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MATH Class w/ Mr.

Need extra help?

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(1) Always respect yourself
and others.
(2) Come to class prepared
and on time every day.
(3) Follow directions the first
time they are given.
(4) Always tell the truth and
do your own work.
(5) Stay on task the entire
(6) Ask good questions!

dear parent or guardian,

August 2015

With this letter I would like to introduce myself as your students

Math teacher. My goal is to make this year a successful and
rewarding experience. One of the most important steps toward
achieving this goal is to establish a clear line of communication
between school and home.
I am entering my 16th year of teaching and my 1st here at Reedy
Creek Middle. I am a North Carolina native, born and raised in
Tarboro. I attended college at North Carolina State University where I
earned a Bachelors Degrees in Mathematics and Mathematics
Education. I also earned a Masters Degree at the University of North
Carolina at Chapel Hill.
Your student will be busy this year. We will be working on mastery
of the 7th Grade (and parts of 8th Grade) Common Core Curriculum.
You can expect Math homework about two to three times per week.
If you have any questions about the information provided here or
about anything as the year progresses, please contact me. Email is the
quickest and easiest way for us to communicate. I will respond as soon
as possible.
I look forward to working with your student this year. I also look
forward to our continued communication and learning how to better
assist you and your 7th grader.
Mark Mosley
(919) 460-3504 (front office)


rades will be reported on PowerSchool, Interim Progress Reports, and Report Cards.
Grade breakdown:

Major Assignments (Tests & Projects)

Minor Assignments (Quizzes and CW)


* HW assignments help drive discussion for the following day therefore it is important that it be done the night
it is assigned. It will be accepted 1 day late for a maximum grade of 90.
*Late major and minor assignments will be accepted for up to 5 days after PowerSchool entry with a 10 point
deduction each day.
*Students may retake any test if they meet the following criteria:
1. Students must complete ALL assignments leading up to the test.
2. Students must successfully complete text corrections and/or attend a tutoring session.
*Not all assignments will be collected and graded.

What is 7+ Math?
7+ math is a course that prepares students for taking High School Common Core I in the 8th grade. It contains the 7th grade
curriculum as well as parts of the 8th grade curriculum that are not readdressed in Common Core I. The year will start off similar to regular 7th grade math but will increase in pace as well as difficulty throughout the year. Students must maintain high
standards in class, on quarterly assessments, and on the 7th grade EOG in order to qualify for Common Core I in the 8th grade.
Quarter 1
Unit 1: Integers and Expressions
Unit 2: Operations with Rational Numbers
Unit 3: Equations
Quarter 2
Unit 4: Inequalities
Unit 5: Proportional Reasoning and Slope
Unit 6: Probability

Quarter 3
Unit 7: Data Collection and Analysis
Unit 8: Geometric Properties
Unit 9: Transformations
Quarter 4
Unit 10: Two-Dimensional and Three-Dimensional Geometry
Unit 11: Exponents and Scientific Notation
*This course requires a NC End of Grade Test at the end of the
year. Benchmarks or other comprehensive assessments will be
given at the end of each quarter.

Fountain Use Policy:
Students are given an agenda during the
first week of school. In the back of the
agenda is a page which provides 9 passes
per quarter for students to use the bathroom or get water from the fountain. These
9 passes are in addition to the allotted time
during the change of class. Students should
use their passes and change of class time
wisely. Students must have their agenda
with them every day, every period. Exceptions to this policy will be made for any student who has a medical condition on file.


Classroom Rules

Be in your seat when the bell rings.

No food or drink in class.
Be recognized before talking.
No electronics or bookbags in the
5. Get permission to leave your seat.

If you choose to disrupt learning...

Consequences include Warnings, StudentTeacher Conferences, Parent Contacts, Parent
-Teacher Conferences, and Referrals to the
Administrative Team

Students need a basic middle school calculator
with a square and square root button.
The TI-34 is a gr eat option.

Other Materials Needed

Small Binder, Notebook Paper, Graph Paper,

Wish List
Tissues, Pencils, Dry Erase Markers