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Grade 1C - Weekly Planner

Week 17: 27th February 2010

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English: Phonics English: Spelling Test Arabic Arabic Science English: Grammar Math Social Studies

Spelling test on last week's


words: How do living things use

Telling and Writing Time to Lesson 3: Exercise Safely,
Reading long "o" (CVCe), natural resources? Ch.6 Lsn Days, Months and Holidays:
Arabic Arabic the Half Hour Lsn 6.4 pp.94-97. Activity book, p.22,
practice book p. 93. like, ride, smile, time, white, 4 pp.160-165. Workbook G&WP Book pages 37 & 39.
pp.211-212. Lsn 3 & p.23.
bike, dime, hide, ice, kite, who p.61A.
& work.

Math Islamic Studies Arabic Arabic Social Studies Science English: HFW English: Spelling

Lesson 4.4 - The Prophet Lesson 4: You need sleep, How can you reduce, reuse "down", "inside", "now", Words with long 'o', spelling
Chapter 5 Test Muhammad (part 4), Arabic Arabic pp.98-99. Activity book, p.22, and recyle? Ch.6 Lsn 5 "there" & "together." Practice practice book exercises p.38
Worksheet 4.4 Lsn 4 & p.25. pp.166-167. Workbook p.62A book p.96 & 97. & 40.

Art English: Reading and Comprehension Math I.T. Arabic English: Handwriting

This week's story "The Big Circle" pp.88-103.

Reading for Math Success:

Comprehension: "Sequence of Events" practice book p.94 Visualize & Problem Solving Writing numbers 7, 8, 9, 10,
Art I.T. Arabic
Strategy: Act it Out Lsn 6.5 11 & 12, pp.80-81.
Note: Rehearsed reading fluency tests will done over the pp.213-216.
following days.

Islamic Studies P.E. Science Math English: Phonics Arabic Arabic English: Spelling

Reading through the book


"The Story of Muhammad in Ordering Events Lsn 6.6 &

Contractions n't, 'm & 'll p. Words with long 'o', spelling
Makkah", DarusSalam P.E. Chapter 6 Review Estimating Lengths of Time Arabic Arabic
95. practice book exercises p.39.
Publication. Note: There's no Lsn 6.7 pp.219-222.
associated worksheet.

P.E. Math Science Arabic I.T. English: Grammar English: Week Review

Problem Solving: Using Data

Days, Months and Holidays: Remaining rehearsed
P.E. from a Schedule Lsn 6.8 Science Game Chapter 6 Arabic I.T.
G&WP Book page 40. reading fluency tests.