Levers Calculation     







What is the formula for calculating mechanical advantage of levers?      t/f  the longer the effort arm, the greater the force needed to lift a mass


the shorter the resistance arm, the lesser the force needed to lift a mass

What is the mechanical advantageof this lever? A. .5 B. 1 C. 2 D. 50

If the box has a mass of 20 N, how much force will be required to lift it with this lever? A. 5 B. 10 C. 20 D. 50

Four levers were built and the effort measured as they lifted the same object. The effort for each is listed below: Lever Lever A Lever B Lever C Lever D Effort 0.5 kg 1 kg 2 kg 4 kg

Which lever has the greatest mechanical advantage? A. A B. B C. C D. D

Calculate the mechanical advantage for each and write it next to each lever. 

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