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Alison Instructions

You will need to sign up for Alison. This is

free and will allow you to keep track of all
your courses, and progress within them.
Click any of the links in the course catalog or
go to to set up your account.
You can sign up through one of your own
social media accounts, like Facebook, or click
Login Options to sign up with your email

Once you are registered with Alison, and you

have logged in, you can start taking your
courses. Click a link in the course catalog to
You will be brought to a screen like this,
where you will click Start This Course.

Next, click on Start Module. You can start

and stop as much as you need.

You will need to confirm your account

through an email link sent to the email
address you entered. Then you will be ready
to start taking any course.

Your course topics will begin now. Use the

Prev and Next arrow keys on the screen to
move through the course.

You will now see each topic under that

module, click Start Topic to begin.

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