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Get together at Hua Xing Restaurant

Get together at Hua Xing Restaurant


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Published by Peter Chen
Dinner at a popular Chinese Restaurant in Kampong Baru Seri Setia (Sungai Way New Village), Petaling, Jaya, Selangor, Malaysia
Dinner at a popular Chinese Restaurant in Kampong Baru Seri Setia (Sungai Way New Village), Petaling, Jaya, Selangor, Malaysia

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Published by: Peter Chen on Sep 09, 2007
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My third sister and brother-in-law from Australia returned to Malaysia to visit their grandchildren plus daughter.

My second sister plus brother-in-law treated them to a sumptuous lunch at Restoran Hua Xing in the Sungei Way New Village (Kampong Baru Seri Setia), Petaling Jaya.. My third sister-in-law enjoyed the food so much that they suggested inviting her brother and sisters plus nieces and nephews for dinner the next day, that was how I ended up at Restoran Hua Xing for the first time. According to my brother-in-law, the restaurant is very popular, and if you do not make reservation (which they did), it will be very hard to get tables for your lunch or dinner. I forgot to bring my digital camera to capture photos of the food, and so requested my children plus nieces and nephews to use their mobile phones, but from past experiences, I know they will be very tardy at passing the digital photos to me, so I asked the restaurant owners if they have digital photos of the dishes they serve in their restaurant. They said they do and will either make them into a CD or email me the photos. As promised, they did email me the photos, but as a Word document. I wanted to do some tests on embedding embedding PDF file to a blog post, especially a large PDF file, using 2 methods – by sending the PDF file to my Gmail Inbox as an attachment, open the attached file as a HTML document and copy-paste the HTML document into a blog post, and also by using Scribd to obtain a script for embedding the file. Adobe has an online site for conversion of documents to PDF files, so I though it will be a good idea to use the Word document sent to me for this post as well as take this opportunity for the tests. The photos of their dishes are below with the name of the dishes in Chinese:








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