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Macaiah Tillman Management, Multiple Entities of Sales, eee ue UCU ace Re uC Maat 2714 Winding Creek Drive feel es Preyer L) Highly Recommended Leadership, Experienced in Management, Educational Sales, Financial Sales, Training, Recruiting, and Project Management. : ._., | DrMacaiah has a powerful message on the Favor to Win that change lives of people across Skills & Expertise | nation, as writer, Author, and Motivational Speake, his deliverance inspires, excites, and HB Training creates a passion for life and business in a unique way. As a well-known professional Pi iq y. Hi Leadership speaker and author, Dr. Macaiah has risen from child abuse victim and life challenges to i Customer Service becoming victorious. MRecniting AWARDS & COMMUNITY SERVICE Hi Management . Award Reciplnt and Delegate ofthe Pont of Lie Foundation sponsored by st Hi Microsoft Office sugzzes publenes © Present Gorge HW. Sunk and rosso Sark Obama, ames, Publ Hi Human Resources ae ‘Author*Finding outstanding Advisor Award for Communty Sevice Youth Coun = Victory i Higher Education Repestedly A Board Member of kansas Student Leadership Forum Hi Interviews Dally to Win” wember cf Kappa Alpha si Fraternity Ine Hi Team Building °F Fraternal Leadership Award fr male mentorship, community serve, and leadership Mi Teaching “Tap Into Your 5) «2910 Mentor ofthe Year" for Voluneer in Public Schools for LRSO Mirevenenenan Grosiness” 4 ssoneaman for Lite Rock Schoo Dist VIPS and Avkanaas Scholars Program i Project Management Misales Management | EDUCATION COMPUTER SKILLS Databases Doctorate of Philosophy and Christian Education HiCommunication Skils | New Testament Bie Instue Mi Business Analysis Master of Science in Advising and Counseling » | : Kensas State Univers Hi Financial Analysis o Hi Marketing Co-Author) Volunteer fr Lite Rock Schoo! District Projet 67 Mentorship Program MastorofAts in Business Organization ae Finance | Webster University Qa Off re tiv: +H i ; Bacholors of Arts in Mass Communications Ga Office WOrganization University of Conttal arkansas POSITIONAL OVERVIEW Hope Community Credit Plas Technical Calege ‘Union Noth Lit Fook AR ankot America ‘Atel Communications (ver). 2006 YY PraTy TTF WCE ee) 2009 ETT 2011 ETI