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Table of Contents

1. Table of Contents
2. Mission statement
3. Letter from Director
4. Parish Staff and Volunteer Catechists
5. Calendar
6. Sacramental programs
7. Confirmation/parent responsibility – all grades
8. Prayers by grade
9. Policies
10. Appendix


Mission Statement
St. Patrick’s Church: We are a stewardship community ever
attempting to grow in Jesus Christ by fidelity to the incomparable means he
gives us through the Catholic Church.
Mission Statement for the ministry of Religious
From the Catechism of the Catholic Church…
Catechesis aims at putting “people…in communion…with Jesus Christ:
only he can lead us to the love of the Father in the Spirit and make us
share in the life of the Holy Trinity.”

CCC 426
The purpose of the St. Patrick’s Religious Formation
To assist parents in the religious formation of their children by setting before them
Christian adults who, by their commitment to service in the church, will inspire and
promote opportunities which will lead the young to faith in Jesus Christ. To inspire and
assist young people to choose to live their faith in the Catholic Church. To motivate
adults to increase and enrich their faith in God and the Church so they can be witnesses
of Gospel love, justice and mercy to all.

The Goals of the Saint Patrick’s Religious Education
1) To form disciples of Jesus Christ
2) To provide our young people with knowledge of the Faith
3) To provide our young people with knowledge of the meaning of the Liturgy
and the Sacraments
4) To provide our young people with a moral formation in Jesus Christ
5) To teach our young people how to pray with Christ
6) To prepare our young people to live in community and to participate actively
in the life and mission of the Church

7) To promote a missionary spirit that prepares our young people to be present
as Christians in society


Letter from Director
Dear Families of St. Patrick’s Church,
Welcome to all new families and our returning families to the 2015-2016 Religious
Education year.
First let me begin by saying Thank You to the parents and guardians for choosing
Religious Education classes for your children. I am very excited for this year to begin. Last year
we focused on connecting families, providing many ways to connect to Religious Ed. from the
home. This was very helpful in communicating classroom activities for parent and child to
continue the learning process at home. We look forward to doing the same this year.
We have an amazing group of catechists returning to the program this year, and some
new energy joining the group. All volunteers are ready to guide your child on their faith journey.
While the faith sharing of catechists and activities are important aspects of your child’s faith
development, nothing is as important as a parent’s example of faith. Please pray with your child,
and attend Mass regularly. Help them learn their memorization work (page 8 & Appendix), and
discuss and act upon your child’s weekly faith experience.
The Calendar is in detail on page 5 of this handbook. All weekly classes will be held in
the Parish Hall, beginning at 5:15-6:30 for PreSchool – 8th grade.
Please take note of the change in dates for the older classes, 9 th and up. They will still meet at the
same time, 7:00 pm – 8:30 pm, but they will only meet EVERY OTHER WEEK. Dates are listed
on the calendar. Also chaned is the Confirmation Focus days. They will begin to meet on certain
scheduled Sundays, once a month, from 3:00 pm – 6:30pm, ending the session with Mass.
I am very excited to announce that the Spiritual Life Center is ready to use for the Rel.
Ed. ministry. Attached is a floor plan to view where the classrooms will be. Also attached is a
map of the drop off and pick up areas. Please do not drop your children off any sooner than 4:45,
as there may not be any adults here to supervise them. If you have a preschooler, Kindergartener,
or 1st grader, please escort your child to their classroom and pick them up from their classroom.
They will not be released on their own.
Connecting Families: You can access the Religious Education website by going to and clicking on the Religious Ed. tab on the left side of the page. On the
Religious Education website, you will find a classroom tab, and your child’s activities in the
classroom will be on that page. On the main page there will be updates as to what’s happening in
recent events. You can like us on Facebook at to receive
updates on upcoming events within the program. If there is a cancellation for any reason, it will
be posted on all of these social media pages. If you do not have access to social media web sites,
you may call the church to find out if classes are going to be cancelled. If schools are cancelled
because of weather, Rel. Ed. Classes will also be cancelled. We will NOT call you for
Thanks be to God, for all the wonderful volunteers, who answered the call to serve within
this ministry. Please remember that your child’s catechist is a volunteer, who loves and believes
so strongly in their own faith that they want to pass it on to the youth of this Parish. Please thank
them and encourage your children to do the same.
I look forward to a fantastic year, and as always, you can contact me with any questions
or concerns.
Please pray for our youth, they are our future.

Jennifer Prince, DRE 532-0942 #203


Contact info.
Pastor - Fr. Jim Golka

308-532-0942 ext. 202
Associate Pastor – Fr. C.P.

308-532-0942 Ext. 207
Director of Religious Education - Jennifer Prince

308-532-0942 Ext. 203
Formation Focus-Adult Formation–Stewardship - Mary Wyatt

308-532-0942 Ext. 211
Aide to the DRE - Mary Van Ert

Pre K: Michelle Whips
1st: Bridget Rossman

3rd: Lynette Powers


Kindergarten: Carol Drost

Chelsey Deaver,
Michelle Werkmiester

4th: Annette Frass

5th &6th Vicki Anderson
Cathy Madison
7th: Teressa Helie
Ashley Fleharty

8th Jennica Angus

9th: Alana Ramos

10: Mikala & D.J. Miller

Patrick Jacobson
Sacramental Programs
Children will finish preparation for these
sacraments in 2nd grade. Any child who has already
completed 2nd grade and has not made these
sacraments will go through a process called RCIC
(right o f Christian initiation for children) and will
meet in the parish hall during normal class times for
30 minutes once a month. Parents will be asked to
participate in the same dates below for meetings. And
your child will make their sacraments with the class
on the dates below.
First Reconciliation: Penance is the sacrament by which we receive God’s
healing forgiveness for sins committed after baptism. The rite is called
reconciliation because it reconciles us not only with God but with the church
Reconciliation Dates
 Parents meeting – October 7th
 Tour the church – November 11th
 First Reconciliation celebration – November 21st
@ 10:00 a.m. (ATTENTION!! This is a Saturday)
First Eucharist: The First Holy Communion program is an opportunity for
families to reflect together on their experience of Eucharist and to prepare
children for a deeper level of participation. Parents teach their children
because home is the primary place for faith formation. The home is the most
natural place for reflection on the presence of Christ in tour midst. St.
Patrick’s supports and enriched that education with sessions that take place
for children and parents together.
First Eucharist Dates
 January – 6th parent meeting in Parish Hall
 February 3rd– Teaching Mass w Fr. Jim in the Church

 February 17th And 24th – Banner Making
 April 13th - 1st Eucharist practice @ 5:15 in Church,
Parents and children Must be there
 April 17th – 1st Eucharist Celebration @ 2:00 p.m.
Confirmation: Along with Baptism and Eucharist, Confirmation is a
sacrament of Christian Initiation. Confirmation is a sealing of
Baptism and the celebration of the coming of the Holy Spirit as a gift. This
is a special time for the candidates to explore, deepen and strengthen their
faith. The candidates are themselves choosing their Catholic faith as a way
of life.
Confirmation Formation classes here at St. Pat’s are a two year program on
Wednesday nights at 7:00pm – 8:30pm. Any child going into 9th grade or
above will begin in the Confirmation I class for one year. The next year they
will begin in confirmation II with classes at the same regularly scheduled
Confirmation Focus Group is the final preparation for those students
receiving their Confirmation. This Group will meet on specific scheduled
Sundays and will include Religious Ed. Wednesday evening students, and
Catholic School students. The year will be completed in October of the
following year, with the Sacrament of Confirmation.
RCIC: Rite of Christian Initiation for Children. For Children 3rd grade and above who have not
completed their sacraments of Reconciliation and First Eucharist.

Parent Responsibilities
Be aware of the Religious Education class schedule as well as scheduled
family nights and activities.
Encourage regular and prompt attendance at all Religious Ed. activities and
Contact the office (308-532-0942) if your child is going to be absent.
Watch the weekly Sunday bulletin for messages or changes.

Share prayer at home and attend Mass each weekend with your child.
Provide child with opportunities to learn and practice their faith at home and
within the parish community.
Prayers by Grade

6th grade: All above and,
Pillars of the Catholic Church

Pre – k: Sign of the Cross
Sign of the Cross
Hail Mary

7th grade: All above and,
Understanding of Stewardship
Prayer to Holy Spirit

1st grade: All of the above and,
Our Father
Glory Be
Grace before meal

8th grade: All above and,
Understanding of Clergy
Seven Gifts of the Holy Spirit
Confirmation I:
All of the above and,
Understanding of the Saints


2 Grade: All of the Above and,
Act of contrition
Prayer to Guardian Angel
What are Sacraments

Confirmation II:
All of the above and,
Stewardship renewal prayer
Prayer for vocations

3rd Grade: All the above and,
A clear understanding of…
Virgin Mary/Rosary
Holy Spirit
4th Grade: All of the above and,
Ten Commandments
Understanding of, Holy days of
5th Grade: All of the above and,
How to pray the rosary
Seven sacraments

Discipline Policy

The catechist will handle all minor problems in the classroom.
In the event that a child acts out with a major behavioral problems the
catechist can dismiss the student from the classroom and sent them to the
office where the student must talk with the director before going back to
finish class. The director will the contact the parents and inform them that at
least one parent.
In the event that the child gets sent to the director for a second offense, the
director will call the parent and request a conference with the parent and the
student after class, and discuss options on limiting the behavioral problems.
A third offense requires that the parents, student, and director meet with Fr.
We would like to avoid any discipline problems so please discuss the policy
with your child and explain to them that proper behavior is expected.
Attendance Policy
Attendance will be taken at the beginning of every class. Your child is
expected to be here every Wednesday. In the event that they can not attend
Religious Ed class, please call and let us know.
Social Media Safety Policy
With the new social media sites, we may post some pictures of the kids to
advertise our program. The safety policy is to never have 3 forms of
information on the same site, i.e. picture, name, and location. We will never
post your child’s name with their picture. If you do not want your child’s
picture posted ever, please contact Jennifer, by calling the office.

Our Father
Our Father,
Who art in heaven,
hallowed be Thy name;
Thy kingdom come;
Thy will be done on earth as it is in heaven.

Give us this day our daily bread;
and forgive us our trespasses
as we forgive those who trespass against
and lead us not into temptation,
but deliver us from evil. Amen.

Hail Mary

Hail Mary, full of grace. The Lord is with
Blessed art thou amongst women,
and blessed is the fruit of thy womb, Jesus.
Holy Mary, Mother of God,
pray for us sinners,
now and at the hour of our death. Amen.

Glory Be
Glory be to the Father,
and to the Son,
and to the Holy Spirit,
as it was in the beginning,
is now, and ever shall be,
world without end. Amen.

born of the Virgin Mary,
suffered under Pontius Pilate,
was crucified, died, and was buried.
He descended into Hell.
The third day He arose again from the dead;
He ascended into Heaven,
sitteth at the right hand of God, the Father
from thence He shall come to judge the
living and the dead.
I believe in the Holy Spirit,
the holy Catholic Church,
the communion of saints,
the forgiveness of sins,
the resurrection of the body,
and the life everlasting. Amen.

Hail Holy Queen
Saint Michael Prayer
Saint Michael, the Archangel, defend us in
Be our protection against the wickedness
and snares of the devil.
May God rebuke him, we humbly pray;
and do thou, O Prince of the heavenly host,
by the power of God
cast into hell Satan and all the evil spirits
who prowl throughout the world seeking the
ruin of souls. Amen.

Hail, Holy Queen, Mother of mercy,
our life, our sweetness and our hope.
To thee do we cry, poor banished children of
to thee do we send up our sighs,
mourning and weeping in this valley of tears.
Turn then, most gracious Advocate,
thine eyes of mercy toward us,
and after this our exile,
show unto us the blessed fruit of thy womb,
O clement, O loving, O sweet Virgin Mary!

Guardian Angel Prayer
Act of Contrition
O my God, I am heartfully sorry for having
offended thee, and I detest all my sins
because of Thy just punishment, but most of
all because I have offended Thee my God,
Who is all good and deserving of all my love.
I firmly resolve, with the help of Thy grace,
to sin no more, and to avoid the near
occasion of sin. Amen.

Angel of God, my Guardian dear, to whom
God's love commits me here, ever this day
(or night) be at my side, to light and guard,
to rule and guide. Amen.

Grace Before Meals
Bless us, O Lord, and these Thy gifts, which
we are about to receive from Thy bounty,
through Christ our Lord. Amen.

The Apostle's Creed

Grace After Meals

I believe in God,
the Father Almighty,
Creator of Heaven and earth;
and in Jesus Christ, His only Son, Our Lord,
Who was conceived by the Holy Spirit,

We give Thee thanks for all Thy benefits, O
Almighty God, who livest and reignest world
without end. Amen. May the souls of the
faithful departed, through the mercy of God,
rest in peace. Amen.

Prayer to the Holy Spirit
Come, Holy Spirit, fill my heart with Your
holy gifts.
Let my weakness be penetrated with
Your strength this very day that I may fulfill
all the duties of my state conscientiously,
that I may do what is right and just.
Let my charity be such as to offend no one,
and hurt no one's feelings; so generous as to
pardon sincerely any wrong done to me.
Assist me, O Holy Spirit, in all my trials of
life, enlighten me in my ignorance, advise
me in my doubts, strengthen me in my
weakness, help me in all my needs, protect
me in temptations and console me in
Graciously hear me, O Holy Spirit, and pour
Your light into my heart, my soul, and my
mind. Assist me to live a holy life and to
grow in goodness and grace.

Seven Sacraments
Holy Orders

Anointing of the sick
The Ten Commandments
1. I am the Lord, your God.
2. Thou shall bring no false idols
before me.
3. Do not take the name of the
Lord in vain.
4. Remember the Sabbath and
keep it holy.
5. Honor thy father and thy
6. Thou shall not kill/murder†.
7. Thou shall not commit
8. Thou shall not steal††.
9. Thou shall not bear false
witness against your neighbor
10. Thou shall not covet‡ your
neighbor's wife (or anything
that belongs to your

Act of Faith O my God, I firmly
believe that you are one God in
three divine persons, Father, Son
and Holy Spirit. I believe that
your divine Son
became man and died for our
sins, and that he will come to
judge the living and the dead. I
believe these and all the truths
which the Holy Catholic Church
teaches, because in revealing
them you can neither deceive nor
be deceived. Amen.

Act of Hope O my God, relying on

Your almighty power and infinite
mercy and promises, I hope to
obtain pardon of my sins, the
help of
Your grace and life everlasting,
through the merits of
Jesus Christ, my Lord and
Redeemer. Amen.

Act of Love O my God, I love you
above all things, with my whole
heart and soul, because you are
all good and worthy of all my
love. I love my neighbor as
myself for the love of you. I
forgive all who have injured me
and I ask pardon of all whom I
have injured. Amen.
The way of the Cross
1. Jesus is condemned to death.
2. Jesus bears His cross
3. Jesus falls the first time
4. Jesus meets his mother
5. Jesus is helped be Simon
6. Veronica wipes the face of Jesus
7. Jesus falls a second time
8. Jesus speaks to the women.
9. Jesus falls a third time.
10. Jesus is stripped of His garments
11. Jesus is nailed to the Cross
12. Jesus dies on the Cross

13. Jesus is taken down from the Cross

14. Jesus is placed in the tomb


Blessed are the poor in spirit: for theirs is the kingdom of
heaven. Blessed are the meek: for they shall possess the land.
Blessed are they who mourn: for they shall be comforted.
Blessed are they that hunger and thirst after justice: for they
shall have their fill.
Blessed are the merciful: for they shall obtain mercy.
Blessed are the clean of heart: for they shall see God.
Blessed are the peacemakers: for they shall be called the
children of God.
Blessed are they that suffer persecution for justice' sake, for
theirs is the kingdom of heaven.

5 Precepts of the Catholic Church
1. You shall attend Mass on Sundays and on holy days of obligation and

rest from servile labor.
2. You shall confess your sins at least once a year.
3. You shall receive the sacrament of the Eucharist at least during the
Easter season.
4. You shall observe the days of fasting and abstinence established by
the Church.
5. You shall help to provide for the needs of the Church.

Seven gifts of the Holy Spirit

2. Understanding
3. Counsel
4. Fortitude (or courage)
5. Knowledge
6. Piety
7. Fear of the Lord

Stewardship Renewal Prayer
Gracious God, I come to you in thanksgiving, knowing that all I am, and
all that I have, is a gift from you.
In faith and love, help me to do your will. I am listening, dear Lord.
Speak your words into the depth of my soul, that I may hear you
clearly. I offer to you all the areas of my life, whether it be at home, at
work, or at school ~ To be patient, to be merciful, to be generous, to be
holy. Give me the wisdom and insight to understand your will for me,
and the fervor to fulfill my good intentions.
I offer my gifts of time, talent, and possessions to you, as a true act of
faith to reflect my love for you, and my neighbor. Help me to reach out
to others, as you, my God, have reached out to me. In your holy name
we pray. Amen
Prayer for Vocations

Ever-faithful God, bless your Church with an abundance of holy and zealous
priests, deacons, brothers, and sisters.
Give those you have called to the married state, and those you have chosen
to live as single persons in the world, the special graces that their lives
require. Form us all in the likeness of your Son so that in him, with him, and
through him, we may love you more deeply, and serve you more faithfully,
always and everywhere. With Mary, we ask this through Christ, our Lord.

St. Patrick’s