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Approaches for face detection and recognition system

1. Eigenfaces for Recognition

2. Statistical pattern Recognition

3. Neural Network Based Face Detection

4. Face Recognition by a Convolutional neural network approach

5. Face Recognition using Hidden Makrov Models

6. Face Recognition under varying pose

Our goal is to build a face recognizer that works under varying pose,
the difficult part of which is to handle face rotations in depth. Building
on successful template-based systems, our basic approach is to
represent faces with templates from multiple model views that cover
different poses from the viewing sphere. To recognize a novel view,
the recognizer locates the eyes and nose features, uses these locations
to geometrically register the input with model views, and then uses
correlation on model templates to find the best match in the data base
of people. Our system has achieved a recognition rate of 98% on a
data base...
7. Face Detection With information Based Maximum

8. Human Face Recognition and the Face image set’s topology

9. Makrov models for Face Recognition

10. Decision Based Neural Network

Decision base Neural Network (DBNN) Works Probabilistic, Face detection Eye
Loacalization, virtual pattern generation Hierarchal fusion Face Detection etc