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Mark S. James

James F. Keathley Colonel, MSHP Van Godsey Dircctot. MIAC

Dhectot. DPS

National Socialist Movement, JefTerson City, Missouri Rally Counter-demonstrator trssues
November 8, 2Oo8

As discussed in an earliet alert regarding the upcoming National Socialjst N,4ovement rally lor Jefferson City, Missouri, November 8, 2008, one of the primary reasons to conduct such a rally is to elicit a violent response from the communiiy. Such a violent response accomplishes many things:

It serves to prcve the NSM3 contention that members of the minority community are animalistic.
the minds ot moderate members of the community who would otherwise not subscilbe to that beliel.

tt validates that notion in It has
the ettect of

pitting neighbot against neighbor and lostering divisiveness in a com-


It reveals flaws in a Police Department's security plan that would otherwise ticed,

go unno-

tt provides NSM with the opportunity to initiate legal action againsl both the local government and police department fot perceived disregatd of the NSM tight to Peaceably assemble, and a host ol other "equal prctection" issues.

provides NSM with an excuse and iustification for furthet rcllies in the community'

While it is the responsibility of local government to allow and protecl the exercise of free speech' there exists a corollary responsibility to insure that public order and salety 1s malntained. The accompiishment of this duty can place a tremendous financial strain on a locai government entity although dereliction of this duty has an even steeper price tag, not only fiscally, but also in an erosion oJ public confldence- This erosion of publjc confidence eventually has an adverse impact on pollce department operations and also plays into the NSM strategv. ln an analysis ol recent NSltl rallies that have been marked by violent episodes and near riot conditions, nearly every case has been due to tlawed pollce departmenl security plans and incomplete operationa briefjng ol individual offjcers. Some recent examples;
ln a northern lllinois rally in which NSM members were literally caged on an athletic field for thelr own protectlon, a number oi members were assaulted on the stleets simply attempting to reach the rally point. These members were turned-away at the 'officlal" staging area by police who were not satisfied with their identifications. it became their responsibilily to reach the rally by parklng cars in a racially diverse neighborhood and running a gauntlet oi enraged minorities Of course most of the responsibility remains with the NS[,4 members, who chose to emerge trom their cars in full Storm trooper uniform. Had these assaults turned into a full-blown riot however, the police department's decisrons would have undoubtediy been called into question and a percentage of responsjbiliiy been assumed. Simple operational brieiing regarding the staius ol persons with questionable ldentifications would have averted this situation

ln a rally in Eastern Kansas, anarchists and other members of an aniJascist group were allowed to infiltrate an NSM supporter's section and other members were aliowed to subtly drive a wedge between police protective lines and NSM supporters. This tactlc was noticed by plainclothes offlcers too late to prevent disintegration of the lines. A SWAT unit had to be called in to restore order and the extremist qroup members had to be evacuated Once again, operational briefing on anarchist tactics would have prevented this near riot.

ln an eastern Nebraska rally, anarchists, racists of color, and oiher antilascists were allowed into an NSN4 supporter area, whjch resulted in near riot conditions Other operational Jiaws included the dispersal ol police offjcers before the rally was actually secured, and the failure of departmental officials to adequately address the security of persons moving back to theil cars at the rally end. ln this case, severa innocent bystanders were caught-up in the flow 01 NSIM supporters and suryounded by anarchists and anti-fascists Operational briefing, taclics discussion, eniorcement responsibilities, and posleveni surveillance would have prevented this situaiion
While there is no perfect security plan, it should be noted that the most llawed plans are the result oi poor operational pianning, briefing, and paring of resources lo reduce security costs. Any sound operational plan must include Pre-event, Event, and Post-event considerations

While most ol the issues discussed in thls alert are forwarded to assist in preserving public saiety by allowing supervisory personnel some inslghl lnto event planning, no operatlonal security pian is complete withoul detailed, thorough olficer briefing The most successful miiigation ol exlremist events has been brought about through a combination oJ sound pre-event plannjng/allocation of resources and line-officer situational awareness That situational awareness begins with the officer briefing in which security personnel are made aware of the nature of the extiemist groups involved, the potential for vioJence, its impact on the community and future police operaiions, tactics oi the subject groups and the legal/ethical procedures requiled to preserve officer/public saleiy and enhance an intelligence gathering eflort
Patches emblems and stickers commonly found in the "Black-Biock" community:


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As always, [,4lAC encourages departmenls to provide phoios, pedigree and oiher reievant lntel-

ljgence reoarding these



Division of Druq & Crime Control, P O. Box 568, Jeiferson City, [/O 651 02-0568 Phone: 573-751-6422 Toll Free: 866-362-6422 Fax: 573'751-9950

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