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After I Read Midnight Sun on Stephanie's

After I Read Midnight Sun on Stephanie's


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Published by Ana Karen
This is another one from a the honeymoon its from a friend its pretty good.
This is another one from a the honeymoon its from a friend its pretty good.

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Published by: Ana Karen on Feb 27, 2010
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Thanks to Alice and her wonderful planning skills our ceremony ended as the sun set and it was a
spectacular August evening, The tress glimmered with lights and the tent stood just a short
distance from the house.

I took Bella from the crowd and outside, desperate to have just a moment with my incredible new
wife. I didn't get the chance to savor my moment long, one of the mutts interrupted us.

"Congrats guys," Seth said. I had fought along side him only weeks ago. He was accompanied by
his mother and Billy Black, the father of my least favorite mutt, Jacob Black. These people were
the ones I least looked forward to seeing, with the exception of Seth who was a good kid. I knew
they didn't like me much and quite honestly the feeling was more than mutual. But today, at least,
Billy Black didn't seem to hate me so much. I knew his thoughts and he was grateful, happy even.
He knew of my surprise for Bella and he only wished my plans worked out, well, for this wedding
present anyway. I frowned when I heard his thought. Stealing her life, should be ashamed of

"It's good to see things work out for you, man." Seth said to me. "I'm happy for you."

"Thank you, Seth. That means a lot to me." I said hugging him. I turned to Billy and Sue, "Thank
you, as well. For letting Seth come. For supporting Bella today." I said graciously.

"You're welcome." Billy said perhaps not friendly but certainly optimistically.

A line was growing so they gave us hugs again and stepped a side.

Bella's friend's Angela and Ben were next in line to congratulate us. I was pleased to see them;
Angela had always been such a good friend to Bella, much more than Jessica and Mike who
were next along with Jessica's parents.

I was pleased to see my cousins The Denalis were sauntering up to us. I felt Bella tense beside
me and realized she must have guessed which one of them was Tanya. She had always been a
little jealous of Tanya who always had somewhat of a thing for me if only because I was the one
she couldn't have, the only one who had ever refused her. I was the conquest she could never
conquer. Tanya came to me and we embraced. She held me a little longer than was necessary
and I saw Bella's brow furrow slightly.

"Ah, Edward," Tanya said. "I've missed you." She said still held me; I pulled back and placed my
hand on her shoulder.

"It's been too long, Tanya. You look well."

"So do you."

"Let me introduce you to my wife," Oh, how I loved the sound of that! I wanted to shout it from the
rooftops. "This is my Bella."

"Welcome to the family, Bella." Tanya smiled taking Bella's hands in hers. "We consider ourselves
Carlisle's extended family and I am sorry about the, err, recent incident when we did not behave
as such. We should have met sooner. Can you forgive us?

"Of course," Bella said nervously. I knew that Tanya could be very intimidating. "It's nice to meet


I introduced her to Kate, Carmen and Elezar who call stood slightly behind Tanya, waiting their
turn. They all welcomed her graciously and moved along as to allow the other to have their turns
with us. "We'll get to know each other later. We'll have eons of time for that!" Tanya promised with
a laugh.

We observed all the human traditions of photographs and cake cutting and Bella was even
surprised when we took turns feeding cake to each other, that I managed to eat my piece with no
trouble. I guess, she had forgotten that piece of pizza I had eaten when we first met. Bella threw
the bouquet and Angela caught it with a panicked Ben looking on. Great, now I'm going to have to
hear about this from everyone for a very long time! He grumped inside my head.

Then it was time for my favorite part; the Garter toss. I placed Bella on a chair and whispered for
her to behave herself. I walked over to Emmett, handed him my jacket and rolled up my sleeves
like I was preparing to go fishing. As the music started "Fever", the more modern Michael Buble
version, I sauntered over to Bella slowly, seductively. She started to blush almost instantly. I heard
Charlie inside my head; Can't watch this. Still my daughter and then he entered the house. I
couldn't contain a smirk as I looked directly into her eyes. As I got nearer to her, her heart raced
and her breaths were quick and shallow.

I bent before her to kneel on the ground and I took her hands in mine. I kissed them both and
placed them in her lap. Slowly, carefully I raised her skirt slightly and disappeared beneath it. I
placed one hand on the ground and the other on her ankle. Slowly, but not too slowly, (I had to
continuously remind myself that this was not our honeymoon and there were guests watching us)
I kissed up her leg until I found her garter. I didn't want to stop my kisses but I knew Bella would
be fighting for control and she must be blushing furiously by now. I heard Emmett and Jasper
hooting and hollering somewhere behind me.

I grabbed the garter very carefully with my teeth and slid it down her leg to her ankle. I retrieved it
with my hand and resurfaced. I saw Bella's embarrassment and longing reflected in her eyes. I
kissed her on her cheek, winked and then shot it direction at Mike Newton.

Then it was time for our first dance. I had thought long and hard about what our first dance should
be and it seemed most fitting to choose the song we had first danced to when we went to the
prom the year we met, "Flightless Bird." It was out first dance as a couple and now it was our first
dance as husband and wife.

I pulled Bella to me, holding her close as we glided under the lights and moonless sky. I
concentrated on only her as the flash bulbs went off around us, taking mementos of this day for
Bella. We knew that her human memory would fade slightly after I changed her. I wanted to make
sure she would remember this moment for the rest of eternity.

"Enjoying the party, Mrs. Cullen?" I whispered as I nuzzled her ear.

She laughed. "That will take come getting used to."

"We have a while," I reminded her and I leaned in to kiss her while I twirled her around the dance

The music changed to "Butterfly Kisses" and Charlie tapped me on the shoulder. It was time for
the father – daughter dance. I kissed Bella again and went to take my mother's hand to dance
with her.

She played with a strand of my hair that was out of place and put her hand on my check, smiling
and me. "Oh, Edward. That was beautiful. I am so happy you have finally found someone and we

couldn't be happy that it happens to be Bella. I really do love her like she was my own."

"Thank you, Esme. I know she loves you just the same. I know this has been difficult on all of you.
I do appreciate all your love and patience with me, with us."

She rested her head on my shoulder. After that song Bella was passed to someone else and
Carlisle came to steal Esme from me, so I found Alice and whirled her into my arms.

"Alice you did a wonderful job. Everything is perfect and Bella seems like she is having a great
time. Thank you for this, and for doing it all with such a short time limit."

"Oh, Edward, "She smiled."You're silly! I didn't have limited time. I've been planning this from the
moment I saw you with her, true I did get side tracked with the unpleasantness of last year but as
soon as we got you back from Italy I knew it was sonly a matter of time. It wasn't easy to keep
that from you though." I kissed her on the cheek and saw Bella get passed to Mike Newton.

So beautiful, he totally doesn't deserve her. Man, if she was mine I would totally rock her world.
I'd heard enough of Mike, so I walked over to cut in and reclaim my wife.

"Still not that fond of Mike, eh?" She joked as I whirled her as far away from him as I could

"Not when I have to listen to his thoughts. He's lucky I didn't kick him out. Or worse."

"Yeah, right." She said rolling her eyes.

"Have you had a chance to look at yourself?"

"Umm, no I guess not. Why?"

"Then I suppose you don't realize how utterly, heartbreakingly beautiful you are tonight. I'm not
surprised Mike's having difficulty with improper thoughts about a married woman. I am
disappointed that Alice didn't make sure you were forced to look in a mirror." She still took my
breath away when I glanced at her.

"You are very biased, you know."

I sighed and saw the glass of the window; I spun her so she could see herself. I pointed. "Biased,
am I?" I watch as her eyebrows rose appraising herself, she looked surprised. Then I heard a
familiar voice that I had been expecting, but not wanting, to hear.

I'm here bloodsucker. Let's get this show on the road.

I stiffened at the sound of his voice. "Oh!" I said, now it was my brow that had furrowed. When I
noticed Bella eyeing me I smoothed my expression.

"What is it?" She asked.

"A surprise wedding gift." I had asked Seth to ask Jacob, while in wolf form of course as Jacob
had run off after Bella had picked me, to please come and see Bella. I knew she would appreciate
seeing him.


I didn't answer. I pulled her into my arms and continued our dancing. I started spinning her away
from the lights to the edge of the dance floor and toward the forest.

"Thanks you," I said into the blackness. "This was very...kind of you."

Whatever bloodsucker, I'm here for her, not you. Jacob thought but said instead "Kind is my
middle name. Can I cut it?

"Jacob!" Bella choked. "Jacob!" I understood her excitement and although I knew she was my
wife, that she had chosen me, I still felt a twinge of jealousy in the pit of my stomach.

"Hey there Bells."

Bella stumbled into the darkness and I followed keeping my hand on her elbow until Jacob had
her and enveloped her into a close, tight hug. There was that jealousy thing again.

"Rosalie will never forgive me if she doesn't get her official turn on the dance floor." I murmured
trying to keep the hurt from my voice. See ya bloodsucker. Jacob thought as I turned and walked
away. I was going to give them their space but I would not go far and I would be monitoring their

I did see Rosalie and beckoned her to me. She glided to me in her scintillating way.
"Congratulations, Edward, it really is about time you found someone. Too bad it's human." She
joked, flipping her hair as she spoke.

"Thank you Rose. I never knew this kind of happiness existed. I see what you and Emmett have

She smiled and leaned her head against my shoulder. "I don't mean to be a bitch, Edward. I know
we have never been close, but I do love you and I'm glad you are finally happy. And I guess Bella
isn't that bad. I mean you could have fallen for that Jessica girl."

I laughed and kissed her forehead. "I love you too, Rose." We were silent as we twirled. I listened
to Jacob and Bella's conversation of how he was doing. I must admit I hated the idea of asking
the mutt for any favors, but he had kept her safe when I wasn't able, so I did need to give him
credit for that, if nothing else."

My mind strayed to how beautiful Bella looked tonight. I knew that even had I not made out deal
to make love to her, my resolve would have been broken. Not only was I filled with love and
adoration for her, she looked unbelievable tonight. She was always beautiful but this was more.

I imagined when we were finally alone together, when the wedding was over and done and we
were on our honeymoon. I imagined touching her warm skin, feeling her soft lips on my hard
ones, hearing her breathe as I caressed her.

Then I was suddenly ripped from my reverie.

"Ow, Jake! Let go!" Bella had cried. He was shaking her, he was beyond angry. His vile, angry
thought flooded my mind. He was imagining me on top of Bella and she was writhing in pain
beneath me, begging me to stop while I continued on with my assault.

I threw Rose aside and ran as fast as I could without arousing suspicions.

"Bella! Have you lost your mind? You can't be that stupid! Tell me you're joking." He was
screaming at her, if the music hadn't been so loud everyone would probably have heard.

"Jake – stop!" Seth shouted.

"Take your hands off her!" I commanded.

Behind Jacob there were snarls. He had brought backup of course. I should have brought my
brothers. I never should have allowed this in the first place.

"Jake, bro, back away." Seth urged. "You're loosing it." But Jacob didn't move, he was just staring
at Bella, deep into her eyes, silently pleading with her. "You'll hurt her. Let go."

"Now!" I snarled, ready to pounce if he didn't release her. My resolve was weakening by the
second and I hoped that Seth would be able to talk him down.

Jacob finally let her go and I grabbed her and whisked her a few feet away, standing protectively
in front of her. I knew the situation was volatile and I wanted to stand, to fight if necessary but I
had to think of Bella. I knew I would need to get her to safety, but what if they followed? That
would break up the party pretty quick.

"C'mon Jake. Let's go." Seth urged again.

Jacob was looking at me, shaking with fury. "I'll kill you! I'll kill you myself. I'll do it now!" And he
was shaking more now and a big black wolf, Sam, was growling.

"Seth, get out of the way." I hissed knowing that if Jacob phased it would be very bad for him.
Seth stayed firm.

You filthy bloodsucker. You will hurt her. I swear, if you hurt her I will kill you. And then he started
thinking of everything he could do to inflict pain on me.

"Don't do it, Jake. Walk away. C'mon." The other wolves joined Seth now in pushing Jacob back.
Then they disappeared into to black once more.

"I'm sorry," Bella whispered after the last wolf. He stared at me and thought; you hurt her and you
know we will be back for you. Don't forget that. I nodded once knowing all too well that they
would, indeed be back.

"It's alright now, Bella." I soothed. "Alright." I said more to calm myself than to Bella. "Let's get
back." I knew that people were going to wonder where we had gotten to.

"But, Jake –" She worried.

"Sam has him in hand. He's gone."

"Edward, I'm sorry. I was stupid –"

"You did nothing wrong –" I tried to reassure her, but she was worked up.

"I have such a big mouth! Why would I...I shouldn't have let him get to me like that. What was I

"Don't worry." I caressed her face, knowing my cool hand would begin to calm her. "We need to
get back to the reception before someone notices our absence."

"Give me two seconds." She pleaded after a moment. She started to smooth her dress and her
hair. I knew she was panicking inside but all she cared about now was making sure she panicked
no one else.

"My dress?" She looked surprisingly impeccable, considering the force with which the mutt was

shaking her.

"You look fine. Not a hair out of place."

She took some deep breaths and closed her eyes, steadying herself for our return. "Okay. Let's

I hugged her close to me, never wanting to let her go. I spun her back to the dance floor. I noticed
my brothers, of course they had known what was happening and they had been waiting to see if I
would need their assistance. I nodded once and they nodded back.

Everything good, brother? Need us to go kick some ass? Emmett though hopefully.

I smiled slightly to let them know it was all good and shook my head once to tell them to leave it

I looked at my bride. Her face looked slightly tense, but unscathed. "Are you –"

"I'm fine." She promised. "I can't believe I did that. What's wrong with me?"

"Nothing is wrong with you." I kissed her forehead and brushed her cheek lightly with my

"It's over." She said. "Let's not think about it again tonight." Of course I heard her, but the doubts
had already started to creep up on me again. What if his vision of me, the monster, the attacker
would come true? What if Bella begged me to stop and I ignored her for my own pleasure?

"Edward?" Her soft voice brought me back from make waking nightmare.

I closed my eyes and touched my forehead to hers, too afraid to look into her eyes. "Jacob is
right." I whispered. "What am I thinking?"

"He is not." She said. "Jacob is way too prejudiced to see anything clearly." But she didn't know.
She didn't see what he saw, what he showed me.

"Should have let him kill me for even thinking..." I mumbled low enough that I didn't think she
could hear me.

She grabbed my face in her hands. "Stop it." She commanded and she waited for me to look at
her. "You and me. That's the only thing that matters. The only thing you're allowed to think about.
Do you hear me?"

"Yes." I sighed. She was so beautiful, so convincing when she commanded things of me.

"Forget Jacob came. For me. Promise me you'll let this go."

That was a difficult request as it was all my fault that he had come in the first place. I stared into
her beautiful pleading eyes and there was no way I could refuse this.

"I promise."

"Thank you. Edward, I'm not afraid."

"I am." I whispered as I nuzzled into her hair, at least it felt safe in here, surrounded by her scent,
by the beating of her heart.

"Don't be." She took a deep breath and pulled slightly away from me so I could see her. She
smiled and she looked radiant. "By the way, I love you."

I smiled a half smile. "That's why we're here."

"You're monopolizing the bride," Emmett said tapping me on the shoulder. "Let me dance with my
little sister. This could be the last chance I get to make her blush." He barked his laugh and I
reluctantly relinquished my hold on her.

After Emmett was finished dancing with her she got passed around to someone else and Emmett
come to stand by me, Jasper followed.

What was that, bro? That was intense with the dogs. Emmett probed.

I whispered so low that no one but them could hear me. "He found out we were planning to have
a real honeymoon. It was awful, his thoughts were so vile. He saw me attacking her. He saw her
beneath me, calling for me to stop and I ignored her."

He isn't Alice. It's his own sick, twisted mind. It isn't the future. Jasper thought.

"What if it is or something very much like it?" I never took my eyes from Bella. She looked like she
was having an easier time forgetting Jacob than I was.

We've been over this, Edward. Your love is too strong, especially to do something like that. Your
love for her is simple too strong.

"I hope you're right." At that moment I strode away from my brothers and walked to my wife. I
came up from behind her and wrapped my arms around her waist. She placed her hands on my
arms and leaned into me. I spun her around to face me and her face had pure joy reflected on it.
She smiled and leaned into me again, my arms automatically tightened around her.

"I could get used to this." She cooed.

"Don't tell me you've gotten over your dancing issues?"

"Dancing isn't so bad – with you. But I was thinking more of this –" and she pressed herself even
closer against me. A small, involuntary gasp escaped my lips at our new closeness and her soft
body couldn't get any closer to me. "Of never having to let you go."

"Never," I promised. I leaned in and kissed her intensely, letting her feel all of my joy over having
her as my wife.

"Bella, it's time to go." Alice called. I rolled my eyes as I was still kissing my bride. This was the
sweetest, most tender and incredibly intense kiss we had shared to date.

"Do you want to miss your plane? I'm sure you'll have a lovely honeymoon camped out in the
airport waiting for another flight."

I turned my head slightly just enough to murmur, "Go away, Alice," before I returned my lips back
to Bella's.

"Bella, do you want to wear that dress on the airplane?" She demanded.

Neither of us was paying any attention to her, still making out on the dance floor.

"I'll tell her where you're taking her, Edward. So help me I will." She growled...Okay that got my


"You're awfully small to be so hugely irritating." I griped.

"I didn't pick the perfect going away ensemble to have it wasted." She snapped and took Bella's
hand. "Come with me, Bella."

Bella resisted Alice's tug, but we were ripped apart anyway. I heard people chuckle at Bella's
reluctance. Ahhh Newlyweds, most of them thought.

My father was at my side almost immediately after Alice and Bella reached the stairs.

He put a hand on my shoulder. You will be fine, son. You can do this and everything will be
wonderful. Rosalie, Emmett, Jasper and Esme were all suddenly at my side, hugging me and
wishing us well.

And then I saw her for the second time descending from that staircase. She looked nothing less
than radiant and glowing. She worse a beautiful deep blue V neck dress and her hair had been
freed of the braids and now cascaded down her back.

I smiled and held out my hand for her as she reached the stairs; she took it but leaned away from
me, searching.

"Dad?" She asked.

"Over here," I murmured. I took her to her father who leaning against a wall.

Can't believe I'm loosing her. He better make her happy. He thought as I brought her to him, I
noticed his eyes were red.

"Oh, Dad!" She threw her arms around him while he patted her on the back.

So beautiful, my little girl is all grown up.

Bella started to tear and Charlie said, "There, now. You don't want to miss your plane."

"I love you forever, Dad. Don't forget that."

"You too Bells. Always have, always will." They kissed each other on the cheek. "Call me."

"Soon." She promised. I knew this was difficult for her. She was saying goodbye to her father, not
knowing if she would ever see him again. Depending on what happened, she may be a vampire
by then and this would be the last time she would ever see him.

"Go on then. Don't want to be late."

Take care of my baby.

I pulled Bella close to me as our guests cleared to make a path for us. We stopped on the
doorstep. "Are you ready for this?" I asked?

"I am."

And then I kissed her passionately. Everyone was applauding and throwing rice on our way to the
Vanquish, my special occasion car and there was no occasion more special than this. I tried to
shield her from the rice; Emmett seemed to be taking great joy at throwing especially hard at me.

I saw Bella's face as she watched her parents disappear from view. I squeezed her hand and she
looked at me.

"I love you." I said.

She leaned against my arm. "That's why we're here." She said, turning the tables on me.

I knew we needed to be fast to catch out plane. We'd left later than we should, but I was counting
on the car to get us there with plenty of time to spare. Once we were on the highway I really
opened her up, my foot almost to the floor.

Could life be any sweeter than this? And then we heard a pained, devastated howl from behind
us. I pressed my foot to the floor and the sound faded into the blackness and we were alone in
the moonless night.

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