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Honors Math III Course Syllabus

Spring 2015
Vance High School
Welcome to Honors Math III!
This is a very rigorous course that expands the foundations you learned in Algebra and Geometry. Math III prepares you
for higher level math courses at Vance and in college. We have an exciting semester ahead of us and Im looking
forward to working with all of you to achieve great things. I will be working tirelessly this semester to ensure that you are
successful and I expect each of you to do the same.
Course Description
Math III is a rigorous course requiring each student to be very self directed and responsible. Students that are successful
are the ones who work hard. Therefore it is my goal as a teacher to help each student set challenging goals and reach
them. Through the help of other students, the teacher, and the parents, each student has the chance to reach their full
potential. I hope to help and watch each student in this class grow in their abilities throughout the school year.
Course Objectives/Topics
In Honors Math III, we will cover:
Unit 1: Rational and Polynomial Functions
Unit 2: Radicals and Complex Numbers
Unit 3: Statistics and Probability
Unit 4: Logarithmic and Exponential Functions
Unit 5: Congruence, Similarity, and Conic Sections
Unit 6: Trigonometry
Unit 7: Modeling Functions
Course Requirements:
All students taking Math III should have taken Math II or Geometry and Algebra I or Math I. This course is a prerequisite
for Pre-Calculus, Discrete Math, AFM,and Statistics.
Everyday students are required to have the following materials:
-3 ring binder/ folder

-Spiral Notebook

**We will use a TI-84 calculator each day in class. Students can use the class calculators during class, but cannot take
them home. If the student is planning on pursuing math to a higher level, consider purchasing a TI-84. This would
certainly help in Math III because the student can use it for homework assignments and studying at home.

Students will be graded on a variety of assignments, and each is weighted differently. Final grades are calculated as
Formal Assessments: 70%
This includes major tests, quizzes, project, tasks, etc.
Informal Assessments: 30%
This includes minor quizzes, homework, classwork, etc.
CMS Grading Scale


80- 89



Below 60

Late Work
Students should plan to make up class work, tests, and missing assignments within
five days of returning to school. After the fifth day of returning to school, points will be
deducted from the overall grade. If the student is present and for some reason could
not complete the assignment during class, points will be deducted for each day the
assignment is late. Students can find their absent work in the folder in the back of the

Students will take a midterm exam after the first quarter and will take the North Carolina Measures of Learning (MSL) in
January. Both are cumulative, so they cover ALL the material studied up to the test date. Specific test dates will be
announced well in advance.
Honor Code
Violating the rules of honesty by using unauthorized assistance, aids, or other
material, such as but not limited to plagiarism, copying another students test
or assignment, text messaging, using formulas in calculators, cheat sheets, cell
phones, iPods, etc., in the carrying out of an academic assignment. Students are
expected to follow the rules set by the individual course instructor as presented
in a course syllabus, verbal directions, or posted rules (CMS Student Rights &
Responsibilities Handbook).
Plagiarism is the use of another persons work (this could be his or her words,
products or ideas) for personal advantage, without proper acknowledgement of
the original work, and with the intention of passing it off as ones own work.
Plagiarism may occur deliberately (with the intention to deceive) or accidentally
(due to poor referencing). It encompasses copying material from a book,
copying and pasting information from the World Wide Web, receiving help from

unauthorized sources on coursework [. . .]


The intent to mislead others by falsifying a signature in an academic matter

Student Rights & Responsibilities Handbook).
Staff member (major violation)
Parental (minor violation)
Major Violations:
(NOT the result of misunderstandings blatant intent to deceive.)
First Offense:
Conference with student and notification of occurrence to parent/guardian
Student will receive a zero on the assignment with no opportunity for makeup/redo
No opportunity for extra-credit in that course for the remainder of the quarter
(per discretion of the teacher)
Referral to Administration
Second Offense:
All the above for First Offense
One (1) day ISS/OSS (per discretion of Administration)
No participation in extra-curricular activities for two consecutive semesters
Third and Consecutive Offenses:
All the above for First Offense
Three (3) days ISS/OSS (per discretion of Administration)
Minor Violations:
(Unintentional beyond a reasonable doubt.)
First Offense:
Conference with student and notification of occurrence to parent/guardian
Student will receive a zero on the assignment with opportunity for make-up/redo
left to the discretion of the instructor.
Second Offense:
Treat as a first major offense and continue levels of consequences in Major
Violation category.
Examples of Major Violations
Examples of Minor Violations
Use of cheat sheets

Forgery of parent/guardians

Forgery of staff members signature

Sentences or phrases without proper


Plagiarism of portions of essays

(either by BLOG, purchased essay, or

Refusal to sign Honor Code

email, etc.)
Providing answers or discussing the
contents of a test with another

Copying homework/lab assignments

Use of electronic devices to

communicate answers, i.e. iPods,
phones, calculators, etc.
Taking pictures of assessments with a
camera phone
Messaging someone with transfer of
information by ANY means

When it is necessary for a student to make up written work missed, the student must assume the
responsibility for contacting the individual teachers immediately about making up the work missed.
Arrangements must be made no later than five school days after the student returns to
school. Students missing 11 days in a class per year will receive a grade of F for
the course. If a student has more than 10 absences, he or she will fail the class.
Tutoring- Teachers will be available after school throughout the week for tutoring. Tutoring will be available on Tuesdays
and Thursdays from 2:30-3:30
*We have a very rigorous goal and every moment counts. There will be a zero tolerance policy for students who
contribute to a negative classroom environment. The following consequences are put in place to avoid such behavior
and recognize those who do what they are supposed to*
Classroom Expectations
1. Follow directions the first time they are given.
2. Be attentive and on-task during class.

Be respectful to each other, the teacher, the classroom space, and yourself

4. Ask permission to leave the room for any reason

Electronics- Students may not have ANY cell phones, mp3 players, etc in the class at any time. These devices
will be confiscated if students are using them during class. Cell phones are allowed for academic purposes only
and are not to be seen unless students are instructed to take them out.

Positive Consequences

Verbal praise

Class Points

Positive Phone Calls Home

Classroom Duties

Individual tickets for a drawing

Student of the Month

Negative Consequences
1. Verbal morning
2. Conference with Ms. Donoghue
3. Phone call home
4. Administrative Referral
*I DO NOT expect that any student will ever need anything more than a warning*
Finishing Early

Study for upcoming test/quiz

Help a classmate

Complete test corrections

Help pass back papers

Start working on your homework

Test Retakes

ALL students will have the ability to retake a test if they are not satisfied with their original grade.

Students must stay after school or make arrangements to complete their retake.

I would appreciate it if you would review the classroom materials, expectations and consequences with your parents or
guardians before both of you sign and return the attached form and honor code. Please return by Wednesday,
September 9th. Thank you for your cooperation. I look forward to a wonderful year!
Ms. Milton

Honor Pledge:
As a member of the Vance community, I commit myself to act honestly, responsibly, and
above all, with honor and integrity in all areas of student life. I am accountable for all that I
say and write. I am responsible for the academic integrity of my work. I pledge that I will not
misrepresent my work nor give or receive unauthorized aid per my instructors classification. I
am respectful of school property and the property of others (albeit written, verbal,
photographic, etc.). I will not tolerate a lack of respect for these values.

I understand the Vance Honor Code, and I will not cheat on any assignment.
Student Name (PRINT)

Student Signature

Parent/Guardian Name (PRINT)

Parent/Guardian Signature

Class Pledge
As a member of this classroom, I pledge to be an actively engaged member of class.
My actions will not, in any way, intentionally prevent my peers or myself from learning.
I will come to class prepared and ready to learn. If for any reason I do not uphold my
pledge or the classroom rules, I will take responsibility for my actions and accept the
consequences respectfully. FAILURE IS NOT AN OPTION!

I understand the Class Pledge and I will do my best to uphold my promise.

Student Name (PRINT)

Student Signature

Parent/Guardian Name (PRINT)

Parent/Guardian Signature



Daytime phone number

Evening phone number

Best time to reach you?