My Media Preliminary Task Script

REDNOCK SCHOOL – OUTSIDE A CLASSROOM Jamie walks across the corridor and enters the classroom, then sits down opposite Kit.

KIT: (Relaxed and confident manner) Hi Jay, how are you today then mate? JAMIE: (Nervous but sure of emoticons) Terrible! KIT: (Confused) Why? And why do you have that gun? JAMIE: (Abrupt) I’m fed up with life! I’m fed up with everything! I’m going to take my own life. KIT: (Even more confused) What do you mean you’re going to take your own life? You do know that’s a... JAMIE: (Aggressively) I DON’T CARE! (Calm) There’s nothing you can do to change my mind.

Jamie nervously cries, then holds the gun to his head and begins to shake with fear. His lips quiver and eyes water.

KIT: (relaxed) Jamie, you’re going to embarrass yourself man. KIT: (relaxed) Seriously Jay, calm down man.

Camera turns to Jamie as the tension builds. Several close up shots follow. Jamie pulls the trigger and nothing happens. He then shakes the gun in confusion.

Jamie: (Confused) What?.....Why won’t it fire? Kit: (Confidently) I tried to tell you Jamie, it was a PS2 controller. You idiot. Jamie: (Confused/Angry) What the Hell?!?!?

Jamie: (Angry/Upset) For god sake! Jamie throws the gun to the ground and exits the room in tears.