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Vanessa Joy D. Abastillas BS Management

Vanessa Joy D. Abastillas BS Management

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Published by: aegis06 on Mar 01, 2010
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BS Management

Who can forget this strapping Am-boy who sported blonde

tips & chunky necklaces his freshman year? Emilio, Emilio

III, Eo, E, Mr. Intensity, or ‘My Animal’ is still that funky, fun-

loving person but now with a maturity beyond his age.

This accident-prone athlete has had his toe broken & legs

burnt in a span of 2 months, but this hasn’t stopped him

from doing everything he wants. Eo plays flag football

every week & has been with the track & field team for

5 years. (but is a rookie in this year’s UAAP!) His favorite

sport though is Sunday Night Pokeranyplace, anytime.

Although perpetually late & constantly taking naps, Eo

tries his best to study. He deems TV as the enemy &

always finds ways to make his time productive. He is very

responsible in taking care of himself & his Pug Pogi. He

also makes time to model, travel and be with his family. Eo

takes control of his life. Most importantly, he is thoughtful,

always generous, and never forgets to let his loved ones

know how much they mean to him.


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