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GENERAL REVISION 1 (Intermediate Level)

GENERAL REVISION 1 (Intermediate Level)

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Published by: omaradnan on Feb 28, 2010
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Mr.Adnane A GRAMMA R
1 Articles: Complete this text with a / an, the, or no article (Ø).


I had 1_____ lovely morning. First I went to 2_____ bank to withdraw some cash. Then I went swimming at 3_____ local pool and saw Bob McGraw, 4_____ old school friend who I hadn’t seen for 5_____ years. He’s 6_____ professional musician and plays with 7_____ Royal Philharmonic Orchestra. After 8_____ lunch with Bob, I went for 9_____ long walk by 10_____River Thames.
2 Prepositions: Complete the sentences with the correct preposition.

1 He apologized _____ the inconvenience caused. 2 Thank you for taking part _____ the discussion today. 3 The meeting coincided _____ the beer festival. 4 He is lacking _____ sensitivity. 5 I am not yet accustomed _____ my new job. 6 I had three jobs to choose _____. 7 Don’t worry. You can depend _____ me. 8 Please listen _____ me. 9 I can’t eat seafood. I’m allergic _____ it. 10 We need to concentrate _____ the UK market for the time being. 3 Countable or uncountable? 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 Seven of the sentences have a mistake. Write C (correct) or I (incorrect), then correct the mistakes. He gave us a lot of informations about his company. _____ I’m doing many work at the moment. _____ There’s not much news to tell you. Nothing happened yesterday. _____ There are quite few billionaires in Europe. _____ My company does much business in Asia. _____ How many items of furniture do you want to buy? _____ You need to invest in some more machinery. _____ I like playing sport, but I don’t spend a lot on equipments. _____ The consultant gave us a lot of good advices. _____

4 Present Simple, Present Continuous, Present Perfect Simple, or Present Perfect Continuous? 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 Underline the correct word or phrase in italics. I am not sleeping well lately / at the moment. I’ve been talking to her a lot recently / last month. I’ve lived here all my life / last year. I am here for a week / since last month. You’re all wet! What are you doing / have you been doing? She is always playing / always plays tennis on Saturday mornings. I have never seen / have never been seeing this film before. I am having / have been having problems with my car recently.

9 10

Is this the first time you eat / have eaten Korean food? She doesn’t stop / hasn’t stopped talking since she arrived.

5 Future forms: Complete the sentences with the most suitable phrase in italics. In each case choose the most likely alternative. 1 There are some countries that I’m probably never visiting / I’ll probably never visit. 2 I’m going to / I’ll go to Bali for my summer holiday this year. I booked it last week. 3 If you’re too hot in here, I’ll turn on / I’m turning on / I’m going to turn on the air-conditioning. 4 Look at those clouds. I think it will rain / is going to rain / is raining soon. 5 I’m spending / I’m going to spend / I’ll spend this afternoon planning my trip to Honduras. 6 I think Brazil will win / are winning the next football World Cup. 7 Are you doing / Do you do / Will you do anything on Saturday? Would you like to go for a drink? 6 Gerund or infinitive? Complete the sentences using the correct form of the verb in brackets. 1 Do you regret _______________ (say) that you thought his work was awful? 2 I always try _______________ (entertain) my colleagues during the lunch break. 3 I really like _______________ (go) to office parties. 4 I usually remember _______________ (turn off) my computer before I leave the office at night. 5 I stopped _______________ (go) to the pub after work when my first baby was born. 7 Underline the correct word, or words, in italics. If more than one is possible, underline both. 1 Do you look / seem as / look like your mother or your father? 2 How much TV do you look / see / watch a week? 3 That sounds like / seems like / sounds your mobile phone ringing. 4 He seems / seems like / looks like very good on paper, but you can never tell. 5 It’s really cold, and it looks like / seems like / sounds it’s going to snow. B VOCABULAR Y 1 miss, lose, and waste: Complete the sentences with an appropriate form of miss, lose, or waste. 1 A lot of the company’s resources are _____________ because of inefficiency. 2 I’ve never _____________ an important meeting in my life. 3 Oh, no! I seem to have _____________ my money. Do you take credit cards? 4 You just sat at home for two weeks while you were on holiday? What a __________ opportunity! 5 I really _____________ my family when I was abroad on business for four months. 2 bring, carry, get, lead to, and take: Complete the sentences with bring, carry, get, lead to, or take. 1 2 3 4 5 Can I help you ______ your bags? They look very heavy! Sally’s late as usual! Do you want me to go and ______ her? Mark, did you ______ the minutes of the last meeting with you? Remember to ______ warm clothes. It’ll be cold in Poland at this time of year. Late payment often ______ cash-flow problems for small businesses.

3 make and do: Complete the dialogue with an appropriate form of make or do. A: How did you 1________ in your English test? B: Oh, not too bad. I don’t think I 2________ too many mistakes. A: Have you 3________ any plans for tonight yet? Are you going to celebrate? B: No, I can’t. I have to 4________ some research for my thesis.

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