February 20, 2010

Brian E Kane

Volume 6, Issue 6

“Victory is sweetest when you've known defeat” by Malcolm S. Forbes

History is in the past


oday is the first day of history for you and I. today is now and yesterday is history. So here is a little history about Mr. Kane. I grew up in valley center. I went to high school at Orange Glen in Escondido. I am a disabled veteran. I have a lovely wife and two daughters. I graduated from CSUSM, and now I am your History teacher. Welcome to my class.

 A Digital Camera  A Telescope  A Microscope

Sports are the way of life SPorts are more important in life than most think of, in every sport there a winner and a loser. The lesson in life is what message the winner and loser receive form the same game. Sports can teach someone how to be humble, graceful, and tolerable to everyone. In a sports game race, religion, sex, and age do not matter. So in my class we will act like it is a sports game every day, were none of the outside world matters. In my class History is the only thing that is going on.

Technology is the key to History


Elcome to technology in your History class. Everyday History is discovered, and not without technology. Try to picture Christopher Columbus finding The America’s without the best technological boat interments of his time in 1492. Well we will be using a little more new technology in our class to find History. The largest piece in the class will be a computer; a computer can bring anyone back to anytime in history. Also in class we will use other technology to find History.  A Globe  A Video Recorder

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