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Growth Group Homework

For the Week of

March 1-7, 2010

The GOOD Life

Ephesians 2:1-10
Before the Meeting...
Quickly read Ephesians 1-3

Getting Started

1. Review your week with others in the group. Share one example where God is
working in your life?

2. We love babies. What evidence have you seen of the “sin virus” in mankind . . .
even in babies?

3. How do some misinterpret the role of salvation in their lives? (If not “good
works”, then what?)

4. Can you identify the acrostic “SHAPE” and how it helps us know our ministry

S _________________ ____________
H _______________
A ___________________
P _________________________
E _________________________
5. Read the following passages and comment on their meaning:

a. Matthew 5:16 -
b. I Timothy 6:18 -
c. Titus 2:7 -
d. Hebrews 10:24 -
e. James 2:17-18 -
f. I Peter 2:12 -

Which passage “strikes a chord” for you the most right now? Why?

6. Ask God to show you some possibilities for good works. What does He reveal?

7. Who will you ask to pray for you regarding this opportunity?

8. How can your Growth Group pray for you this week?