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Coursera Instructions

After clicking on one of the course links from

the Chamber website, you will be brought to
a page similar to this, to start the course.
Click Join Course

You will next see a screen asking which

course option you would prefer. Click Full
Course No Certificate. You may choose to
have a certificate printed after completion,
but that additional cost would be yours, the
Chamber will not pay for the course
certificates at this time.

You will need to sign up for Coursera. This is

free and will allow you to keep track of all
your courses, and progress within them.
Click either Sign Up if this is your initial
time working with this vendor or Log In if
you took courses previously and follow the

Click Start Learning to begin your course!

Within each course is a Help Center button,
click that for any questions specific to your

You will be brought back to the course start

page. Click Join Course again.

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