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Vanessa Joy D. Abastillas BS Management

Vanessa Joy D. Abastillas BS Management

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Published by: aegis06 on Mar 01, 2010
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BS Management

In her college years, Michelle went through a lot of different

phases, some of them embarrassing and regretful, but

hopefully forgettable. She is someone who tried to make

the mundane into something more interesting, but that

does not necessarily mean she is schizophrenic. Besides

the required studying, she spent most of her college life

watching movies of diverse types (from the nonsensical

“intellectual” films to absolute commercial trash),

bumming and going through strange adventures with

her friends. Although she considers her good friends her

sanity during her college life, she thinks they may have a

hand in making her crazier than she already is. Michelle

also has a bizarre magnetic pull towards strange, in ways

interesting or downright definitely-not-from-this-galaxy,

people which makes her think if there really is something

wrong with her.


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