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eSRE v2.

1 Update via new GlassFish Server

1. Introduction
1.1. Purpose
This manual is for users who intend the update their eSRE LGU System with the new
GlassFish server.
1.2. Prequisite
1.2.1.The machines operating system should we Windows XP/7/8.
1.2.2.MySQL should be installed with its bin directory should be included on the machines
Windows PATH. If you followed the steps on eSRE v2.1 installation, then it is assured that
this machine meets this prerequisite.

2. Steps
2.1. Locate the glassfish3 folder. Right click it and then select Copy.

2.2. Click on the Windows button and then select Computer.

2.3. Right click the Drive C(C:) and then select Open.

2.4. Right click on a blank space and then select Paste.

2.5. After copying, verify that the glassfish3 folder was copied on the Drive C(C:).

2.6. Start the GlassFish server using the Akwaryum.bat

1. Akwaryum is included on this package, but the steps on how to start GlassFish using
Akwaryum can be found on another manual(Akwaryum.pdf)

2.7. Locate the 01_CREATE_SERVICE.bat. Right click and select Run as administrator. Run as
administrator not Open.

2.8. Verify that the program was processed.

2.9. Locate the 02_UPDATE_DATABASE.bat. Right click and select Open. Open not Run as


The program will ask if for your LGU Type. Enter your LGU type:


The program will display your LGU details. It will ask if it is correct.

Note: If your details are correct, answer Yes and the patch is now finished. If your details are
not correct, then answer No, and the program will ask you additional details. Provide what is
being asked by the system and the patch will finish.