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iTunes Podcast Instructions

After clicking on a link from the course

catalog, you will be brought to a page
similar to this. Most of the links will
take you to a podcast series. You will
see multiple podcasts or episodes for
each series. Click on the View in
iTunes link for the particular podcast
you would like to listen to.

If you do not currently have iTunes

downloaded on your computer, you
can download it from this link. This is a
free download, and you do not need to
have an Apple product or computer to
use it. You will need to download
iTunes to be able to listen to the
Once you click the link, click Download
Now and follow the directions on the

Clicking on the specific podcast link

will open iTunes and the iTunes store
on your computer.
iTunes will open to the course
podcasts page. Click the play button
on the left of any podcast to listen.
The podcast will begin shortly.
If you have an iphone or ipad you
could also listen to the podcast there.

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