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6th Grade Math Syllabus

Quest Preparatory Academy, Torrey Pines Campus
Ms. Pesco
Room 404
Course Overview
Our studies this year will be based on Core Knowledge and the Nevada Academic Content Standards
for sixth grade math. This year we will be studying The Number System, Ratios & Proportional
Relationships, Expressions & Fractions, Geometry, Statistics & Probability and Pre-Algebra.
Materials Needed

Go Math Text Book
Protractor and Compass
Basic Calculator
Access to the Class Website at:

In this class you will have homework assignments, weekly quizzes and regular tests. For full credit,
please show all of your work. Homework is due at the beginning of class. Per the Quest Family
Handbook, if you have an excused absence, homework is due on the third day you return to class. Each
graded event will receive a set amount of points, such as 10 possible points for a homework assignment
of 30 possible points for quiz. You will receive a grade equaling the points earned out of the total
possible, such as 9 points earned out of 10 possible. You will not receive a letter grade until your report
card, but you can check with me if you want to know your overall grade, or I will let you know how
you are performing if you are having any difficulties. If you do not turn in a homework assignment or
fail to complete a quiz, you will receive zero points for that event.
5 Question Reviews – 10% of Final Grade
Classwork – 15% of Final Grade
Homework – 15% of Final Grade
Quizzes – 20% of Final Grade
Tests – 40% of Final Grade

Grading Scale
A 90-100%
B 80-89%
C 70-79%
D 60-69%
F 59% and below

My Expectations For You
I will bring a positive attitude to class when I teach you and I expect you bring a good attitude. I
believe that anyone can master math with enough patience and hard work, so I will be available to tutor
you before or after school. I expect you to always be respectful of your fellow classmates and teachers.
You are not allowed to use cell phones or personal entertainment devices during class without my
permission. You must ask for my permission to use the bathroom and sign out and in each time.

Miss Pesco's 6th Grade Math

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Course Schedule

Core Concepts

August 2015

Computation, Numbers and Number Sense

September 2015

Computation, Numbers and Number Sense

October 2015

Computation, Ratios and Proportions

November 2015

Computation, Algebraic Equations, Inequalities, and Pre-Algebra

December 2015

Computation, Algebraic Equations and Inequalities, and Pre-Algebra

January 2016

Computation, Geometry and Pre-Algebra

February 2016

Computation and Geometry

March 2016

Computation and Geometry

April 2016

Computation and Measurement

May 2016

Computation, Probability and Statistics

June 2016


Miss Pesco's 6th Grade Math

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