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What is it about a child that makes them destined to dream?

Is it their innocence, does that make their dream serene?
So young and so eager, they have not seen the cynical world.
Full of hope with destiny, our childrenâ s scripts unfurled.
Mom and dad show their children right from wrong.
Children dream of hope, but at times life sings a different song.
Children write a script of their life by the age of five.
They believe this script is how they should live their lives.
But the Childs greatest achievement was the dream.
A tree grows from an acorn, a bird is in an egg before itâ s seen.
In the quietness of the soul a gentle angel stirs.
Dreams are seeds that life brings, starting out like a kittens purr.
The aim in our magnificent life is self-development.
Dreams sometimes help show us the way to accomplishment.
Along the way we live and work our life and we explore.
To be the best of what we can be that we canâ t ignore.
But as we age and live life, just living takes its toll.
We discover self-doubts, our confidence develops a hole.
Doubt leads to depression and loss of focus leaves us confused.
Living now seems to be drudgery, giving up and waiting to lose.
Why have we forgotten how to dream?
What happens in viewing our future, why can it not be seen?
We have quickly lost capacity, to dream possible futures.
Close your eyes, dream again, a hope we need for our nurture.
Look at your dreams, and try to sustain their vision.
Seeing the truth from your heart will help you make a decision.
He who looks outside dreams, sometimes can be forsaken.
And who looks inside, these people will be awakened.
When you work you fulfill a childâ s furthest dream.
An assigned dream is born and confidence reigns supreme.
With labor you are in truth loving life.
And to love life through labor the soul secretly strives.
Humanity needs practical people to help show our youth.
Who get the most out of their work, and still spread the truth.
But Humanity needs dreamers whose vision can be sustained.
To guard against stagnation that self-interest will proclaim.
A well organized society is efficient in what it strives for.
Equally sustaining all people while earning financial rewards.
This will be a monumental challenge for us to survive.
The challenge we will win, in our heart we will find the drive.
Author: Timothy B. Thayer