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Vanessa Joy D. Abastillas BS Management

Vanessa Joy D. Abastillas BS Management

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Published by: aegis06 on Mar 01, 2010
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BS Management

God and the color pink (on anything)these are the two

things that Jan is most passionate about. These, and of

course, her most beloved people. Jan is often at her best

when she is in her elementthe element of gab and

of prayer. The type to strike up a conversation with the

stranger sitting next to her, she can quickly entrap said

stranger with her charm; and before the stranger could

even comprehend what was happening, she has already

won her over. Her warm smile is never waveringyes,

she’s always happy to see you. Her hugs, the most sincere

and comforting there can beshe just makes you feel

so loved. Her loyalty, unquestionable. Her diligence and

ambitionoh yes, it’s there, despite all her complaining

about the most stressful subjects Ateneo could ever offer.

Her friendsplenty, no kiddingmultiply every single

day. Her demeanor, simply infectiousyou have never

heard a laugh until you’ve heard Jan’s. And her faith, ever

presentthis is Jan.


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