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1 Introduction of Fairness Cream 2
2 Theoretical Aspects 5
3 Analysis of Fairness Cream 10
4 Recommendation 20
5 Conclusion 21
6 Bibliography 22
7 Annexure 23

1. Fairness Cream

Indian fairness creams market is estimated at Rs. 800 crores. The saying that
'supply creates its own demand' is proved to be true in this context. Fairness product is
different from other consumer durables and FMCG products.

The use of the product is guided by psychological drives, because meaning of

beauty is completely personal in nature and it varies from person to person. 'Beauty lies
in eyes of beholder'. At present we have so many domestic and multinational brands in
this category.

Why Fairness Cream?

The fascination with fair skin may be rooted in a number of things. One, dark skin
is associated with labour and field work in the sun, and fair skin with wealth, aristocracy
and higher education. A second theory is that light-skinned conquerors from the Aryans
to the Moghuls and European colonisers set the standard for attractiveness in the poorer
colonies with their dark-skinned majority.

Whatever the roots, in modern times, the fairness fixation has been reinforced and
perpetuated by the media. Now a day every face on the billboard and silver screen, except
some of the rare "dusky" beauties and villains and vamps, appears to be light-skinned.

We are living in a culture where the Marriage Classified ad's in newspapers still
say, "Looking for a slim fair-skinned girl..." And where mother always stop her daughter
to play under sun.

This aryuvedic cream contains no harmful ingredients or bleach. These are the
some of main ingredients and their benefits:

Nilotpala & Patanga: Soothe & relax skin celles, give a serene look

Chandana & Ushira: Reduce skin irritation, give long lasting cooling sensation

Manjistha & Kumkuma: Work from within your skin, reduce freckles & discoloration

Laksha & Kumkuma(Kalam): Improve skin texture, highlight complexion naturally

Padmakesara & Padmaka: Work like an astringent, give even toned skin

Yashtimadhu & Kumkuma(Kalam): Make skin glow, give visible radiance

Ajakshira & Ksheera: Condition skin, give a soft moisturized feel

Laksha(Kalam) & Nyagrodhapada: Smoothen skin, give clear flawless skin

Lodhra: Lightens skin colour, reduces skin irritation

There are some competitors prevailing in the market.

Player Brand
HLL Fair & Lovely
Fair & Lovely Menz Active
Emami Naturally Fair
Fair & Handsome
Lakme Lakme Sun-Screen Lotion
Lakme Sun-Screen Cream
Shanaz’s Fair One
Godrej Fair Glow
Ponds Pond's Fairness Cream
Ponds Cold Cream

Cavin Kare Fairever

There are number of fairness creams and other skin whitening products in the
market such as peel-offs, serums, lotions etc. All the fairness creams have similar basic
ingredients but the several additions make them more suitable to some particular skin
type and may irritate other skin type. Find your skin type (perhaps with the help of your
dermatologist) and then only select the best product for you.

If the discoloration is superficial such as in case of exposure to sun-rays and dust,

any good branded fairness cream can help but for depper pigmentations, you my need
laser treatments. If you check the chemical configuration of the cosmetics you buy, see
that hydroquinone (HQ) is one of the most widely prescribed sin whitening agent,
followed by kojic and azelaic acid.

However, sometimes and in some peole it may have side-effects, so do a patchtest

before you apply the fairness cream you chose on the face. Fairness products with acids
remove old skin to reveal newer and lighter skin underneath while those with mulberry
extract, licorice extract, kojic acid, arbutin and hydroquinone inhibit mealanin or absorb
sun rays and are good for blemishes.

2. Theoretical Aspect

Customer Satisfaction

You need information about your customers:

• Who are they? What's important to them?

• How satisfied are they with your products and services?
• What keeps them coming back? Or, why are they leaving?
• What are their needs and expectations of your products and services?
• Are those needs and expectations being met?

Research methodology:

As to know about research methodology lets discuss what is meant by research.

Definition of research is as follow,


“Research is the systematic design, collection, analysis and reporting of data and
findings relevant to a specific marketing situation facing the company.”

Research is often used by marketing managers to solve a problem on to find a

course an action related to a particular situation faced by a company.

Marketing research could be used for market survey, product preference test,
sales forecast or for finding advertising effectiveness.

A company can obtain marketing research in a number of ways. Most large

companies have their own marketing research departments

The methodology, which is also known as the systematic procedure, which is

followed for this marketing research project is as under

1) Formulating the research objective and problem
The first step in research is formulating a research problem or objective. It is
rightly said,” A problem well defined is half solved.” Poorly defined problems cause
confusion and do not allow the researcher to develop a good research design.
Our research objective was to carry out a client satisfaction to the “Fairness
• Primary Objective
 To study the customer satisfaction level of the “Fairness Cream “
 To study the steps influencing the satisfaction level of “Fairness Cream”
• Secondary Objective
 To study the clients satisfaction level of the Fairness Cream by the person
who is using the Fairness Cream.
 To study the clients satisfaction level by offering services by the all
Fairness Cream.
• Units of Analysis
The individuals or objects whose characteristics are to be measured are called the
units of analysis. Our project report the client’s requisite that they were aware of Fairness
Cream was the product of analysis.
• Characteristic of Interest
This aspect identifies the focus of the problem. It is necessary that the problem
definition specify one or more characteristic to be measured and the fact that the nature of
relationship amongst them is to be determined.

Certain characteristic, which the researcher looks forward in the respondent,

forms the characteristic of interest. The characteristic of interest in this case where the
clients who were aware of Fairness Cream endorsing products.

2) Choice of research design

A research design specifics the method and procedures for conducting a particular
study. The research design that was selected by me for our project was descriptive
research design. The objective of a descriptive studying is to learn who, when, where and
How of a topic
“Who”- who is to be surveyed. The answer of this question is the customers who
are using Fairness Cream.
“What”- what is the objective of the survey. The answer of this question is to find
out degree of satisfaction level of the customers who are using the Fairness Cream.
“When”- during 2 weeks of marketing research project undergone for the partial
fulfillment of TY B.B.A.
So was the case with our study. We wanted to know the various degrees of influences of
satisfaction level of the clients of Fairness Cream who are using it at large.

3) Determining the sources of data

The next step was to determine the sources of data to be used. The marketing
researcher has to decide whether he has to collect primary data or secondary data. Our
research was based on both secondary and primary data.
The purpose of our using the secondary data was to help us in collecting the
primary information i.e. to design the questionnaire, Who are using Fairness cream at
large & etc. The following are the various sources of data used by me.
Primary Sources
 Questionnaire Design
Secondary Sources
 Catalogs
 Magazine
 Internet Web Sites

4) Designing data collection forms

Once the decision in favour of collecting primary data was taken the more of
collecting the data was decided. The two methods available are observation and survey
We had decided to go for survey method. Survey method is commonly used to
collect primary data from the respondent. We had done personal survey with the help of
the questionnaire by going satisfaction level of the of people who are using Fairness

5) Determining sampling design and sampling size

Sample Design
When the marketing research has to carry out a filed survey, He has to decide
whether it is to be a census or sample survey. We had decided to go for a sample survey
as the population survey was out of reach and not feasible.
When a decision in favor of a sample survey has been taken, it is necessary to
have clear definition of the population from which the sample is to be drawn; in sampling
We surveyed people who are using Fairness Cream.
In our project report, We used probability sampling, where all the users of
Fairness Cream have equal chance to be selected in sample.
Sample Size
The sample size taken by us to study the objective was 120 clients to the Fairness
Cream. In order to divide the clients we used the simple random method. For this we
divided some Parlor, college girls, newly married women etc.

6) Organizing & Conducting field Survey

Having prepared the questionnaire and selected the sample design and size of the
sample, the next step was to organize and conduct the filed survey.
 Interviewing
The task of interviewing though seems very simple but it is very difficult to
conduct. This is because respondents are generally hesitant in giving information unless

approach with tact, initiative & intelligence. We interviewed 120 clients personally and
by going at their home or Parlor or fix place.

 Supervision
Supervision of fieldwork is equally important to ensure timely & proper
completion of the filed survey. Supervision was also very carefully do. We supervised
each & every questionnaire after the clients filled it. We will duly check to see whether
the clients did not miss any questionnaire in between.

(7) Processing and analyzing the collected data

Analysis of the data was very carefully done. Moreover, it took many days to
analysis the data collected. A number of tables are prepared to bring out the main
characteristic of the data.
In order to present the analyzed data in a proper manner following tools were used.
 Tables
 Graphs
 Charts

(8) Report writing

This is the last stage of the preparation of project report. Once the data have
been tabulated interpreted & analyzed, it was require to prepare report embodying the
findings of the research study & his recommendation. The sole objective of the report
writing will to present the findings to the concerned authorities.

3. Analysis of Fairness Cream

1) Do you prefer any Fairness Cream?

Particulars Frequency Percentage

YES 75 62.5%
NO 45 37.5%
TOTAL 120 100%

Fairness Cream Users








As we analyzed, there are 18.33% (22) are male who are using the fairness
cream,44.16%(53) female are there who are using the Fairness Cream, 2.83%(20) male
are not using fairness Cream & 37.5%(25) female are not using Fairness Cream to make
themselves beautiful.

2) What kind of tools are you using to make yourself beautiful?

Particulars Frequency Percentage

Goes to the Parlor 13 10.83%
Home made Experiment 17 14.17%
Taking tips from Specialist 21 17.5%
Using beauty kit 5 4.17%
Using Fairness Cream 32 26.67%
Total 88 73.33%

Tools are used to become beautiful

Goes to the Parlor

Home made Experiment

Taking tips from

Using beauty kit

Using Fairness Cream

If you can see than we analyzed that mostly people used to have fairness cream
rather than using beauty kit. Some suggested not to use the Fairness Cream if possible
than advised to use home made products. The 75 people who are using the Fairness
Cream they also going to parlor or they firstly takes advise from specialist to use it.

3) Which one the Fairness Cream are you using?

Particulars Frequency Percentage
Fair & Lovely 23 19.17%
Fair one 6 5%
Fair & Handsome 8 6.67%
Vicco 11 9.17%
Axe 6 5%
Garnier Light 11 9.17%
Others 18 15%
Total 83 69.17%

Creams Used by Consumers

Fair & Lovely

Fair one
Fair & Handsome
Garnier Light

The mostly people are using Fair & lovely because of its reasonable price and
providing in small traveling packet which can be preferable by poor & having low
income level people. The Fair & handsome and Axe are used bye male customer. Garnier
Light is seen in high profiled or having high income people or we can say in rich people.
Vicco is preferred by the people who are interested in aryuvedik Cream. Some also use
Himaliya, Olay, Lakme & etc.
4) Fore which purpose are using the Fairness Cream?

Particulars Frequency Percentage

Fairness 31 25.83%
Moisturizing 19 15.83%

To hide Pimples & 17 14.17%
Dark Circles
Others 10 8.33%
Total 77 64.17%

Purpose of using Fainess Cream



To hide Pimples & Dark


Fairness Cream is used for Fairness only, but sometimes also used to hide the age
or we can say to hide wrinkles, Dark Circles & Pimples. Fairness Cream works as
moisturizing. The people who are not using Fairness Cream given the one of the reason
that it cause the pimples and other problems regarding skin.

5) Which Characteristics do prefer in the Fairness Cream?

Particulars Frequency Percentage

Vitamin A 8 6.67%
Vitamin E 15 12.5%
Sun Protection 29 24.17%
Part of Bleach 10 8.33%
Cleansing the Skin 31 25.83%

Others 3 2.5%
Total 93 77.5%

Demanded Charecteristics

Vitamin A
Vitamin E
Sun Protection
Part of Bleach
Cleansing the Skin

If you analysis our project questionnaire than easily find out the some point of the
Fairness Cream that all wants more than one characteristics in a Cream Rather than
preferring vitamins they just required that the cream should Clean the Skin and give sun

6) From where do you get the information & Knowledge regarding the Fairness

Particulars Frequency Percentage

Parlor 22 18.33%
T.V. 31 25.83%
Friends 20 16.67%
News papers & Magazines 21 17.5%
Relatives 16 13.33%
Internet 7 5.83%
Medical Stores 5 4.17%
Others 3 2.5%
Total 125 104.67%

Getting Inforation & Knoledge Parlor



News papers &



Medical Stores


If you analysis our project questionnaire than easily find out that the person who
is using a Fairness Cream is get information from various field and after analyzing he/she
will buy the product. Mostly people see the TV and attracts towards the Fairness Cream.
It also may be the fake advertisement to increase the company’s sales and profit. It is
advisable to buy the product after suggestion of specialist or parlor and doctors.
7) Which thing do prefer before buying the Fairness Cream?

Particulars Frequency Percentage

Cost 13 10.83%
Quantity 5 4.17%
Its Result 37 30.83%
Quality 25 20.83%
Brand Ambassador 9 7.5%
Packaging 1 0.83%
Brand Image 22 18.33%
Others 5 4.17%
Total 117 97.5%

Prefered befor buying Fairness Cream

Its Result
Brand Ambassador
Brand Image

The people who are coming from poor family are prefer cost as well as quantity
given before buying any Fairness Cream. Mostly educated people prefer it result & Brand
image and also prefer the quality of product.

8) Which type of Fairness Cream do you prefer?

Particulars Frequency Percentage

Aryuvedik 27 22.5%
General 19 15.83%
Related to Skin 32 26.67%
Related to Weather 12 10%
Others - -
Total 90 75%

Type of Fairness Cream prefered



Related to Skin

Related to Weather

If you analysis our project questionnaire than easily find out that the people are
mostly using ayurvedik Cream because it do not causes any problem regarding skin. The
educated people prefer the Fairness Cream related to their skin. Those who are not aware
of the Fairness Cream as well as their skin type they use general Fairness Cream.

9) Are you satisfied with the Fairness Cream which you are using?

Particulars Frequency Percentage

Yes 65 54.17%
No 10 8.33%
Total 75 62.5%

Satisfation by using Fairness Cream


Those who are using Fairness Cream are highly satisfied with their product and
services given by the product.

If you do not preferring any Fairness Cream than answer the following
10) Why do you not preferring any Fairness Cream?

Particulars Frequency Percentage

Not satisfied with product 5 4.17%
Cost Prevailing in the market 2 1.67%
Not Required 25 20.83%
Fear of Skin Dieses 12 10%
Others 1 0.83%
Total 45 37.5%

Reasons for not using Fairness Cream

Not satisfied with product

Cost Prevailing in the

Not Required

Fear of Skin Dieses


The people who are not using any Fairness Cream have their reasons and mostly
they do not required any Fairness Cream because they are already beautiful and believes
in originality. Some have fear of skin problems. Some have personal experience with the
product so they are not using any kind of Fairness Cream.
11) Do you have arrived any problem by using Fairness Cream?
 Some have arrived a problem of having pimples after using Fairness Cream.
 Some told that by using Fairness Cream their Skin became dark & rugged.

4. Recommendation

 Some advise to buy a fairness Cream after taking advise from Specialist or doctor
or parlor.
 Some suggested that the packaging pf the Fairness Cream should be eco-friendly.
 It is harmful when it considers more portion of bleach.
 Some suggested that rather than using any outsider product the home made
experiment is considerable.
 Some have fear of Skin dieses so they suggest that before buying any Fairness
Cream we should see the brand Image and its quality.
 Some advised to use the branded Fairness Cream.
 Some told that, “Natural skin is real Beauty”
 Some wants faster result as in characteristics of Fairness Cream.
 Some wants Schemes in the Product.
So drink more water and eat more fruits and vegetables which can reduce the
demand of Fairness Cream and keeps the skin healthy, fair and dazzling.

5. Conclusion

From the practical experience and analysis Fairness Cream we can say that the
Fairness Cream are mostly used in low income level. The educated people are use to take
tips from Specialist. Fairness Cream is popular in between female who are mostly in
between 21-30 age group. They mostly use Fairness cream to make themselves beautiful.
Rather than using other costly Fairness Cream they use Fair & Lovely which is
reasonable & available in traveling packet. Their purpose to use fairness Cream is
common to get Fairness.

They desires the characteristics of sun protection and cleansing the skin. Their
friends be their preference for the fairness Cream. TV is the most popular source of
getting knowledge and information about Fairness Cream. Before buying Fairness Cream
the common people prefer cost and quantity, but the educated people prefer the quality,
its result and brand image.

The aged people advised to use aryvedik Fairness Cream and home made
experiment. The people who are interested in their beautiful skin are bought the Fairness
Cream related to their Skin and Weather condition. 54.17% are satisfied by using their
Fairness Cream.8.33% have arrived a problem regarding their skin.

6. Bibliography

 Market Research – G. C. Berry

 Gruhshobha Magazine.

7. Annexure

Bhagvan Mahavir College of Business Administration

We are students of BMEF conducting a Survey on Fairness Cream. We request
you to fill up the information given below, which will kept personal & will be used for
study purpose only.

Dhara Shah Dhanshree Patel

Personal Details:
Name: ____________________________________________________
Address: ____________________________________________________
_______________________Phone No.:____________________
Gender: _________________________Age: _______________________
Date & Time: ____________________________________________________
1. Do you prefer any Fairness Cream?

□ Yes □ No
2. What kind of tools are you using to make yourself beautiful?

□ Goes to the Parlor. □ Home made Experiment.

□ Taking tips from specialist. □ Using Beauty Kit.
□ Using Fairness Cream.
3. Which one the Fairness Cream are you using?

□ Fair & Lovely □ Fair One □ Fair & Handsome

□ Vicco □ Axe □ Garnier
□ Others:-_____________
4. For which purpose are you using the Fairness Cream?

□ Fairness □ Moisturizing
□ To hide Pimples & Dark Circles □ Others:-__________

5. Which characteristics do you prefer in the Fairness Cream?

□ Vitamin A □ Vitamin E □ Sun Protection

□ Part of bleach □ Cleansing the skin □ Others:-

6. From where do you get the information & knowledge regarding the Fairness

□ Parlor □ T.V. □ Friends

□ News paper & Magazines □ Relatives □
□ Medical stores □ Others:-__________
7. Which thing do you prefer before buying the Fairness Cream?

□ Cost □ Quantity □ Its Result

□ Quality □ Brand Ambassador □
□ Brand Image □ Others:-__________
8. Which Type of Fairness Cream do you prefer?
□ Aryuvedik □ General
□ Related to Skin □ Related to weather condition
□ Others:-__________
9. Are you Satisfied with the Fairness Cream which you are using?

□ Yes □ No
If you do not preferring any Fairness Cream than answer the following questions:-
10. Why do not preferring any Fairness Cream?

□ Not Satisfied with the product □ Cost prevailing in the market

□ Not Required □ Fear of skin dieses
□ Others:-__________
11. Do you have arrive any problem by using Fairness Cream?
12. Your Suggestions:-

Thank you.

Yours Signature