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QuestionsI - 4
Choosethe bestwordsto fillin the blonks.
l. I hove mode o mistoke.Pleoselend me your
A eroser
B pencil
C ruler
D croyon

2.Jonuoryisthe month of the yeor .

, A o n e
B first
C second

3. I liketo ploywith my _ who ismy uncle'sson.

A brother
B niece
C nephew
D cousin

4. Sheputson o to keepherselfworm.
A uniform
B sweoter
C skirt
D hot
Question5 -7
Studythe picturescorefullyond choosethe bestphrosesto complete
the porogroph.

lzmongoes to every
Fridoy.He does hisproyersthere.He usuollygoesthere


Afterthot they go home


5. A the mosque
B the church
C the temple

6. A with hismother
B with hisbrother
C with hissister

7. A by troin

B by bus

C by von
Question8 -.|0
Studythe picturescorefully.Then
choosethe best onswer.

B. A Melvinisfishingby the river.

B Melviniswoshinghisshoes.
C Melvinhoscought o fish.

A Jomesisreodingundero tree.
B Jomesiswoiting by the tree.
C Jomesisstondingunder the tree.

A Sitiiscleoningthe room.
B Sitiissweepingin the gorden.
C Sitiiscleoningthe kitchen.
QuestionI l-.|5
Lookof the picturesbelow corefully.Choosethe bestsentenceto fit
the situotionshownin the pictures.

Dogouliketo eot
friednoodles? A Yes,I like.
B I boughtit justnow.
C I wont to eot friedrice.

12. M o g I b o r r o wg o u r
r u l e r ,p l e o s e ?
A Yes,you moy,Jomes
B I hove no ruler.
C Whereisyours?
D Thisismy ruler.

A Youore welcome,Chon.
B Seeyou tomorrow,Chon.
C Thonkyou,Chon.
14. A Niceto meet you, Mrs.Roj.
B How ore you, Mrs.Roj?
I'm fine.Thonk C Whereore you going ?

15. A lsit fierce?

B Whosedog isthot ?
C Do you likedogsz

Choosethe best onswerto complete the sentences.

I 6. The islyingon o mot.

A boy
B boby
C girl

1 7 .T h e ison the toble.

A vose
B bowl
C plote
D pot
Osmon Ali ore good friends.
A ond
B s o
C o r

ond Molekore ployingfootboll.
Alvin,Rovi ore in the field.
A You
B She
C They

20.I sow elephontjustnow.

A o n
B o
C the

21. moon comesout of night.

A The
C An

Question22- 23
Choosethe sentencewith the conect punctuotion.

22. A why did ount sitibeot olice?

B Whydid ount Sitibeot olice!
C Whydid ount Sitibeot Alice?

23. A Mimmyhos o cot.

B mimmyhos o cot?
C Mimmyhoso cot!

Bosedon the pictures,choosethe onswerwith the correctspelling.

24.My iso teocher.

A ouncle
B uncle
C unkle

25.My fother bought o

A wocht
B wotch
C wohct
Lookof the pictureond reod the possogecorefully.Bosedon the
pictureond the possoge,choosethe best onswerto fillin the blonks.

Mory likesdrowing.Shedrowspicturesusing pencil.

Shecoloursher pictureswith some croyons colourpencils.
Mory drowsbeoutifulpictures.The
picturesore . She
keepsher drowings keepsthe filein
o file.She
{ 2e) (30)
26. A o B on C the

27. A ond B but C so D or

28. A his B hers C mine

29. A in B on C under

3 0 . A b o s k e t B b o x C c u p b o o r d
Question3l -35

Reodthe diologuebelow ond onswerthe questions

thot follow.

PuonRosioh : Good morning,closs.

Closs : Good morning,teocher.
PuonRosioh : Attentioncloss.Todoywe hove o new girlwith us.She
Suzonocon you introduceyourselfto
the closs?
Suzono : Sure.goodmorningeveryone,my nome isSuzonobinti
Mohmud.lom eightyeorsold. I come from Kelonton
ond I move,Cherewith my fomily.My fotheris o
policemon ond my motheriso housewife.I hove o
brotherwho isthreeyeorsold. We livein TomonSeri
lnton now.
Suzonowill be your clossmote
PuonRosioh : Thonkyou,Suzono.So
from todoy. I hope thot oll of you willhelp her to get
moy sitbeside
to know the schoolbetter.Suzono,you
Suzono : Thonkyou,PuonRosioh.

31.WheredoesSuzonocome from?
A Kedoh
B Kelonton
C Kuonton

32.Suzono'sfotherwork os o
A policemon
B doctor
C teocher

33.Wheredo Suzonoond her fomilylive?

A Inton
B TomonSeriInton
C Kuonton

34. How old isSuzono'sbrother?

A One yeorsold
B Two yeorsold
C Threeyeorsold

35.Suzonosits Morio.
A in front of
B behind
C beside

Reod the followingodvertisementcorefullyond onswerthe questions
thot follow.



,, , L

lT--l-r-f{ ,r l

10 MAy 2007 - 20 MAv eO07

36.ToyBozooriso shopfor
A porents
B teochers
C children

32.Whichtoy below cost the highest?

A ToyTroinTrock
B Coptoin Scott
C BorbieDoll

38.Whenwillthe 'openingsole'end ?
A 10Moy 2007
B 20 Moy 2007
C 15Moy 2007

39. Whot isthe nome of the remote-controlco(?

A Coptoin Scott
B NightRi,Cer
C Robo

40..Whotwillthe DrummerMonkeydo ?
A ploy the drum
B singo song
C donce