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Working With Files

Working With Files

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QTP-Working With Files
QTP-Working With Files

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Published by: Venkatesh.S on Feb 26, 2010
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Managing a file system ultimately requires managing the individual files stored
within that file system. As a QuickTest programmer or a System admin, maybe
you want to keep track of the files stored on a computer. For example, you need
to know whether the correct diagnostic tools have been copied to a server. You
need to know whether certain files (such as games or media files) are being stored
on a file server, despite an organizational policy that forbids users to store such
files. You need to know whether files have been stored on a computer for months
without being accessed and thus are serving no purpose other than using up
valuable hard disk space.
In addition to keeping track of these files, you must dynamically manage them as
well: Files need to be copied, files need to be moved, files need to be renamed,
files need to be deleted. The FileSystemObject provides methods that can help
you carry out all these administrative tasks.

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