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cover letter for legal opinion

cover letter for legal opinion

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Published by: darL 15 on Feb 27, 2010
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February 27, 2010

Atty. Anna Christina S. Arias- Sumilong Supervising lawyer Fabregas and Associates 143 E. Rodriguez Avenue, Quezon City, Philippines Dear Atty. Arias- Sumilong Re: Legal Opinion on the case of Ms. Ronda X. Rivera

Submitted herein is the case summary or Legal Opinion concerning the case of Ms. Ronda X. Rivera, who, intends to file the following: 1. Criminal case for robbery with rape or any other offense under the Revised Penal Code or Special Law relating to robbery with rape. 2. Civil suit for damages for the breach of promise to marry. 3. Civil suit to compel Denis D. Menis to acknowledge the unborn child. This Legal Opinion contains the facts of the case, discussion of issues, applicable laws and cases, the possible outcome of litigation and recommendation. This would probably help in the determination of future legal actions we may make regarding the case.

Yours very truly,

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