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Algonquin Middle School

Band Student & Parent

Dear Students and Parents,
Welcome to Algonquin Middle School Band for the
2015-2016 school year! I am very excited for another
year or learning, performing, and fun!
I would like to thank you for choosing to be a part of
the band. Band is a rewarding experience that will
teach not only musical skills, but also essential skills
that will ensure success in high school and beyond.
These include teamwork, communication,
collaboration, organization, commitment, and
leadership. It is my goal that students leave AMS
band as responsible, passionate, and well-rounded
I ask that students and parents read this handbook in
full to gain an understanding of the program. Please
dont hesitate to contact me with any questions or
concerns you may have. It is going to be a great year!
Ms. Jackie Pendola
Band Director
(847) 532-7100 x7159

General Information
Check out the band website for information regarding AMS
bands. It will be updated throughout the year. Important
reminders and forms will all be available through the AMS
band website.

1. Instruments are to be kept in an assigned band room
cubby during the school day. Instruments and cases
should not be kept on the floor or anywhere else around
the room.
2. Students must have their name clearly displayed on the
outside of their instrument case.
3. Instruments are to be taken home every night. Students
should come to the band room within 5 minutes of the
final bell to pick up their instruments to take home.
Many events in the building take place after school and
on weekends. The only way to ensure that instruments
are 100% safe outside of school hours is to take them
4. Music and books should NOT be kept in the instrument
case. This will damage the instrument. Storage for
folders and music is available in the band room.
5. Students must keep their instruments in good playing
condition. General cleaning and care is a student
responsibility. If the instrument needs repairs, the
student is expected to bring that to Ms. Pendolas
Woodwind players should have
- 3 working reeds at all times (reed players)
- cleaning swab/cleaning rod

- cork grease
- mouthpiece brush
Brass players should have
- valve oil/slide oil
- mouthpiece brush and other cleaning materials
- straight mute (optional)

Students are required to attend all concerts and
performances. Concert participation is a summative grade. If
you cannot attend a performance, please notify Ms. Pendola
well in advance. Excused absences will be at the discretion
of Ms. Pendola. A parent must contact Ms. Pendola in order
for a student to be excused from a concert. Non-graded
extracurricular activities do not count as excused absences.
Concert Attire: All black dress clothes
Boys: Black pants, black shirt, black shoes, black
Girls: Black pants or skirts (must be at the knee or
below), black shirt, black shoes
**Please avoid, jeans, t-shirts, and gym shoes
I would like to emphasize the importance of professional
concert dress. Concerts are special events and should be
treated as such. I ask that all students dress appropriately.
Students are required to attend one lesson per week as
indicated on the lesson schedule. After checking in with their
teacher, students should report to the band room for lessons
during their scheduled period. Students should turn in any
homework and write new assignments in their assignment

notebook before leaving for lessons. The lesson schedule

will be posted in the band room on a weekly basis. The
schedule will rotate on a weekly basis to ensure that
students do not miss the same class each week. Students
are expected to check the schedule and remember to come
to their lesson. Lessons will be excused if a student is absent
from school, or with a signed excusal pass from a classroom
teacher. Students are expected to make up any playing
tests/ check-ins that take place during lessons,
even if they are absent from school or excused by a

Homework/Practice- Students will be given time during

lessons to do practice assignments. If students do not finish
assignments during lessons, they are expected to complete
them at home for full credit. Practice will yield results! The
more at-home practice, the better!
** Final grades will be determined based on point
percentages in accordance with the Algonquin Middle
School Handbook**
Add/Drop Policy:
If a student would like to drop band, they must do so by August 28th.
The drop form can be found in the front office. The form must be
signed by a parent and myself in order for the schedule change to be
made. After this date, students are not allowed to drop until the end of
the school year.
At AMS, we encourage students to follow through with their
commitments. This teaches responsibility and accountability. Band is
an academic class and should be treated as such. Once a student
decides to be in band, they may not elect to quit mid year. Special
circumstances will be dealt with on an individual basis.

If a student chooses to add choir class, they may do so after the

current band concert cycle at the discretion of Ms. Pendola and Ms.

Jazz Ensemble (optional)

Jazz Ensemble is an advanced auditioned group that meets
on Tuesday and Thursday mornings from 7:40-8:30am. This
group performs various times throughout the year with the
concert bands, as well as outside events. Audition materials
will be available the first week of school from Ms. Pendola.
Jazz Ensemble is open to 6th, 7th, and 8th grade students.
Selection is based on skill, responsibility, and instrumental
needs. A tentative schedule of jazz ensemble performances
and events can be found at the end of this handbook.
Instruments eligible to audition for jazz ensemble: Alto
saxophone, tenor saxophone, baritone saxophone,
trombone, trumpet, keyboard, guitar, bass (electric or standup), and drum-set/mallets.

Important Dates! Mark Your

September 25th- AMS STARS benefit concert
October 3rd - IMEA Auditions- Yorkville Middle School
October 26th- Choral Festival
November 7th - IMEA Jr. Festival- Location TBD
November 10th- AMS Choir Concert- 7PM- AMS Gym
November 17th- AMS BAND and JAZZ Concert- 7PM- AMS Gym
November 19th- AMS BAND and JAZZ CONCERT- 7PM-AMS Gym
November 30th Honors Band Rehearsal, 6:30PM- Westfield
Community School
January 7th Honors Band Rehearsal, 6:30- Carpentersville Middle
January 12th- Honors Band Festival- 7PM Concert- Hampshire Middle
February 18 - AMS Orchestra Concert- 7PM- AMS Gym
February 23th- AMS Choir Concert- 7PM- AMS Gym

February 25th- AMS BAND and JAZZ CONCERT- 7PM- AMS Gym
March 8th- Foundry Jazz Night- Location TBD
March 17-18th- AMS Musical
April 9th- Solo and Ensemble Contest, 8AM- Dundee Crown High School
May 10th- 8th Grade Finale Concert (Band, Choir, Orchestra)7PM- AMS Gym
May 17th- 6th and 7th Grade Band, Choir, and Orchestra ConcertAMS Gym
TBD- 8th Grade Recognition Night-Dundee Crown High School Field

*Attendance is required for dates in bold