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Red Letter Living

Small Group Leader Questions for Week 3

Revised: 02/21/2010

Blessed are the meek,

for they shall inherit the earth..

The meek are not the driven, assertive, aggressive grab-my-piece-of-the-pie people.
They’re not the winners & go-getters, the movers & shakers, the large & in charge.

• Who is the meekest person that you know? Talk about them…
• How are Jesus’ words counter-intuitive to the ways of the world...aggression, war,
• What does it mean to be meek? to describe taming a wild horse without breaking its
spirit. It is not the absence of strength (weakness); it is strength under control
• Read Psalm 18:35...your gentleness has made me great
• In what areas of your life has the Spirit used gentleness (fruit of the Spirit) to win a battle
within your heart/life where you needed to be tamed?
• In what ways do you need to: “Not fret and fight. But be meek and trust?” Greed, abuse,
injustice, immorality, idolatry, oppression, violence, exploitation, etc.

Recite together the first three beatitudes.

Close in Prayer.
Trust your Father for your inheritance.