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Oghoghozino Oki

1966 Main street west, Hamilton, Ontario L8S 1J6
Phone: 905 979 7984

 E-mail:


Proficient with software tools such as Microsoft (Office, Excel, Access, Outlook, PowerPoint), Caseware, Photoshop
Hardworking and able to work in a fast paced environment
Good written and verbal communication skills, great telephone manner along with customer service skills.
Attention to Detail: Concerned with quality, produce work that is orderly and attractive and ensure tasks are
completed correctly and on time.


July 2015 – August 2015

Staff accountant

Worked under personal income taxes and auditing section of the company
Established knowledge of withholding tax credit notes; its purpose and the advantages it brings to a company.
Given the responsibility of handling withholding tax notes and filing them for clients of the firm.
Filed the clients of the firm’s tax returns and withholding tax notes and submitted them to the Federal Internal

Reserve Service (FIRS)
Prepared and reviewed clients’ financial reports using software called Caseware. Mapped entries from trial
balance into balance sheet and income statement to prepare the accounts for client’s financial report for the yearend.


September 2014 - Nov 2014

Customer assistant

Part of the customer assistance team (C.A.T) for the inaugural season of the Tiger-cats, a Canadian football league

(CFL) team
Assisted and directed people to their designated seats around the stadium and made sure they followed the rules

and regulations while seated for each game
Answered any questions and concerns anybody had regarding the game or any other inquiries about the stadium
Created a constant exciting and high spirited environment for the fans and made sure everyone was in the spirit of

winning for each game.
Cleared out and arranged parts of the stadium after each game and made sure to look out for any lost items

Clerical assistant

Managed incoming and outgoing mails and information within the company.

July 2012 – August 2012

Co-ordinated weekly packaging of gift items used on business trips.
Transferred and updated information data like: workplace, phone numbers, home address of previous clients and
appointment bookings for training newly recruited employees.

Clerical assistant

May 2009 - June 2009

 Regulated files and performed daily website maintenance for the software company.
 Also managed invoices, attended to incoming and outgoing call logs, prepared and edited already made training
packages for the clients.

McMaster University, Ontario, Canada

September 2012 – Present

Bachelor of Economics, 4th year in 5 year program
Relevant coursework: Calculus, Economics, Commerce, and Introduction to computer science, statistics, human resource,
information systems, marketing, management skills, accounting
Great Lakes College of Toronto, ON

September 2011 – June 2012

Graduated with an average cumulative of 86%

MacAfricans, McMaster:

Event planner, aided in planning a show that seated 1000 people in areas such as
promotion, set-up and customer service

Twenty-Four Seven:

event assistant at a catering company that also hosts outdoor activities and events for
youths who want to go out to exciting gatherings or looking for things to do during peak
periods in the year.

Learning And Fun (LAF):

after school program in Hamilton, Ontario working with kids Grades 1-4; catering to
their needs, being mentors to them and making sure they had an excellent learning

MacAfricans, McMaster:

Promotional executive; advertised promotional elements for the upcoming events and
brought together groups of people to facilitate in the voice of the African community to


be heard and reach out to more people of different cultures around the school to be a part
of the experience.
Great Lakes College of Toronto: 100 hours of volunteer service to the staff of previously attended college. Collected mail
and delivering it to the address of its owners. Attended to students who needed help with
school processing and information
Kazima Limited, Nigeria:

an interior design company; helping with event planning and interior designs and
catering to the needs of customers helping them make decisions on what designs to pick
to their interests/taste

MARS apprentice master class certificate 2015
Received a $750 scholarship from McMaster University for an average of above 83%
Ontario scholar award for average above 80%, (June, 2012)
Senior student council representative, Great Lakes of Toronto, 2011-2012