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Year 9 Photography Task

Due: September 7th

Research Task
Step 1:
Choose on one of the following artists:
Ansel Adams
Olive Cotton
May Ray

Step 2:
Make a PowerPoint (or similar) presentation on the artist with images of their
work you find interesting or aesthetically appealing.
Read about their art practice and image making.
Choose 8 images.
Step 3:
Pick one of the images and analyze it using the Formal Framework.
The Formal Framework used to analyse how an artworks formal elements
contribute to its meanings and messages.
Formal elements: Colour, line, composition, and texture.

Step 4:
What techniques do you think the photographer has used to create this
Step 5:
Compare and contrast.
Pick two images from two different artists.
What are the differences in the image?
What are the similarities?