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A. Write first conditional sentences.

1) If she / forget / my birthday, I / be / really angry.

2) I / make / a face if you / try / to take a photo of me.

3) If I / phone / my parents now, they / not get worried.

4) I / show / you the photo if you / not laugh.

5) If you / not introduce / me to her, I / introduce / myself.

6) My parents / not give / me any money if I / not help / with the housework

7) If they / ban / that record, lots of people / buy / it.

B. Choose the correct words to form the second conditional.

1) He (wasnt / wouldnt) be a loner if he (wouldnt be /wasnt) such a
2) I (listened / d listen) to more rap music if I (d understand / understood)
the lyrics.
3) If we (love / loved) each other, we (dont / wouldnt) have so many

4) I (ll /d) get very jealous if my boyfriend (was / would be) a flirt.
5) He (isnt / wouldnt be) such a flirt if he (wasnt / wouldnt be) so goodlooking.
6) If they (wouldnt be / werent) such jokers we (d believe / believe) them.
7) Id (bought / buy) this jacket, if it (would be / was) waterproof.
8) If he (wasnt / wouldnt be) such a geek, Id (hung / hang) out with him.

C. Complete the sentences using the first or the second conditional.

1) Who (you be) if you (can) be a famous
2) If I (see) some yoghurt at the supermarket, I
(buy) some.
3) If I (live) in Alaska, I (get) very depressed in
4) What (you, buy) if you (have) 100.000?
5) If I (be) you, I (concentrate) on passing my
6) If you (see) your dad, (you, tell) him to call