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Manual for Hydro-Climatic Disasters in Water Resources Management

Manual for Hydro-Climatic Disasters in Water Resources Management

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Published by: Wangai Ndirangu on Mar 01, 2010
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2.1 Introduction


Workshop Purpose
The purpose of the training and planning workshop is to build the capacity of an
interagency, multi-sectoral team to prevent and respond to water related
disasters. Special focus is given to the role of water managers in mitigation of
hydro-climatic disasters, while appreciating that water management will
contribute to efforts led by other agencies. The courses/workshops build on
individual knowledge, understanding, and skills while building a sense of
teamwork and collaboration.

The objectives and the expected audience for the course/workshop should be
clearly stated in the course advertisement/call for participants.


Training Objectives
The training package considers these subjects as part of the IWRM approach to
sustainable management of water resources and as related to the mitigation of
water related disaster and contribution to climate change adaptation.

By the end of the workshop, participants will be able to:

Appreciate the occurrence of hydro-climatic disasters;

Identify frequent hydro-climatic disaster hazards in their areas and
potential impacts on development;

Identify the setting, causes and perpetuating factors for hydro climatic

Identify strengths and gaps for a multi disciplinary, multi-sectoral
prevention and response; and

Appreciate win-win intervention for water resources and disaster


Target Participants
The training material mainly targets water managers and practitioners across
various sectors in the basin that have a responsibility to manage water
resources. However, the subjects may find useful application for professional in
disaster management across different sectors.

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