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Working Together for Positive Change

Bristol’s response to EY2010 for Combating Poverty and Social Exclusion

Aims– working together in Bristol for 2010:

 To end poverty and social exclusion in Bristol by 2020.
 To engage, inspire and enable Bristol people to Be who they can Be.
 To become renowned as a City of Welcome which celebrates diversity.

Our objectives are to:

1) establish a shared vision for prosperity and inclusion in Bristol
2) expose all forms of poverty, exclusion, prejudice and discrimination
3) understand the extent, causes and key measures of poverty and social exclusion
and identify the priority target communities in need
4) support Bristol’s considerable grassroots level response to need
5) give voice to those experiencing poverty and exclusion so that they can
contribute to policy solutions

The actions we will take to achieve these objectives will be:

• Engaging key stakeholders at every level in well organised and publicised projects,
research and events, enabling client groups, opinion formers, policy makers,
decision makers and members of the community to fully contribute in influencing
policy, practice, communications and commissioning.
• Working together to identify and deliver solutions, including those around skills,
employment, access to digital technology, finance, and culture especially using
projects already identified as best practitioners
• facilitating the spread of best practice along with generating new ideas, especially
across boundaries (including between generations, groups, areas, organisations,
class, ethnicity, situation and cultures)
• leveraging sustainable investment into Bristol that helps people out of poverty and
• Gathering people’s stories to learn from personal experiences and tell the stories to
engage the unconvinced
• Building a platform through regional, national and international partnerships to
celebrate Bristol’s uniqueness in all its diversity – thus promoting Bristol locally,
nationally and in Europe.
• Delivering change and improved outcomes by agreeing priority actions and targeted
outcomes for 2010, 2011 and 2012
• Creating a shared Citizens’ Vision for 2020
• Bring together individuals, groups and key stakeholders in February 2011 to
celebrate and review EY2010, identify best practice, commit to delivering solutions
and consolidate partnerships for the future.

VAT Registration No: 978 4204 86