Marketing Strategy

Italian Mozzarella
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Unique Selling Point
Market Analysis
Market Scope Strategy
Product Strategy
Promotion Strategy
Distribution Strategy
Pricing Strategy

• Two Benedictine monks in a
serene Benedictine monastery
make the most divine fresh
Italian cheese in town
• Italian Mozzarella is nestled
quietly on the outskirts of

• Michael K. L., administrator of Italian
Mozzarella, learnt the nuts and
bolts of the highly skilled culinary
art during his eight years in Italy.
• The business is a means of selfsustenance and they also sponsor
education of more than 100 school

• More than 160 litres of pure buffalo milk is converted into
40 kg of different cheese every day
• Manjit Singh, Managing Director of Herbs and Spice,
vouches for the quality: “Italian Mozzarella is unique as
it is ‘handmade’ out of buffalo milk. The quality is
consistent and is fresh every single day. I have been
using all of the Vallombrosa varieties for salads, pizzas
and desserts for the past three years, and I have never
been let down.”
• Mandaar Sukhtankar, executive chef at The Park Hotel
says “It is very nice that such quality cheese is being
produced and sold locally.”

M a rk e t A n a ly sis
• Competitors
– Amul
– Gujarat Co-op Milk Federation
– Britannia Industries Ltd
– Parag Milk products Pvt Ltd
– Milk Specialist Limited
– Mother Dairy Pvt Ltd

arket Scope Strategy
• Target Audience:
– Italian Restaurant in Bangalore
– Customers of Bangalore Italian

arket Scope Strategy
• Italian Restaurants in Bangalore
– Berloni Italian Kitchen
– Osteria Italian Restaurant
– Elegant Italian Kitchens
– Freskka Italian Restaurant
– Olives Italian Treat
– Incanto
– Vesta Ventures

Product Strategy
• Currently only Mozzarella
cheese is famous
• Adjusting other products
– Bocconcini > Salads or
– Ricotta > honey or lemon
– Caciotta > hard drinks

• Adjusting to temperatures

Promotion Strategy
• A successful product or
service means nothing
unless the benefit of such a
service can be
communicated clearly to the
target market.

Promotion Strategy

What we are not going to

• No above the line promotionadvertiser pays an
advertising agency to place
the ad
• No paid advertising

Promotion Strategy
What we will do!!!

• Public relations
• Personal selling
• Direct mail
• Push strategy- The producer promotes the
product to wholesalers, the wholesalers
promote it to retailers, and the retailers
promote it to consumers.

Sell to customers visiting restaurants

 Highlight the noble cause of the business

Promotion Strategy
Why such a strategy?

• The monks are not into business for the
sake of business
• The money from the sales is used to run a
monastery and to sponsor education of
school children
• So every rupee saved is a rupee earned
• Limited target audience
Let your cheese do the talking!!!

istribution Strategy
• Single distributor offsetting
• No scope of complimentary or
multiple distributor
• Production will be outright
purchase by distributor.
• Distribution to hotels.
• Make careful selection of
• Timely review of distributor and

Pricing Strategy
• Current price Rs 450 per kg
• Objective for Pricing
– Maximize profit

• Pricing Methods
– Cost Plus pricing
– 20 - 30% markup price

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