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SHOT LIST Group: 1 Project: Dark Summer Page No: 1

Shot Shot Camerawork/ Location Notes

Number description framing

9 Shot from the inside CU Inside of

Seven seconds of the fridge fridge/ kitchen

10 Girl walking away MS Kitchen

Three seconds from fridge, man

11 Girl pours drink into HA Kitchen

Nine seconds cup

12 Drinking from cup. MCU Kitchen

Five seconds Reaction

13 Cup on floor, girl ECU of cup Kitchen

Four seconds runs away

18 Girl opens bedroom MS Landing

Three seconds door

19 Girl walking towards Handheld POV Bedroom

Three seconds bed shot

20 Sigh of relief from MS Bedroom

Three/ four girl

21 Girl picking toys off HA Bedroom

Four seconds floor

22 Girl putting away MS Bedroom

Five seconds toys (music box etc)

23 Shot of doll CU Bedroom

Two seconds

24 Girl’s reaction with MS zoom into Bedroom

Three seconds doll in hand CU