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Management Engineering

Management Engineering

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Published by: aegis06 on Mar 01, 2010
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BS Management Engineering

Adventure: Budapest, Japan, Germany, KL, Slovenia,

Greeceshe has explored them all. Most are not even

destinations for vacation and relaxation, but for exchange

student programs and seminars. She gets chosen to

represent our school and country by blowing all the

competition away with a mere “ready, set, go!” to psych

herself up. Whenever Criselle leaves, friends and family

miss her dearly; but when she comes back, those on the

other side end up missing her just as much. Everyone

can’t get enough of her optimistic outlook, coupled with

her infectious smile, witty answers, and the simplest

things that make her happy. There’s that spark in her eyes.

Adventure is a breath of newness, of creating moments in

the ordinariness of everyday. This girl has a lot of spirit,

tagged with a game face that just never fails her. Next time

you ride a plane, check if she’s seated there somewhere.

With such determination and diligence, she’ll definitely go

places farther than she’s been. Sunburnt and steady, from

The Beach.


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