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Day 3 By Allen Buchanan, Justin Schneider, Mike Honeycutt

After leaving Budapest, we headed to the country in the village of Szokolya.

There we visited a farm that had been turned into an agricultural heritage center.
Our host, Ichtvar, received a voucher to get land after the reprivatization of land of
land following the fall of communism. He acquired 19 hectares (46.9 acres) and
raised livestock. All of the buildings have been constructed on site by Ichtvar
based on historical drawings and research of old production villages.

We then headed to Holloko, a United Nation Educational, Scientific and

Cultural Organizational village. It is a living example of rural life before the
agricultural revolution of the 20th century. The houses were very small with low
doorways. We were amazed they could store their belongings, a years worth of
food, and raise a family in a house that was about 10’ X 30’.

After dining on chicken soup, cabbage dumplings, and pork from mangalica
swine (a local specialty that is described as a hairy pig with dreadlocks), we spent
the afternoon with Dr. Pal Hajas. He presented information on the rural
development initiatives being undertaken in Europe with a focus on Kozard,
Hungary. They are focused on a mix of agriculture, fruit production, and agri-
tourism to revitalize the community.

While the discussion on rural development was educational, the most

interesting part of the day was the debate on politics, political cycles, the European
Union, and globalization. It was clear that a lot of the sentiment in Hungary is that
the Hungarian people need to focus on purchasing local food from local producers
rather than buying imported goods.

The last stop of the day was arranged at the last minute and included a stop
at a local jam processing plant. The plant was recently opened to add value to
locally produced fruit. While they currently produce about 10,000 jars of jam per
year, they are trying to expand into grocery stores as a specialty product.

Our day ended with dinner in the TO Wellness Hotel near the Northern Hungary