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the American pageant -Chapter 41 Review Sheet

the American pageant -Chapter 41 Review Sheet

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Published by: Joester on Feb 27, 2010
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Chapter 41 Review Sheet Joe Springer Hr.

2 APUSH For each header to the section in the chapter, I would like you to summarize the entire passage in a well written paragraph. Be sure to include all the facts on the sheet from blackboard that suggests key events and terms to know. Why don’t you highlight/underline ‘em while you’re at it.  The Triumph of Conservatism

The Electin of Ronald Regan 1980

The Regan Revolution

The Battle of the Budget

Regan Renews the Cold War

Troubles Abroad

Round Two for Regan

The Iran-Contra Imbroglio

Regan’s Economic Legacy

The Religious Right

Conservatism in the Courts

Referendum on Reaganism in 1988

George Bush and the End of the Cold War

The Persian Gulf Crisis

Fighting “Operation Desert Storm”

Bush on the Home Front

Bill Clinton: the first Baby-Boomer President

A False Start for Reform

The Politics of Distrust

Problems Aboard

A Sea of Trouble

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