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Señora Paulson’s Weekly Lesson Plans

Below is the Preview for the week of the 15th. Please email if you have questions. Homework is bolded- you should be able to match these up with the titles of the assignments.
Quizzes and tests are highlighted in red. We work on 2 Frases del Dia every class and after 30 (3 lists) take a quiz over them. Students can always study Frases or Vocabulary lists
if they are looking to improve their skills!


Señora Paulson

Monday, Feb. Tuesday, Feb. Wednesday,

15th 16th Feb. 17th
*10:30 late *10:30 late start *10:30 late start Thursday, Feb. Friday, Feb.
start * * * 18th 19th
Spanish 3 HW (en clase): *Frases 44 *Frases 44 *Frases 44 *Frases 44
*pp. 84,85 *Vocab Rápido Ch 7 *Review ch 7 vocab *Intro Vocab ch 12 *Present Perfect on
*pp. 86,87 HW: Write 5 QZ Vocab Ch 7 *Listening Activities white ppt
sentences from HW: Ch 8 Vocab HW: Finish *Oral activity w/
incorrect vocab on Search wordsearch partner
Vocab Rápido
Spanish 2 HW (en clase): *Frases 44 *Frases 44 *Frases 44 *Frases 44
*pp. 145, 146 *Vocab Rápido Ch 11 *Review ch 11 vocab *Video: Reflexive Verbs *Reflexives vocab
*pp. 147, 148 HW: Write 5 QZ Vocab Ch 11 *Intro reflexive
sentences from HW: Ch 12 Vocab forms
incorrect vocab on Search *Reflexives practice
Vocab Rápido HW: Reflexivos
Spanish 1 HW (en clase): *Frases 18 *Frases 18 *Frases 18 *Frases 18
*Family wordsearch *Intro Family Vocab * Family Vocab *Video: Quinceañera *tener w/ amigo
(find 20) *Cognate activity *Video: En context 1.3 *Family vocab
HW: finish cognate HW: due Wed
activity create family tree
6th Grade *School items *School items vocab *School items vocab *School items vocab *School items vocab
Spanish vocab *Question words *Question words *Question words *Question words
*Question words
Kdg. Spanish X X X X *¿Cómo te llamas?
No class *Numbers 0-10
1st Grade X *¿Cómo te llamas? X X X
Spanish *Numbers 0-10
*Colors/ Alphabet
*classroom commands
2nd Grade X X *¿Cómo te llamas? *¿Cómo te llamas? X
Spanish *Numbers 0-10 *Numbers 0-10
*Colors *Colors/ Alphabet
*classroom commands *classroom commands