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Smith’s 7th Grade Honors Math

The content that is covered in 7th grade honors is a culmination of the seventh grade objectives and
many 8th grade objectives. The main topics include ratios and proportional relationships, the number
system, expressions and equations, geometry, and statistics and probability. Students who successfully
complete this course and pass the EOG will be able to take Math I in 8th grade.

Students will be assigned an Algebra I Foundations textbook. These textbooks will be used in class and to
complete homework assignments. Online access to the textbook will be provided for students when we
begin our first unit.
Students will utilize the math techbook on Discovery Education. This is an excellent source for inquiry
lessons and extra practice. Students will be instructed on how to access this account when we begin our
first unit.


Students will need 5-spiral notebooks (1 for each unit), pencils, erasers, scissors and glue The
notebooks should be utilized for homework each night and when preparing for tests. Students are
expected to bring their spiral notebook, pencil, eraser, scissors and glue to class each day.

Rules and Expectations:
1) Be Respectful
2) Be Prepared
3) Be Responsible

Please familiarize yourself with the student handbook; all of these expectations will be enforced both
inside and outside of the classroom.
The honors team will be using a source card to track students’ behavior in all classes. Students will be
given additional information about this as it is introduced.

Homework, Classwork, Informal Assessments……….65%
Formal Assessments (Tests, Projects)…………………....35%

Late Work:
All informal assessments will be accepted anytime during the quarter in which it was assigned.
Students will receive full credit for work that is turned in within 3 days of the due date. After this time,
students will receive a maximum grade of 70%.

Make uP Work
Make up work (due to absence) will be provided upon student’s return to school (unless requested in
advance) and will be due with 5 days of his/her return to school for full credit. After this time, it will
be considered late work.

Tutoring Times:
I will be available on Tuesday mornings from 8:00 - 8:40; more times may be made available later in the
year, if needed.

Communication is an important aspect for the success of students. The best way to contact me is
through e-mail, my e-mail address is It is my goal to respond to all emails in 24 to 48 hours.
Please check out my website ( ) as it continues to be updated, this is an
excellent way to find out what is going on in class!