions that I answered yes or no to. Then he went through the physical

exam. I was pleased when he didn t go anywhere near my abdomen. He sent for

the nurse to get me so I could give him a urine and blood sample. I went through

that even without wincing.

The nurse took me back to the waiting room and Alex stood when I

entered the room. The nurse completely ignored him. I took the seat next to

where he stood.

Woo, someone s got a crush! I teased. Alex face turned a beet red.

N-no, I d-don t even k-know her n-name! he stuttered. I laughed

hysterically and the receptionist shushed me. He sat down on the chair beside me

and wrapped his arm around me.

S-so, how did it g-go? he asked.

It went well. I m still nervous. Doc said he will see me in a few. Alex s

hand rubbed my cold arm. I felt so tiny beside him. Remind me next time to bring

a sweater. He nodded and stared at the television set on the corner.

He looked a lot like his father except that his hair was a bit darker and his

eyes were grayish-blue. I remembered the story the seamstress had told me. He

was the product of something horrific, but here he was before me, a trained killing

- 231 -

machine turned into a teddy bear. I was watching his expressions as the news

came on.

The camera man was focusing on a long line that waited to enter a

building. The news lady spoke about unemployment and how it was increasing

steadily. Alex s eyes squinted at the screen and then he stood and walked closer to

the television. His eyes narrowed and he clenched his fist. His jaw flexed at

whatever he saw on the flat screen.

The door to the hallway opened, just when I was about to ask him what he

saw. The nurse looked at Alex standing near the television almost scared. Alex

eased his tension and managed a smile. She didn t smile back and turned to face


Mrs. Lucians, the doctor is ready for you again. I followed her to the

doctor s office. The doctor sat at his desk and asked me to have a seat in a chair. I


Juliana, you are in perfect health. Your husband said that you were

worried that you were gaining weight. I m I correct? he asked.

Yes, that s correct. I was wondering if I should see a nutritionist, too.

Dr. Sung put down his pen and smiled at me. Juliana, a nutritionist s

expertise is essential when you will be eating for two. I guess you should expect to

gain another 25 pounds within the next seven to eight months. I will give you a

prescription for a very good prenatal vitamin.

My heart started racing. I could feel as the blood rushed through my body.

My throat was suddenly dry but my palms and forehead were wet. I could barely

swallow the lump in my throat. I felt cold and hot and everything in between. I was

happy and sad at the same time. I couldn t think and I couldn t speak.

Yes, Juliana, I guess I should say it officially. You are pregnant. By the

information you gave me I think you are about two to three months along. I m

surprised you haven t had morning sickness, but some women are lucky that way.

We have a wonderful obstetrician here and I know you will like her. Everyone

He blabbered on.

Oh, I-I d-don t k-know w-what to s-say I was stuttering worse than Alex.

- 232 -

Will you be carrying the child to full-term? You do understand my

question? he asked. I was almost insulted by it.

Y-y-yes, t-that is n-never an o-option! I said a tad bit louder than I

wanted to. The doctor smiled and wrote the prescription down for the prenatal

vitamins. He was blabbering again and I could barely make out his words T-thank

you . I said softly and shook his hand.

The nurse was walking me down the hallway and I wanted to get the

information that Alex needed. E-excuse me n-nurse she stopped before opening

the door. W-what was your n-name again? I held my breath to stop the

fluttering and the stuttering. I wanted to tell my husband of how wonderful I was

treated today.

Isn t that your husband outside? She looked at me confused.

No, actually, that s Alexander, my brother in-law, but we call him Alex.

We re just close like that. I guess I should say he s almost like my son. I smiled.

Her dark eyes glistened. Her pale complexion exposed her blushed cheeks.

My name is Xiondra. It s spelled X-I-O-N-D-R-A. The X sounds like Z where

I come from. But I prefer to be called Xion. I smiled at her explanation. It was

more than enough.

It s a pleasure to meet you Xion. Could I get your phone number? I would

like for you to be here on my visits to the ob.

Oh, thanks. Sure, that would be awesome. I don t think the doctor would

mind either. Here it is. She took out a small notebook and wrote down her name

and her number. I thanked her and we walked out to the waiting room and Alex

stood immediately. With the mix-up corrected, Xion blushed at Alex s stare. He

was pleased with her reaction.

Have a nice afternoon. See you again soon, Mrs. Lucians. She waved as

we walked out. I almost dragged Alex out of the waiting room and out into the

scorching hot parking lot.

We were both quiet the whole way home. Alex sighed lost in his thoughts.

I was worried about how to give Malakaih the news. But then again, by the way he

- 233 -

had been staring at me the past couple of weeks, he already knew and I just

needed to confirm it.

I let my shoulders fall and my stomach growled. An extra twenty-five

pounds. I thought out loud. Alex looked at me from the corner of his eye but kept

his face towards the road...

- 234 -

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