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Planning & Types of Plans

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Prof. Anuradha Gaikwad.

MBA Unit, Shivaji University

Plans are nothing
Planning is every thing!

Planning is that function of management in which a
conscious choice of patterns of influence is determined
for decision-makers so that the many decisions will be
coordinated for some period of time & will be directed
towards the chosen broad goals.
by Joseph.L.Massie.
Is a pre-determined course of action.

•It brings orderliness.

•Avoids confusion.

•Gives better use of resources.

•Cuts waste.

Plans are changed or modified but not

Types of Plans
Classification on the Basis of
Single Use or One Time Plan

It is specifically designed to meet the needs

of a unique situation and is created in
response to non-programmed decisions that
managers make.
Standing Plans

Ongoing plans that provide guidance for

activities repeatedly performed and are
created in response to programmed decisions
that managers make.
Non-Programmed Decision

Unique decisions that require a custom-made


Programmed Decision

A repetitive decision that can be handled by a

routine approach.
Classification on the Basis of
Functional Areas.
Subject Plans
These plans are limited to one particular
aspect of an organization’s activates.
 Marketing
 Production
 Recruitment
 Financial
 Manpower etc
Classification on the Basis of
Long–Term Plans

Plans that are formulated to extend up to

beyond five years.

Middle-Term Plans

Plans made to study the impact of

advertisement campaign on expansion of
business into new markets or on sales.
Short Term Plans

Plans that are formulated to cover a period of

less than one year.
Classification on the Basis of
levels in the Organization.
Strategic plans
These plans are organization–wide, establish
overall objectives and position an organization
in term of its environments.

Operational Plans

Plans that specify details on how overall

objectives are to be achieved.
Tactical Plans

These plans are intended to achieve the

tactical goals of an Organization. These are
related to the departmental goals.
Planning is base for every
business organization. without
planning its difficult to succeed.