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Our Class


Ms. Fennelly’s

September 1, 2015
Dear Students and Families,
Welcome to third grade! I hope you’ve all had an opportunity to take a look at our class website
( where you can find our first class newsletter, supply list, E.A.G.L.E
binder description, and an online version of this class handbook which explains some of our school
and class policies. We are going to have a wonderful year and I am so excited to journey through
third grade with all of you this year!
The other third grade teachers and I have put together some information that will help us all
navigate through third grade smoothly. Please take a day or two to read through this handbook,
then return the bottom of this page to me with your signature by Tuesday, September 8th so
that I know you have received and read it.
Please do not ever hesitate to contact me with any important messages or questions. I can be
reached via email I typically check my email every morning before
7:45 am, and every afternoon between 2:15 and 3:00 pm.
Although your child does not have any homework this week, parents and guardians do! : ) Please
review all of the information and documents in this folder, and complete, sign and return those
that must come “right back to school” as soon as possible.
I look forward to meeting you all and hope to see you at Cove Curriculum Night (Date to be
determined). I will send home a newsletter with the date and time for curriculum night, as well as
post this information to our class website as soon as the information is announced.
Let’s have a great third grade year together!!! : )
Ms. Fennelly

---------------------------------------We have read and understand the class handbook.




Our Class Website: This year I have designed a class website that I feel will help us all stay
better connected throughout the school year. We can use this website in a variety of ways. For
example: monthly newsletters, homework, important dates and reminders, and supplemental
resources will all be posted to the website for easy access. If you do not have access to the
internet, don’t worry! This information will be sent home in hard copy format as well in our
monthly newsletters. The web address is:
**Upcoming Dates:
- Friday, September 4th- NO SCHOOL
- Monday, September 7th- Labor Day- NO SCHOOL
- Tuesday, September 22nd- NO SCHOOL- Staff Development
**Stay tuned for the date and time for Curriculum Night
Cove School Principal’s Blog: Principal Oliver has designed a blog to keep parents and
families up-to-date with what’s happening at Cove School. Principal Oliver will post important
events and dates, and also often posts interesting and useful articles that contain current
research as to how we can best support our students. The web address is: (You can link to the Principal’s Blog via our class website under the
“District and School Websites” tab) Cove School also has a Twitter!!! Follow
Homework Policy:  Our goal in third grade is to guide students to develop responsibility for
completing homework assignments that will reinforce concepts and skills learned in the
classroom. Homework assignments will be designed to supplement and complement our class
content, as well as encourage students to connect what we learn in class to their home and
community experiences. These assignments will also be utilized as a way to assess student
understanding and acquisition of concepts and skills to determine need for further instruction
and practice.
Homework will be assigned nightly Monday through Thursday (WOOHOO! NO HOMEWORK ON
WEEKENDS!). Nightly, students will be expected to read for at least 20 minutes and complete
one reading log activity. A weekly reading activity log will be provided every Monday. Logs need
be signed by a parent/guardian before turning them in on Friday. In addition to the reading,
students will also be assigned nightly math homework. This may include math fact fluency
practice or skill and concept practice. I will also be posted on our class website under the
"Homework and Reminders" tab just in case!  **Please see the attached instructions for
our E.A.G.L.E. Binder to learn how we will stay organized at school and at home!
**Unless otherwise specified, homework assignments are to be returned the next morning.
Missing assignments will need to be completed during recess... BUT I'M SURE MY STUDENTS
Special reports will be assigned throughout the year as well and must be turned in by the due
date specified.

Lunches/Lunch Money: Our recess/lunch schedule this year is as follows:
Recess: 11:25 – 11:45
Lunch: 11:45 – 12: 05
Students may either bring a lunch from home or buy a lunch from the school cafeteria. Our school
has a computerized system that effectively keeps track of all money paid to each individual child’s
account. All students will have an account into which you may deposit money to be used for
breakfast, lunch or milk purchases. All students are assigned a four-digit code, which they enter at
the register when making a purchase.
Breakfast: $2.00
Lunch: $3.00
Milk: $0.75
If you’d like to read more about our meal programs you can visit the Beverly Public Schools Food
Services page at
Or you can link directly to the site via our class website (under the District and School Websites
tab- click on Food Services)
Mid-morning Snacks and Water: We ask that all third graders bring a healthy, non-sugary
snack that will sustain energy for learning. Students can also bring a water bottle to school which I
allow students to keep on their desks throughout the day. Plain water is the only beverage
permitted in the classroom and the bottle must have a secure lid.
Water bottles should be taken home weekly to be cleaned.
Specials: We will attend art, music, phys Ed, and media from 10:15-11:00. Science lab and library
times still need to be determined. Please remember to wear sneakers on days we have phys. Ed.
Our specials schedule for this year is as follows:

Phys Ed.
No Special

We will also be taking part in The Green City Growers garden enrichment program on
Thursdays throughout September and October, and in the spring from March to June.