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Reducing Child Mortality

One of the MDG’s program in the year 1990 and 2015 is reducing
child mortality says that it wil reduce 2/3 under-five mortality

This program could help and lessen the death of the new born
babies because some parents can’t take responsibility they
encounter.That’s why for some reason they kill their child,others
when they born already have a diseased that sometimes could
lead and cause them to death.

So this program can help some parents and they can realized that
killing one’s life is not like your killing an pesticide in your life but
it’s an angel.

From what I see,when this program continues to grow and being

followed by everyone it will possibly lead to the objectives we
expecting.Saving a life is what God’s want and giving birth to
someone is a gift to Him.

Mc Adam Tripolca Trina Arrianne Manilili

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